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Writer, Tarot Reader and Crystal Healer

Hello and welcome to my website which is packed full of articles about the tarot and messages which I hope you will find inspiring and helpful.

But firstly, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Claire Chilvers and I have been passionate about the tarot for all of my life. I was introduced to the tarot early in life by my mum’s friend who was a member of a Spiritualist church, a psychic and tarot reader. When she read my cards, I always felt that their messages went straight through to my soul and connected with me on an inner level unlike anything I had experienced before. I found them incredibly soothing and helpful as I navigated my way through my turbulent teenage years. 

I bought my first pack of tarot cards when I was eighteen years old from a New Age shop in the heart of London’s Carnaby Street back in the nineties. I still have that Wider Raite pack and refer to them often – they are like old friends who know me very well and speak plainly to me when I use them.

But my connection with them was difficult at times through the years. My tarot reading ebbed and flowed like the moon through my twenties and thirties. Sometimes I clung to them for support and guidance through some of the most turbulent times of my life when I suffered with illness or family quarrels. Other times I found them confusing and unhelpful when I failed to see the obvious messages of The Devil and, what felt like an ambush of, swords cards as I stumbled through the difficult final years of my marriage. 

Just after my fortieth birthday I decided to follow a tarot exercise I had read about in a book called The Transformational Truth of Tarot by Tiffany Crosara. The premise was to spend a day with each of the Major Arcana cards; starting with The Fool, then moving on to card number one (The Magician) and so on until just over three weeks later you reached the exercises conclusion with card number twenty-one, The World. If you allowed yourself to embrace the messages of the cards, a completely transformational life would be shown to you. 

So, I did the exercise whole-heartedly and, half way through, with The Wheel of Fortune tarot card tucked in my bra, two pounds in my pocket, my seven year old son in one hand and my dog, Custard’s lead in the other, I walked out of my marriage and the life that I had been fooling myself I was happy in. I walked on with no clear plan but the instinct that I had taken a path that would lead me to something better. 

By the time I had reached The World card, just under two weeks later, I had filed for divorce, was living as a single parent with my son and had a brand new, loving companion in my bed (Custard, the dog!).

A few years has passed since then; my son is now almost an adult and I have a human who is my loving companion now, whilst Custard, (who went over rainbow bridge), sits happily beside my Spirit Guide, Billy, guarding me from afar. But, that transformational experience I had back then deepened by understanding, love and passion for the tarot to an intense level. I decided to study and seek as much knowledge as I could and now have “tarot” friends all over the world who I swap readings and insights with. 

I truly believe the tarot can guide you to a better life or, perhaps I should say, guide you to the life that your soul came down here on Earth to seek out.

As humans we block ourselves and our progress in so many ways. The tarot is a tool that can help us understand our thought patterns, learned behaviour, karmic cycles, emotional trauma and, most importantly of all, our soul’s purpose. 

I hope as you look through my website you will sense the passion I have for these wonderful cards and their ability to help us grow mentally, physically and spiritually and can see how they can offer us help and advice as we go through our lives. 

The tabs at the top of this home page take you to my daily YouTube two-card readings that I create. There is also a weekly tarot article which is uploaded each Monday to guide us for the week ahead. And, there are also articles which give insights to each astrological season to guide you through those as well, plus a few other articles of my musings which I hope you enjoy.

If you would like a personal reading, I offer those too via Zoom to anyone, anywhere in the world. Please click the Book a Reading tab to find out more. 

The universe connects us in mysterious ways, so if you have found my website it may serve you to take a look at today’s messages as it might be just what you are needing to hear right now! Which is a wonderful reminder that the universe always has your back and will always help those who want to be pointed in the right direction.

With much love

Claire x

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