Astrocards For Virgo Season

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Claire Chilvers Astro Reading Virgo

Astrocards for Virgo Season

Virgo Season has already begun as I write this and I was a little late getting the organised Virgo vibe after the drama of Leo season! But, hopefully by the time you read it, it will still have some weeks left to resonate with you.

I have decided to go with a Celtic Cross style reading using Energy Oracle cards for the Virgo season and it is interesting to notice that the bottom card is Strategy. 

Srategy is placed in the position which I read as “The Sub-conscious”, and certainly does compliment the organised, methodical, practical qualities linked to Virgo. As I have been drawn to this card first, I feel that it holds the message to navigating our way through the season ahead – indeed it even has a compass and log book to assist us! Keeping a journal when there are a lot of different things going on in your life is a helpful way to keep yourself calm and rationally minded, which would definitely be something that embodies the grounded energies of the season. 

So, if that is the hint that we are being given this month by our sub-conscious, it leads me to ask the question, Why? Therefore, let’s start at the beginning (which we perhaps should have done – but never mind!).

The card to the far right of the picture is card number 50, Angel of Strength. This is situated in the position which shows us what has just left us or is leaving us at this time. The most obvious point to make here is it depicts a lion and we have just left Leo the Lion and his wonderful array of meteor showers and Lionsgate Portal which he gifts to us every year. But, on a deeper level, this card also suggests that we have just left a period when we have felt like we either needed the strength of a lion or the support of an angel and we have been tested. 

August is a strange month where often our daily routines are stopped abruptly; people break for holidays, take time out due to schools or businesses shutting, indeed some whole European countries close for summer too. 

It is often time for the “reset” button to be pressed which can often mean that when we return to what we thought was our normal routine, it doesn’t actually feel normal at all. Something has changed, shifted or maybe it is us that doesn’t seem to fit anymore? But, comfortingly, even if this is the case, you have the knowledge that you are brave, strong and supported enough to deal with wherever you have found yourself. 

Archangel Metatron greets us in the centre of this Celtic Cross spread and he is showing us our ‘Present situation’. It ties in quite nicely with the idea that we are aware of change. He is connected to our third eye chakra and is downloading information into our intuition. Archangel Metatron is the Angel of Empowerment and assists us on accessing our spiritual power. Any time when Strength appears in a reading it can lead us to question our faith and abilities, and it feel especially comforting to see him here in the centre of events during Virgo season to remind us that our abilities are limitless and we can accomplish anything if we are working in line with our intuition. It is interesting to note that he also known for recording the word of God as well as our endeavours on Earth, which ties in with our earlier message to keep a log of what is happening at this time. This seems important. 

The card Financial Constraints is placed underneath Metatron and is in the position which is usually shown as ‘the cross’ (or I find helpful to see it as a block). Now, unless you have been living under a stone you couldn’t have failed to notice that there is a cost of living crises affecting nearly every part of the world and it seems to be all the news outlets and social media channels can talk about. We seem to live in an era that enjoys invoking fear and anxiety in to people and, although everyone in their own way does have financial constraints, we do not need to be brow beaten and consumed by the level of fear that we are being told too (OK that’s my rant over!). 

The Financial Constraints card is the darkest shown here in the spread, and sometimes the fears of not having enough can be paralysing. But, look at the light and beauty that is being radiated from the card above – the Archangel card is in the position which shows who we really are and what we are really capable of. Where there is light, there is hope, positivity, creativity, abundance and good fortune. The block in this spread is one that will always block us if we let it and the difference comes from tapping into our own minds and finding more positive ways to use our own light to power to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. 

Remember we are in Virgo season, and anyone who knows and loves a Virgo is aware of their most incredible problem solving skills. They will work and work at a problem tirelessly until they can see a way through. My partner is a Virgo and, long after my son and I have flounced off in our watery-emotional huffs because something isn’t working, we will find him patiently getting to bottom of the problem and usually returning from the garage with exactly the right tool for the job from his neat and orderly cupboards. This month, I feel, we should all embrace this Virgo patience and keep going until any issues are resolved. As you can see the card to the left of Metatron is Victory, which is placed in the card of ‘Things to come’. This suggests that if we take on this tactic we are to be rewarded with success and the golden glow of abundance (which may be in monetary form or the feeling of self-worth and completeness which is the exact opposite of the lack suggested in our block card, Financial Constraints.)

And, this leaves us with one last card, Woman Holding a Heart, at the top of the spread. Now, I haven’t read this card spread in order which is very non-Virgo, so please forgive me. But, I did feel that this was the best order for us to make sense of the messages for us. This card is placed in the ‘Conscious mind’ position which suggests it relates to what is very obviously going on in our lives and what people can see is happening to us. Clearly, we are all often lead by matters of the heart and this can suggest love, relationships or the heart chakra itself which could be in a deep emotional transformation. The number of the card is 44 which, as an angel number, symbolises hope and optimism. 

When we have our heart held out for the world to see, it is an intensely vulnerable place to be and we have to trust that everything will be ok. These cards are suggesting that if we have trust in our own intuition and draw on the practical abilities to overcome any obstacle that the Virgo season is gifting to us, we should have all the necessary skills in place to navigate the month ahead perfectly.

Wishing you a wonderful few weeks and I will be back again soon with a different tarot spread for the Libra season which will soon be with us