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My Dream of
being published

Claire Chilvers

As I have mentioned on other pages on this website, being a published author has always been a dream of mine. So, as you can imagine, I was delighted when I was contacted by the founder and author of, Tanaaz Chubb, who asked me to write a series of tarot related articles based on The Fool and his journey through the Major Arcana.

I had been a follower of the Forever Conscious website for two years and loved Tanaaz’s articles on astrology as well as her guest authors on tarot, crystals and other spiritual themes. Her observations and positivity resonated with me and I was inspired by her book The Power of Positive Energy. When I finished reading this book I remember saying out loud, ‘I would love to work with Tanaaz one day.’

Six months later, I plucked up enough courage to email her and ask if she would be interested in me writing for her website.

Within half an hour, Tanaaz responded (which was totally unexpected for two reasons: One – my insecurity demons were laughing their heads off at the cheek of me contacting a “real” writer and wasting her time and; two – Tanaaz is based in Los Angeles and, with the eight hour time difference between us, it was about 7 am in L.A.!).

Tanaaz invited me to write a series of articles on the Major Arcana. The articles were to be centred around my own experience of them and The Fool’s Journey, starting with The Fool (number zero) and ending with The World (card twenty-one).

My first article, Understanding Tarot: The Fool’s Journey was published in October 2019. It follows the story of how The Fool walks his way through life encountering the lessons of each Major Arcana card along the way.

Neither Tanaaz nor I could have expected how this series of articles could begin to show up and resonate with the astrological happenings and events of the world throughout the following year (the now infamous 2020!). As each article was published the synchronicities in what was happening in our own lives, the wider world and universe as a whole were incredible.

“The last article ‘The World’ was published in April 2021 and the series is now complete. If you would like to follow the Fool on his journey the articles are set out below. I hope you enjoy the adventure!”

My Publications

The Fool – Card 0

The Magician – Card 1

The High Priestess – Card 2

The Empress – Card 3

The Emperor – Card 4

The Heirophant – Card 5

The Lovers – Card 6

The Chariot – Card 7

Strength – Card 8

The Hermit – Card 9

The Wheel of Fortune – Card 10

Justice – Card 11

The Hanged Man – Card 12

Death – Card 13

Temperance – Card 14

The Devil – Card 15

The Tower – Card 16

The Star – Card 17

The Moon – Card 18

The Sun – Card 19

Judgement – Card 20

The World – Card 21

As each article was published the synchronicities in what was happening in our own worlds, the wider world and universe as a whole were incredible.

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