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Top 10 tips on how to get the best out of your tarot reading

There is nothing worse than paying good money for a service and being disappointed with the end result.This is exactly the same for a tarot reading, some people come away in awe of what they have heard, some indifferent, and some more confused than when they went in!

If you have always been 100% satisfied with the readings you have had that is great news. However, if you have sometimes been a little disappointed, there are lots of reasons why this may have happened. Here are my top ten tips of how to get the best out of your tarot reading.

1. Research

Like all services, pick the one that is right for you. There are many different styles of tarot reading, and many different people who read them. We all come with our unique personalities – no two tarot readers are the same.

Do some research and pick someone that you are drawn to, even if that means not going with a friend’s recommendation.

Reading reviews from other people will be helpful, but, also finding out what kind of readings the person gives can help you decide. For instance, some people use the tarot as an introduction to give a more evidential psychic reading with direct messages from loved ones, others focus solely on the tarot and the stories that they show surrounding your life, others incorporate items such as crystals or offer healing. It is a good idea to have a think about what you want from your reading, and, if you are not sure what is involved before you book, then give the reader a call and ask. They will be happy to put you at your ease and explain what you are paying for.

2. It’s not all ‘Cross my palm with silver’

Tarot readers have come a long way since being a sideshow at the circus. But, for many people, they can’t help be cynical at the thought of someone being a tarot reader – even if they desperately want a reading.

Many of us have had varied careers before our lives as tarot readers and have chosen to follow a spiritual path through our own intense experiences with the tarot. But, that should not be important when you are having your reading. Yes, we all have egos, and it is lovely for a reader to have good feedback from a client, however, that is not our sole purpose.

Our purpose as readers is to pass on the messages for you – to you.

That is what we want to do. So try not to get too caught up in whether your reader is ‘real’ or not. Or look for ways they could be wrong. We all have to wear a ‘cynical hat’ occasionally, but, if you are going for a tarot reading – trust you won’t need yours and leave it at home.

3. It’s all about you

And so it should be – you are the one paying. But, if you have a burning question to ask, let it be about YOU.

Your reader does not have permission to go into anyone else’s energy. Wanting to know answers to questions such as ‘What is my boyfriend up to?’, or ‘When will my boss retire?’, can lead to an unfulfilling reading. This is because, as you shuffle the cards and ponder these questions, the cards will just lay out your own thoughts on the matter, which are usually inconclusive and confused. And surprise, surprise your reading will therefore be inconclusive and confused.

I always encourage my clients to phrase their questions in a way that they can actually get constructive answers. So, instead of the questions above, try asking, ‘Why do I have trust issues in my relationships?’ or ‘What do I need to focus on to further my career?’ These are more focused on the client and the universe can work a lot better at giving you clarity and constructive answers with these. Whether you say these questions out loud or in your head is irrelevant, but, focusing on yourself is a must.

4. Unrealistic expectations

I once read for a lady who was stuck in a bit of a rut, and that was showing very much in her reading for the present and the immediate future, although, the cards showed this would not be the case forever.

When I explained this she got angry and shouted at me because I couldn’t give her an exact date when her life was going to change. She literally wanted me to circle the day on her calendar as she was so fed up with her circumstances!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all tarot readings should be vague, but, sometimes it is not possible to give an exact date, because that very much depends on the individual. In the case of my disgruntled client, she needed to deal with some issues before she could move on, the timing was not shown, because the issues were not being faced. The tarot reader can only show you the path, they cannot decide how long it takes you to walk it – that is up to you.

5. Don’t fear the Reaper

‘Oh no, not Death – I hate that card’. Or maybe, substitute the name ‘Death’ for ‘The Devil’, ‘The Tower’ or the ‘ten of swords’. But, please don’t judge your tarot friends – they are there to help.

Imagine seventy-eight people, not cards. You wouldn’t judge a person on just their name, would you? Their title is only one very small part of them. They have many different layers and stories and messages to tell. So treat the cards like new friends, welcome all of them and get to know them a little.

6. Trust the Divine timing

I have had a few people say to me, ‘It was really weird your advert just popped up when I was thinking about getting a reading’. In reality (especially on social media) it is likely readers are paying for that to happen, but, nonetheless Divine Timing shouldn’t be underestimated. Sometimes the timing of a reading is meant to be.

It is lovely when a person stumbles across you at the right time, and is given an empowering message that they needed. However, that works both ways and if it doesn’t feel like the right time, then that is possibly the case too.

If your friend has a burning desire to have a reading, and has asked you to come too, but you really don’t feel like it, then, there is a good chance that your friend will have a fantastic reading, but, you – not so much.

A reluctant participant won’t enjoy the experience, but, that does not mean you should never have a reading. It may be because you have issues that you are sorting out in your own head and it wouldn’t help to go to a reading until you have cleared your mind. So, trust your instincts on this one, and book a reading when it feels like the right things to do.

7. Be honest

Now I am not saying you are not honest (because I am sure you are) but, it is amazing how many people are reluctant to ‘give away’ what is going on in their life to the point that they tell little fibs.

A friend of mine was given a photo by her client and when she asked ‘Oh is this you and your sister when you were younger?’, the client said a most emphatic ‘NO!’ The reading went terribly, because the messages became muddled and confused. When the reader apologised and stopped the reading, the client admitted that it was a photo of her and her sister and she had lied because she didn’t think she should give anything away. That is an extreme example, but, obviously any fibs will have a negative impact on a reading. So, in a tarot reading, honesty really is the best policy. A reader may ask a question to help clarify a feeling or message that they are being told, don’t assume they are ‘fishing for information’. If a yes or no is all that is required – please tell them straight.

8. Remember what you’ve been told

Sometimes an hour reading can be too much information for you to hold in your head. The easiest way to remember a reading is to record it, and a lot of tarot readers are happy for you to do.

If a recording is not possible, note taking can be a bit distracting, but jotting down a few key words can help jog your memory on what has been told. If you are going along with a friend you could take notes for each other. I encourage my clients to take a photo of their cards on their phone, so they can refer to it whenever they wish to. Or, failing that, write some of the key messages down when you get home.

A reading is about your journey and some of the messages may not be relevant at that exact time, but, may be invaluable a bit further down the road. But they are only helpful if you remember them.

9. Be prepared

In other words – expect the unexpected. Sometimes messages will come out and they may throw you completely, especially if you were expecting to hear something on a completely different subject. All the messages you receive are for the greater good, even the random ones. They may be designed for you to look at a different aspect of your life that you aren’t focusing on.

10. Have a nice time.

The best thing about booking a reading is that you are investing time and money in yourself. This should be a treat, just like a hair appointment or spa day. A reading takes place in a safe space with a cosy, friendly atmosphere where someone is giving you their undivided attention and talking all about you to give you help and enhance your life. So enjoy it!

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