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I am based in the UK but offer tarot readings to anyone in the world. If you have internet – then you can have a reading.

I will never ask you why you want a reading and prefer that you don’t give me any information at all about your circumstances. The tarot cards show the story of your soul in their pictures, and the messages I receive from them and my guides will give me all the information I need. The cards will explain whether you are connecting with your soul’s purpose and if not, what is blocking you from moving forward on your path, this can be in a general sense or a particular aspect of your life.

They are an excellent tool to use if you are at a crossroads, need some guidance or just genuinely feel as if you are missing a vital clue to help you on your path. Whatever your reason for wanting a tarot reading, if you have found this page, take it as a sign that you should invest in yourself and book one. 

Readings are one hour long and need to be booked and paid for in advance. 

The cost is £40 GBP and I ask for payment at least 24 hours before the reading takes place. Payments can be made via Paypal my user ID is

To choose your time please click on this link which will take you through to my calendar. PLEASE REMEMBER that the times shown on calendly are for the UK (UTC/GMT time zone), so make sure you are aware of the time differences when you book. If you cannot see a time that suits, please email me as I do make myself available some evenings and early mornings to take into account time zones a long way from the UK.

Once I have confirmed the time and received payment I will email you a zoom link and look forward to meeting you. 

Thank you.

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