November 2021

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Going Green for November

Crystal of the Month

Crystals of the Month

November 2021

Going Green for November

I don’t usually mix my intuitive articles with the politics of the world, but, it has been hard not to notice the coincidences between the planetary activities and global events over the last two years. Back in 2019 many astrologers were signalling 2020 as being a pivotal and transformational year where the world would be shaken and irreversibly changed. I think it’s fair to say that was quite accurate. 

November 2021 has a similar powerful energy and it would seem that the idea of everyone in the world needing to work together and make urgent changes couldn’t be more relevant as we all deal with the after effects of the pandemic and climate change. 

We are all beginning to see how the small changes we make in our own life can be better for ourselves, our family and friends, our local community and the wider world. We are beginning to understand that we are all connected and our actions – good or bad – have consequences. 

Like I said above, this is not a political statement it is an article about crystals! But, in my opinion, crystals are one of the most excellent examples of how beautiful, diverse, magical and unique our Mother Earth is, and, this month I am suggesting to you all to use your crystals to ‘Go Green’ in November and begin working with the Earth to create some positive changes.

Green is the colour of the heart chakra and is associated with the changes and transformations that we make within our heart, but, as well as that it is often symbolised by the beauty of nature which we see in the flowers and fauna around us. 

In November, Venus will be moving into Capricorn and staying there for an unusually long time as it begins a retrograde period in December. Venus rules over matters of the heart, and Capricorn is an Earth sign full of determination, reliance and ambition. Working with our heart chakra at this time and focusing on the green crystals that are aligned to it, would be an excellent way for us to focus on what is important to us and what we need to change in order to align ourselves more with what we love and care about. This could be on a personal level, such as to allow yourself more time for self-care or to follow your own dreams and passions, or it could be choosing to get involved in a local action group or to choose healthier, more eco-friendly products for your home or for yourself by turning vegetarian or quitting smoking or alcohol. 

Concentrating on your heart chakra is the first step of making healthier decisions in your life. Healing ourselves often starts with the heart chakra, as when this is healthy and balanced, both emotionally and physically, it can spread throughout the rest of our body with ease. The opposite is also true – if we are struggling with matters of the heart on an emotional level then it often has a knock on effect in our minds and bodies too, and of course, if a heart is not physically healthy our daily lives and activities are severely limited. 

In the picture above I have gathered a collection of green crystals that all have their own unique and amazing qualities. Below is a list of some of them which you may find beneficial to keep with you or place on your heart chakra during meditation or under your pillow at night.

Amazonite – This is an excellent stone for healing the heart chakra and the nervous system. It can assist in getting rid of negative energy.

Aventurine – this crystal can assist in calming and relaxation, especially with anger issues. It is a good stone to have in times of stress or if taking exams. 

Emerald – A wonderful stone to assist in learning the art of patience! It is also great for mental clarity and improving memory.  

Green Agate – this crystal aids decision making and can assist to bring conclusion to arguments. 

Green Calcite – A great stone if you need help to rid the mind of unhelpful beliefs or learned behaviour. It is also good to rid the body of bacterial infections. 

Jade – A well-known crystal which brings wisdom and inner peace, (these often go hand in hand). It can bring insightful dreams which can be useful in seeing a way to moving towards your higher self. It can harmonise the mind and body. 

Malachite –  Is a very good crystal to work with on a physical level especially to restore balance to internal organs such as heart, pancreas and immune system. IT can also help with sleep disorders and depression. 

Peridot – this crystal is sometimes referred to as the healer for the healers. If you are prone to absorbing others’ energies, this stone will offer protection to the aura. It can also help if you are wishing to re-align with your intuition and soul’s purpose. 

Verdalite (Green Tourmaline) – A great companion for the heart chakra and a natural healing stone. A good stone to work with if you wish to find compassion or to release negative thoughts relating to toxic relationships – past or present.

Within November we also have the start of an eclipse season, which begins on 19th November with a lunar eclipse in Taurus. The effects of eclipses can be felt quite intently by us, which is another reminder of how connected we are to the whole universe. It may make us feel like we are a tiny spec in an infinite space, but we all have a very significant part to play. If we are aligned to our heart chakra it helps us focus on what we intuitively feel is right for us and how we ‘fit’ in the big scheme of things. 

November promises to be a transformational month and we may see many changes on a global level which depict this, but, we have a great deal of power within ourselves to make transformations happen for us too. 

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