Astrocards For Taurus Season

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AstroTarot: A card reading for the Taurus Season

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Astro Tarot cards for the Taurus season

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Astro Tarot cards for the Taurus season

OK, so here we are! This Taurus season has a lot going on, so be prepared for changes, uncertainties, new beginnings and maybe a little chaos thrown in for good measure. The world is changing. We are changing. So take a look at the card you picked, and, hopefully, it will help you make sense of everything that is going on within you and around you at this time.

Card number one – The Five of Cups

The very obvious place to start with this card is to remark on the numerology associated with the number five. It is associated with change and uncertainty, which I literally just mentioned in the paragraph above!

The person in this card doesn’t seem too chuffed about the change and uncertainty though, does he? And, maybe you can resonate with that and are looking back to ‘the good old days’ with a sad, regretful conclusion that they have gone forever.

This card is coming in to recognise that life doesn’t stay the same forever, and, although some changes can be joyful and progressive experiences, others can be difficult to deal with and feel like a heart-wrenching exercise that we really don’t want to be part of. Regardless of change is showing up for you during this Taurus season, I want to say, it is perfectly OK to feel however you need to feel.

Just this morning, I was thinking about how far we had come as a society in recognising that it is OK to not be OK. I feel that being honest with those around you if you are not OK, will help you through these next few weeks. It certainly seems that you are being urged to prioritise your own emotions and allow yourself the time to sit with your feelings, so make sure the people around you know that is what you are trying to do, so no misunderstandings occur.

Throughout this Taurus season we will be experiencing a Mercury Retrograde, these are traditionally times when we have to slow down, process what has happened in our lives and make sense of where we are and who we have become. Consequently, I do feel you are very in touch with the universe to be in this emotional space at the moment. I also want to highlight the fact that the Mercury Retrograde does not last forever, it is a few weeks long and then the energy picks up and we tend to feel as if a weight has been lifted from us. I feel this timing is significant for you, but, remember that everything is temporary – including our thoughts and feelings, which pass through us like clouds floating through the sky.

What I am drawn to within this card is the bridge in the distance and the building, which looks like a church, on the other side of the river. These seem important to mention as I am imagining the person in this card summoning up enough energy to take the journey over the bridge and seek comfort and solace in this sacred place. What will he find there? Perhaps a welcoming priest will sit and listen to him and relieve him of some of his burden? Perhaps he will find the altar adorned with flowers, ready for a wedding, and help him remember happier occasions in his life – or ones that could be in the future – bringing a much needed smile to his face? Or perhaps he will sit in the stillness and find peace and, in turn, find the courage and strength to continue on his path.

As I write this, I am reminded of the last time I visited a church. My sister was in hospital, having suffered a major stroke on top of a large number of already significant health issues. She was in intensive care and her prognosis was not good. I was out for a run one morning, as this is my go to activity when I have a lot on my mind. I ran through a little village and came across the church which I had never visited before. I found myself going in, (hoping God would forgive my sweaty armpits!). The church was deserted, but, a sign told me I was welcome. I sat down for a while not really knowing why I was there, and then I just started talking out loud, admitting what I was so scared of– that my sister was very unlikely to live, and even if she did, her quality of life would have been severely diminished. And then the tears came, and the sobbing. And that was how I stayed for a good twenty minutes. That pause in my world gave me strength to face what I knew deep down and deal with, what was to become, the last few weeks of my sister’s life. I am talking of this now, not because of a premonition that you will also have to deal with something this difficult, but, because grief is one of the hardest emotions to navigate but, as humans, we do manage to get through it. And with all difficult emotions the pain, suffering and anger that is all bought on have to be faced before we can move on.

And, once we do face them, life does move on and it does get better. We laugh, love and enjoy our lives again – if (and that is a big IF), we allow the emotions to pass through us and not keep them wrapped around us like the black cloak covering the man in our picture.

Let us look at the three spilled cups for a moment – they are spilled for a reason. The red liquid that is pouring out of them is flowing into the river and being diluted, eventually, the red liquid will disappear as it is swept away by the clear blue water. This is how our emotions need to flow through us.

