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Astro cards for Scorpio Season

An Interactive Tarot Reading for Multiple uses!

There is so much going on during this Scorpio season I hardly know where to start! It gives us the promise of transformation by completing soul based reflection and inner work. The Major Arcana card that is associated with Scorpio is Death, implying that this is a time of endings, new beginnings and sudden change too.

But the energies working with us throughout Scorpio Season are immense and plentiful. At the start we have the Venus Star Point, as well as Saturn turning Direct – both giving their own unique messages and energies. Then we have an eclipse season, starting with the Solar Eclipse on the 25th October, followed by a Blood Moon Eclipse on the 8th November. And from the 30th October we have Mars going Retrograde. Not to mention Halloween too – WOWSER! What a season!

It made me wonder how I was going to portray this in a tarot reading and I was drawn to shuffling my oldest and most faithful tarot cards and placing the first card in the middle to sum up the energy on offer for us all. I got The Star. 

The Star has been hovering around all week, I have recently started a YouTube channel and the Star came up with the Nine of Wands twice – a spooky coincidence! 

I feel this is coming up again now to show how it will affect us all differently this season. We see the large star in the centre of the picture, but, there are seven smaller ones around it. We often assume that it is the large star that is sending the “message” to us, but, equally the seven that accompany it have their own unique messages and energies, which can affect us all in a different way.

When we have a combination of energies all taking place at the same time we cannot possibly be reacting and working with them all. You may feel very much affected by the heart centred work offered by the Venus Star point, whereas your best friend may be shaking up their life and taking action influenced by the Mars Retrograde. 

Alternatively, you may feel that the Scorpio season is the perfect time to retreat as autumn turns to winter and you begin your hibernation process, but, of course this is not autumn/winter for everyone and, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you may be finding the Eclipse energy ideal to help you clear out the old and welcome in the new as you move from spring to summer.

The Star is our collective card and whatever energy, guidance or messages you receive it is for the highest good and to help you elevate yourself to the next level of your development. Do not underestimate the transformational power of this season, regardless of what energies are affecting you. 

However, I also felt a need to send out personal messages in line with each person’s unique journey. Which is when it hit me to design this tarot spread – well, it is a more of an interactive workshop really, which you can use more than once throughout the Scorpio season if you wish. 

The Star is for all of us and in the centre of the reading, but the next six cards which came out of the pack are for you to choose. These cards were chosen at random, and I was pleased to see the balance of three Major Arcana cards, (The Fool, The High Priestess and The Empress) alongside three Minor Arcana cards (Five of Swords, Ten of Wands and King of Wands). These all seem to embrace something about the various energies we will be experiencing, so I am inviting you to look closely at the six cards that are circling The Star and choose ONE Major Arcana card and ONE Minor Arcana card.

For each card I have put a message below. I feel the Major cards are the messages we are receiving from The Universe and the Minor cards are our clue as to how to deal with these energies.

I hope whichever cards you choose will resonate with you and help you through this transformational season.


The Fool

The Fool feels as if he is embracing the eclipse energy that is shining down on us through this season. The Scorpio New Moon partial solar eclipse takes place on 25th October, as I am writing this I am noticing that in The Fool card the sun isn’t completely whole either and a part of it is missing from the picture which is very apt for this reading. 

Eclipse seasons can feel like we are being catapulted into a new environment and can feel very unsettling. If you are looking at The Fool and feeling a little apprehensive the fact that he is about to walk off a cliff may resonate with you at this time!

When we encounter The Fool we can often overlook his heart felt message as we try and distance ourselves from the negative connotations of being foolish or naïve. But for your special message I am being drawn to the white rose that he is holding in his hand. The white colour is a sign of purity – the Fool’s heart is pure and not bogged down by the trappings of our human conditioning and emotions. He is a new, free spirit and being led by his heart. This heart-led energy is also very potent at this time and can be linked to the energy of the Venus Rose point which happens just a few days before hand. 

There is nothing foolish or naïve about following your heart and, yes, sometimes it does involve taking a huge leap of faith – just like this card suggests. And as you look at this card you may be giving yourself a hundred reasons why that next step isn’t a good idea because we cannot see far enough in the future to know if it will be ok. But, take a look at The Fool’s expression; does he look worried? He has his head held high looking up at the sky with complete faith that it will take him somewhere better than his current situation. And, as he is currently balanced perilously on the edge of a cliff I guess he must be right.

The High Priestess

If you are drawn to The High Priestess I feel your message is to embrace the intense feminine energy that is present at the beginning of Scorpio season with the Venus Star point reaching its conclusion. The High Priestess does not shout her messages from the roof tops and certainly could be overshadowed by the loud roaring of a Mars Retrograde or a powerful eclipse. But, it is important to remember that there is so much power in this feminine intuitive energy and it is not to be underestimated!

By choosing this card you are being asked to go within, which is a well-known theme of Scorpio season. It is not the time to listen to others, so taking yourself to a place where you can be silent and quieten your mind may be helpful at this time. 

It is time to connect with your divine soul, to find out who you really are and what your soul’s purpose is. To find this takes a great deal of inner work and it can feel like we are stripping away layers of ego, learned behaviour, conditioning and trauma to find ourselves. The High Priestess is ruled by the moon, which in turn depicts the tides. At times this energy may feel like we are drowning in a sea of emotion which could be overwhelming and incredibly emotive. But, when you relax into the waves, you can begin to float above them and let them guide you to where you need to be. This is not a time to panic.

