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Crystal Healing qualification from Britain’s leading crystal expert, Philip Permutt

Everyone has their favourite crystal(s) and here is a list of mine. These ‘rock friends’ have helped me over the years– so please don’t take offence if your favourites aren’t on here, they are only my opinion.

Rose Quartz

My Rose Quartz crystal has a very feminine energy and is a great reminder to regulate feelings and the power of unconditional love. 

We have all been emotionally wounded at one time or another in our lives, and, it can be the hardest thing to forgive and move on. So many times the emotions that have caused us pain can easily begin to take over every aspect of our being and cloud our decision making and enjoyment of life. Fear, jealousy, anger or any kind of stress caused by an emotionally upsetting experience or trauma can stay with us for years – and they are not the best times in our lives or when we are the best versions of ourselves.

Learning to love again after a period of hurt is a difficult thing to do, but, Rose Quartz teaches us it is possible. Holding the crystal near you or wearing jewellery made from Rose Quartz is a great way for its loving, calming energy to remind us that we can choose our emotions. It promotes unconditional love which – if practiced – can raise our vibrations to a higher level of consciousness and move us away from some very dark times into the light.

Black Tourmaline and Selenite

I am combining these two, although they are very different stones. But, together these two beauties helped sell my home. A few years ago, I was selling my ex-marital home and looking forward to a new start. However, the house wouldn’t sell – the feedback I was getting was all along the same lines. ‘The house is beautiful, but, the kitchen doesn’t feel right for us.’

Twenty viewings and four months later, I was chatting to a friend who advised me that it was the negative energy they were picking up on. My friend gave me a cleansing ritual for the home, which I followed to the letter. Once it was finished I was told to place a piece of selenite and a piece of black tourmaline in the four corners of my home.

The house then felt very different, and it astounded me how I had stopped feeling fed up when I was in the kitchen (I had got used to feeling that way!)

Two days later along came another viewer who made an offer straight away. He fell in love with the home and all the possibilities it had for him. He could see his family being happy there, what a wonderful positive energy for a beautiful, cleansed home. 

Was it a coincidence? Maybe. But, I have always thanked these crystals for helping me move on to an exciting new chapter of my life.


I have put Malachite crystal in here, even though it wasn’t always a favourite. In fact, it gave me my first ever feeling of dislike for a crystal, but, don’t worry – we are friends now! Since this experience I have learned that sometimes the crystals that repel us, or the ones we shy away from, are often the ones we need the most.

To overcome my dislike of Malachite, I forced myself to work with it even though I didn’t want to – by meditating with it daily. After a week of doing this, it had occurred to me that I had let my meditation practice slip as I had been far too busy with many different events that were happening in my life – I didn’t have time to look after myself. And then I saw the connection. Malachite was the equivalent of someone telling me to ‘calm down’ while I was under pressure and feeling stressed. And, as we all know: Never in the history of ‘calm down’ has anyone ‘calmed down’ by being told to ‘calm down’.

At the time, its’ message antagonised me, but, it was the telling off I needed to steer myself back from the chaotic and stressful path I was travelling down.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is on my list quite simply because it was the first crystal I ever bought. As a teenager in the nineties wandering around Carnaby Street (on my very first trip to London on my own), I stumbled across a New Age shop and was overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful and mystifying things they had for sale. I felt a little intimidated and too afraid to ask about the objects that interested me. But, I did feel I needed to buy something and was drawn to a Tiger’s Eye necklace. I had no idea why I liked it so much but it seemed to give me confidence. I wore it for many years, along with my Doctor Marten boots and grunge-like, burgundy, cardigan that used to irritate the hell out of my mum.

As I left my teenage years, I lost touch with my necklace. It just seemed to disappear out of my life – crystals have a habit of doing that when they have served their purpose. 

But it magically reappeared last year. I stumbled across an old vanity case which had moved with me from house to house– left unopened. Amongst old photos and some tacky gold rings and Belcher chains was my much loved Tiger’s Eye. 

I instinctively knew that this time it hadn’t materialised into my life for my benefit. My son had just turned thirteen, and soon would be navigating his way through his teenage years with the same angst, uncertainty and self-esteem issues I had when I was his age. I gave it to him – and I am sure it will stay with him for as long as it is needed.


Anyone that knows me well, can confirm that I have always struggled with patience. I was at the back of the queue when patience was being handed out, I didn’t get to the front – I couldn’t be bothered to wait!

Emerald is a crystal that helps with patience, and one that I have recently sought out specifically to help me with mine.

The universe will always give you what you ask for and, with Emerald in hand, I asked the universe to help me become more patient – now into my forties, it was time I learned this much needed skill.

The trouble is when you ask for something like patience, it doesn’t get delivered, gift wrapped, from Amazon Prime the next day. The year was 2020 and it was an incredibly frustrating, life changing, transformational time and nothing went as planned. We all had to adapt to a new way of life where things just couldn’t get done (no matter how hard we tried) I was tested to the limit to receive the very thing I had asked for. 

Throughout this time I lost my Emerald crystal three times. The first time I got annoyed – after all this was the crystal that was supposed to help me with patience and I needed it back NOW. The second time, I realised I was being taught a lesson and decided to (try) not to get annoyed and be a bit more methodical in my approach to find it. I eventually retraced my steps to find it in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. The third time it disappeared, I realised that the universe was having a bit of a laugh at my expense and resolved not to get annoyed or impatient at all. I had every faith I would find it when I needed it. And, as if by magic, if fell out of my pillowcase onto my lap at that exact moment. I believe that was the sign to say I had (perhaps) gained a little more patience than I had at the start of the year.

I hope you have enjoyed my stories of why these crystals are my favourites. And, maybe you have your own experiences of the crazy co-incidences that play out when you welcome crystals into your life. 

Why not write a list of your favourite crystals and how they have helped you? It is a great reminder when we journal memories of our past, how far we have come to get to today.

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