So, as you navigate through Taurus season there may be times when you need to let all your emotions out. Whether you choose to do this on your own or to find a place or person who can comfort you whilst you do so, is a matter of personal choice. But, the overall message is that once you let them out, they can become water under the bridge.

Card number Two – The Two of Pentacles

If you have chosen card number two, then I will start by asking you a question. How much longer can you keep going like this? What I mean is – there are times in our life when we have to multi-task, deal with difficult situations or constantly be on the go when life throws us a few curve balls – but this shouldn’t be the norm and it shouldn’t be forever. So, I ask again, how much longer can you keep going?

I am hoping that you can put those juggling balls down and read this for a moment, and, please know that I am not judging you, believe me, there have been times when I have overloaded myself with to-do lists, been overwhelmed with problems and consumed with the drudgery that can be life sometimes. But, I am looking at this person in this picture today and have an overwhelming urge to shout, ‘Stop!’.

As I typed the above I had a Barbra Streisand song in my head, Enough is Enough. And, you know what? I really feel like that is an important realisation for you!

I mentioned above that the Taurus season is also running parallel with Mercury Retrograde and the eclipse season. These events themselves, are a huge amount of energy – without all the human stuff that you seem to be dealing with.

People often dread Mercury Retrograde and its common themes, (losing objects or saved work on a computer, missing appointments, broken down machinery etc) but, I feel you are used to set backs and mishaps so, if anyone can deal with it you can. I mean, you deal with everything, right?

I feel I tentatively want to say this (with a little fear that I may offend you)…but…do you have to deal with everything? Is there no one else that can take on some of your responsibilities or some of the projects that you have undertaken?

The wonderful irony of the Mercury Retrograde cycles which a lot of people don’t seem to get (because they are usually cursing it so much), is that the chaos that it causes can often show us that: a) things always have a way of working out in the end; b) the time that we suddenly find that we have through missed appointments, trains or people cancelling on us gives us a wonderful opportunity to do something different and c) we have a chance to get off autopilot and examine our schedules and routines to see if they are really helping us live our best life.

One thing that we often forget is that life is a gift. It is here to be enjoyed, not endured. If you are reading this and assuming that it doesn’t apply to you, you are wrong. It does – it applies to everyone. If you take a look at the two pentacles that are being juggled you will see they are connected with the infinity sign. This sign has many messages, but, for this reading I feel the idea that life reflects back to us the energy we send out. If we feel that our current situation is all we really have to look forward to that will be reflected back to us, no wonder this man in the picture looks a little frazzled and fed up. He really does believe this is all there is and can’t see otherwise.

But, the bigger message is, he is so engrossed in keeping these pentacles in the air he is not seeing what is going on around him. Should he be keeping an eye on those ships in the background? Perhaps they are full of expensive goods that need to be steered into shore which may just change his fortune for the better. Let’s hope he is not the lighthouse keeper!

The symbolism offered in that scenario is we can often miss the bigger picture when we are so focused on something smaller. Does that sound familiar? Is there an application form for a new job sitting untouched in your home, because you have been too busy working overtime in a job you hate to fill it in? Are you allowing loved ones to rely on your financial support a little too much which is limiting opportunities for you to invest your money in something more beneficial to you? Perhaps those ships in the card represent the yearning to set sail and discover new, exciting places but you never allow yourself time off to go anywhere?

I am feeling the frustrations that come with this card, but, life is only limiting if we allow it to be. One of the biggest challenges we have in life is pushing ourselves to think bigger than our ego allows us to. The two pentacles in this card seem to represent our ego, in other words, the thinking that what it is focusing on is the only important thing in the picture. The universe is represented by the infinity sign, which is the realisation that there is so much more on offer for us.