Our soul is always giving us subtle messages and signs to guide us, but, only in the calm, quiet, relaxed state of mind that The High Priestess promotes, can we hear it. All the answers you seek are within you and now is the time to seek out this knowledge and emerge from this transformation as the new instinct-led version of yourself.

The Empress

The Empress reminds us of the cycles of nature and, whether you are in spring and moving towards summer or in autumn moving towards winter, this is a time when we are acutely aware of the death and re-birth that occurs all around us. 

If you have picked this card I feel the message is that you are no different from nature and are, in fact, a part of it. We also have cycles through our own life. We do not noticeably shed a skin like a snake or drop our leaves like a tree, but, we evolve; from child to adolescent, through adulthood into (hopefully) old age. We do not stay the same and this card is urging us to accept we are a part of change and move to the next stage. 

The Empress is shown in loose clothing as she is depicted as being pregnant. For those of you who have experienced motherhood or about to, there is no bigger change than this; when we suddenly become responsible for another human being our perspective on life, love and the world adjusts overnight. 

But, you don’t have to be a mother to have your perspective change, there can be many ways when we unexpectedly see our environment in a completely different way and realise that we are not the person we were anymore. 

These internal shifts and wake up calls are one of the treasures of Scorpio season but, The Empress is ruled by Venus who is also very active at this time. The Venus Star point has completed another full cycle and so have you. As Venus moves from being an evening star to a morning star, you may feel compelled to make an important move too, which will be a very poignant change that everyone will notice. 

I feel a very positive energy around this card as if the universe is sending those maternal vibes connected with this card to watch over you whilst this change takes place and sending love and nurturing energy to help you feel supported.

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords is a stark reminder that with all transformational times, comes change and uncertainty. And when changes occur there can seem like winners and losers in every situation. But, I feel that the message of this card is we can be both at the same time. Take a look at the three people in this card and invent a story for them. Who is the winner? Who is the loser? What is going on? Which character do you resonate with?

What story you make up could be very telling for your own situation and a message for what you need to do to work through the changes taking place. But the overall point that I feel this card is making is to recognise the good and bad in every situation you are faced with. 

As we move through this season you may feel an urge to do some much needed inner work as Mars goes retrograde. This could lead us to examine our own actions and how we help and hinder ourselves and others. We may find that the Five of Swords highlights that there are times when we can resonate with all three of the characters in this card and feel compelled to take action to have a more balanced way of life which does not invoke such chaos and dramatic situations.

I also feel that this card is suggesting to ‘try things a different way’. Traditionally, sword cards are an indication of our thoughts and how our mind works, but, the energy that is surrounding the Scorpio season is heart-led. Perhaps if we allowed our heart a chance to lead rather than our mind it may be the positive change that is needed throughout this next few weeks? 

Ten of Wands

If you have chosen the Ten of Wands as your Minor Arcana card, then I can feel the heaviness of the burdens and responsibilities that are weighing down on you at this time. I mentioned at the start that people may not feel all the energies and messages that are playing out through Scorpio season, but, I sense that those of you who chose this card are feeling them all. What an intense time it must be for you: the intense shadow work that comes with Scorpio season; the powerful shifts that take place with eclipses; the action based exhaustive work of Mars Retrograde; the completion of karmic cycles we get when Saturn turns direct and the Venus Star point completes a cycle. My goodness! That’s a lot!

I feel self-care is certainly a top priority for you with so much going on. The Blood Moon eclipse on the 8th November may seem like a huge release for you, but, I sense that before this you will be plodding, uncomfortably towards this point just like man with the ten wands in his arms. He is not in a position to look at the scenery around him or where he is going, as the load he is covering is blocking his view. You may resonate with this in the sense that you cannot see too far in the future because what is blocking your own view. But, take comfort in the fact that the ten does denote the end of a cycle and this will not go on forever. All energies are temporary and the universe cannot sustain this level of intensity forever – any more than we can. 

King of Wands

The King of Wands is linked to the star sign of Aries which is ruled by the fiery energy of Mars. For those of you who chose the King as your minor arcana card I feel this is pointing towards your actions and how you use your energy. A King has people to do the hard work for him. He does not run around and do everything himself. Does that sound like you? If not, perhaps it is time to examine why.

The Scorpio season invites us to do some soul searching and inner work in order to understand our personality and why we act the way we do. Coupled with this is the powerful Mars Retrograde energy which is inviting us to do the same on a bigger scale. 

It seems that this King is inviting us to take a moment to sit down and ask some important questions. How do your actions affect yourself and others? Do we use your energy wisely? Do you have the best people around you to ensure everything that needs to be accomplished gets done? Where do you achieve greatness and in what ways do people look up to you? Where do you need to take charge and lead or delegate others?

Embracing the masculine energy of a king court card may seem a little uncomfortable but, sometimes, we have to take on characteristics or traits that are not our normal standpoint. Take a look at the actions that you need to do to help yourself during this Scorpio season. Do you need to delegate more, make difficult decisions, take charge of a situation or group of people, make a speech or take on more responsibility? These are all the energies being given off by the King of Wands and, coupled with the energy of this transformational Scorpio season, it seems as if you are being urged to emerge from the shadows of the darkness associate with this season and become the great leader or warrior that you are destined to be. 


Don’t forget, you can carry out this exercise more than once. As you move through the season and you feel a change in your own energy or situation, why not come back again and choose another two cards. You may be surprised to find how you grow and develop over the following month. Who knows by the time Sagittarius season comes you may feel like a completely new person!