May 2021

Crystal of the month

All about Amethyst

Amethyst Crystal Of The Month

Crystals of the Month

May 2021

All about Amethyst

Amethyst is such a versatile, powerful and all round helpful crystal that I didn’t feel it needed a companion this month. So, for May it is all about the Amethyst!

It is also one of the most popular crystals around found in all types of jewellery, ornaments, geode form or just as pretty stones in a bowl. Most people will know it when they see it and I haven’t found a person yet that doesn’t love this stone. 

The reason I have chosen Amethyst as the stone for May is due to the variety of different energies we will be working with throughout the month, which I will share with you below. Also, now we have already completed the first third of 2021 it does feel as if we need to take a little time to reflect on what has happened so far. Amethyst is a very helpful stone when we wish to process things in our mind. It can encourage a calming, tranquil mind set which can lead to us being able to work things out and understand the bigger picture of what has been going on in our lives. 

With regards to the month ahead, I am very much looking forward to our 5/5/5 day. The 5 May 2021(5th day of the 5thmonth in the year 2021 whose digits that adds up to 5) is a supercharged day for anyone who loves numerology. Fives signify changes in our lives so this should be a very interesting day for us all. Now, I know not everyone welcomes change in their life but, we must remember that all change is for the higher good and to not worry too much. Amethyst will be an incredibly helpful stone to keep with us on this day as it can be great for keeping us balanced. Any changes in our lives evoke emotions in us and, if this is a day where we are likely to experience highs and lows, some help to keep our emotions in check won’t be a bad thing!

In the middle of the month (13th) we have Jupiter moving into Pisces. Pisces is a dreamy sign and Jupiter is often associated with higher learning and growth. During this period Amethyst would be great to work if you feel the urge to tap into your higher consciousness for guidance on your life path. Meditating whilst placing the amethyst above your head would stimulate your crown chakra and encourage spiritual inspiration or placing it under your pillow of a night may be an exciting way to get visions or dreams of your future self – don’t forget to leave a notepad and pen by your bed so you can note down what you dreamed of before you forget.

Towards the end of the month we have an exciting lunar eclipse (26th) and then shortly afterwards (29th) Mercury will be going into retrograde. Both these events are incredibly powerful forces which can affect us in different ways. Amethyst would be a great companion at this time, not only because it is one of the best protective stones available but also because of its overall healing qualities – it really is such a versatile and useful stone it will be invaluable to keep near through the varied and potent energies that we have in store for us.

If you don’t already have an amethyst in your home, now would be a very good time to get one.Sending you lots of love as we move through this transformational and intriguing month.

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