The numerology associated with the number two does highlight the duality in our lives of trying to live a human life, but, be true to our soul and its’ purpose. Imagine this man puts down the two pentacles for a moment and grabs hold of that infinity sign. I am imagining that it acts as a rubber band, he sits within it and it flings him far, far away from his current situation – maybe he even lands on that ship! Suddenly he sees where he was and it seems so small, so far away. It doesn’t seem to be significant anymore.

As we move through Taurus season, I feel you will also be given the opportunity (or maybe more than one), to catapult yourself out of your current situation. But, we don’t always cease opportunities, do we? Sometimes, we are just too busy to notice them. Which brings me back to the original question or how long do you want to be in this current situation. Because, if you are desperate for a change in your circumstances, then I feel it is time to shift your focus a little – have a look at what else is out there for you. By embracing the idea that something bigger and better is waiting for you, life will reflect those opportunities back to you. So, get ready to fly (or sail) on to new horizons. The world is a far bigger place than you had previously imagined.

Card number three – Temperance

Temperance is the only Major Arcana card that we have been given in this reading, so, for those of you who have chosen this card, the message is a little different from the other two. I often say that the Major Arcana cards are a big message from the universe and the Minor arcana cards are what we are doing in response to those messages. Whereas the first two cards gave guidance on how to react, behave or help progress in certain circumstances, this card is the opposite of all those things.

Temperance is here to give the message of stillness. I almost feel it is suggesting not to act or progress but allow yourself to just …be.

Temperance is number fourteen in the tarot. It is the card that appears after number thirteen, Death, shows up and brings endings and finality to us. As we move into Taurus season, I feel that you are acutely aware your life has changed completely and irretrievably, but, you have made your peace with this.

It seems the darkest days are now behind you, however, you are yet to have a clear, constructive plan as to what to do next. This angel has descended to let you know that this is not the time to have a plan. It is, in fact, the time when you allow yourself the time and space needed to re-calibrate your mind, body and spirit to this new chapter of your life.

Have you noticed that the water being poured by the angel in this card is going from the top cup to the bottom cup at an angle? I feel that seeing this is a reminder that sometimes we encounter things that seem unbelievable, yet, they happen all the same. You may feel over the next few weeks that the place you have found yourself would have felt unbelievable a few months ago, but, here you are nonetheless! With an eclipse season that is promising unexpected situations to arise and the chaos of a Mercury Retrograde, your life may feel quite surreal right now. But, that’s ok. Sometimes we need to be the calm in the storm – this will be your strength at this time.

I am drawn to mentioning the third eye that this angel is showing us, as if it is a reminder that you too have this amazing ability to see beyond your human world. This may be significant if you are looking to enhance your own spiritual practices in some way, or, it may be that by giving yourself some quiet contemplation time, you begin to feel more in touch with your intuition which will quietly whisper to you some helpful hints to prepare you for the next phase of your life.

It is not every day that an angel appears before us, but, I feel through Taurus season you will feel as if you are being guided and supported by the angels which will bring you great comfort. Keep a look out for number sequences or any object that you are drawn to in this card which suddenly appears before you. The crown, which is disguised as the sun in the background, has made me smile as in the UK we have the King’s coronation on the 6 May, and an extra bank holiday to celebrate – maybe, that date will be significant in your life too?

One of the most positive attributes I am taking from this card is the feeling of being able to relax and appreciate the smaller things in life. There is a calmness that comes with this card which provides a healing that cannot be underestimated. If, throughout this Taurus season, you find yourself alone, embrace this. Spend time in the sunshine or watching the changes of the seasons. In the UK, at this time of year, it is wonderful to watch the garden birds building nests and nurturing life around us. But, even in the southern hemisphere, there is beauty and connections with nature as the summer gives way to autumn and the leaves can dance in front of your eyes as they fall off of their branches. I do feel that this card is giving away no spoilers as to what is in store for you, but, I feel that will fit perfectly into the mind-set you have now. The idea of trusting in the universe and its amazing way of guiding us to where we need to be, seems particularly relevant to you now. Consequently, the idea of not knowing what the future has in store is an exciting, positive experience for you to have, which is another sign of how much you have grown and learned from your previous experiences.