February 2021

Crystal of the month

Rose Quartz And Rhodonite

Crystals of the Month

February 2021

Rose Quartz and Rhodonite

Forgive me for going all pink for February, but, whether we like it or not, this is a month associated with love and romance as we celebrate St Valentine’s Day.

Of course, nowadays with the huge marketing campaigns for chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners for two, it would be easy to forget that love comes in many forms and these two wonderful crystals give very different examples of this.

Rose Quartz is a very well-known crystal which symbolises unconditional love and is a wonderful stone to work with on the heart chakra. Our souls come down to earth filled with unconditional love, because – as the song says – it is love that makes the world go round. When our souls come back to earth to take on human form, this essence of unconditional love is still within us all, but, being human is hard work and being subjected to so many different situations in our difficult and complicated lives can stir a plethora of emotions within us. It is no wonder that we often forget love is at the core of our being.

Carrying rose quartz around with you, meditating with it or placing it on your heart chakra is a great way to remind yourself of this. If you are a particularly empathic person it can offer great healing to you and those around you when dealing with situations that may not have love at their core. If you are not properly grounded and have an acute sense of empathy, it can mean that you are prone to absorb other people’s energies which can be draining. Keeping rose quartz close by is a helpful tool to limit the negative emotions being felt by you and the people around you.

For me, rose quartz is a symbol of the truest and purest emotion of love, just holding this stone makes me feel happy and connected to the world and my own soul. It is a pleasant reminder that love is within all of us.

But, before I get too sentimental it has not escaped my notice that we are spending a large proportion of this February in Mercury Retrograde (which starts on 30 January and goes direct on 20 February). Mercury Retrograde gets a bad name sometimes and is blamed for arguments and chaos as well as the cause of things getting lost or technical items breaking down. On a deeper level, Mercury Retrograde can peel some of the superficial layers that we have put over ourselves to cope with life and forces us to examine what is underneath. In terms of love, if we have been papering over the cracks in our heart, then Mercury Retrograde can certainly be the catalyst to make us rip off the paper and stare into the void. In its’ chaotic and awkward way, it can have a habit of getting to the root cause of what triggers us to be upset or identifies the reason we react in the ways we do to people or situations. These traits or the learned behaviour we have can often be traced back to hurtful incidents where love (or a lack of it) has caused us pain, emotional hurt or fear.

My second crystal of the month, Rhodonite can help us heal when we have been on the ‘wrong side’ of love. It helps us find emotional balance and heals wounds caused by emotional abuse, co-dependency and helps us come to terms with and move on from self-destructive patterns that may have led to toxic relationships. A lot of these issues can begin from a lack of self-love or self-esteem and Rhodonite is helpful if we are trying to work through these issues. It can help to remind us that we cannot love anyone until we truly learn to love ourselves. 

For me, these two crystals have the same colour but couldn’t be more different. Rose Quartz reminds me of the highest version of love in our souls, whereas Rhodonite makes me acutely aware that love in our human world can spiral into some very dark places for some and that we need help, guidance and strength to move back into the light. So wherever you find yourself on the ‘love spectrum’ this February, please  remember these crystals are here to provide healing and love.  So why not buy the one you are most drawn to out of these two crystals, and show yourself an act of self-love by treating yourself.

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