Astrocards For Libra Season

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Astrocards for Libra Season

Libra season is often regarded as a time to find balance and its beginning coincides with the Equinox, a time when day and night are of equal length. It also signifies the half-way point of the astrological year and, as often is the way when we are at a mid-point, it can make us reflective, looking back at what has happened over the last six months and when we begin to ponder how this will shape the future.

I feel this Libran message of balance is key to the reading that I have created for us. I was drawn to thinking about how difficult it can be to create a constant balance in our mind, body and spirit. Sometimes, in our everyday life, we can be in the thick of action or chaos when our mind is craving for peace and quiet. Or we may feel like we have everything sorted in our mind but we are actually ignoring our spiritual path or intuition. To find complete balance in our mind, body and spirit at the same time is the ultimate aim for all of us, but, it can feel like a never ending circuit of plate-spinning trying to keep all three from wobbling and toppling over.

For our reading I have chosen six cards, the top two are cards for our mind, the middle two for our body and the bottom two, a message for our spiritual self. Also, the cards shown on the left, signify our current situation whereas the cards on the right are a message of support and guidance from the universe. 

I hope the cards and the corresponding messages help you find balance for the weeks ahead.

Cards for our mind – Nine of Wands and Page of Swords.

I have chosen my Crystal Tarot cards by Philip Permutt, because in times of stress and meditation I always turn to my crystals for help. Crystals are a great way to feel that the universe is giving you support and people are often drawn to a particular crystal; no two people’s experiences with crystals are the same. So, if you have one to hand that seems to be calling at you during the Libra season, then pick it up and keep it in your pocket (or your bra if there is room!)

The first card for the mind shows our present position as the Nine of Wands. I feel this is suggesting that we have got to a point where we have taken on more than enough and are beginning to feel that the situations, actions, chaos or drama that is occurring in our world is starting to have a knock on effect on our mental health. 

You may feel that you are not able to “switch off” at night and thoughts are whirling around your head, or you are forever making to-do lists or mental notes of all the jobs, chores or responsibilities that are piling up around you. This is a card that has fire at the centre of it, and it has more than enough fuel to keep burning for days, but, remember, this is the card for the mind NOT the body. Do you have enough physical to keep going at this pace that your mind is demanding? Are you ignoring warning signs that you need rest? Are you finding yourself getting impatient, snappy or defensive when people offer help, advice or guidance? 

As I look at this card, my mind is taking me to an image of firefighters putting out a huge blaze in an apartment; they do not have time to make polite conversation or worry about other people’s feelings – they have an important job to do and others’ depend on them. They do an amazing job and need to be focused and devote all their energy into bringing a fire under control, but, usually, once the job is over they return to the station and rest and eventually finish their shift and let someone else take over. 

I guess what I am trying to say is, there is a time when we all need to be that person but we simply do not have enough mental capacity or the physical energy to work at that pace all the time – no one does.

If you are resonating with the idea that you are reaching a point where your mental health may be affected by the constant demands, requirements, duties or responsibilities you are carrying then the need for balance is at a critical stage for your mind.

Accompanying the Nine of Wands is the Page of Swords, which seems an excellent card to be placed in the cards relating to the mind. Swords denote our thoughts in the tarot, and Pages (as with Aces) do suggest that there is a new start. However, as I look at this Page I am reminded that he is young and wary. He is shown to be looking ahead but with his sword raised as if he is waiting for an attack.

The Page of Swords is in this reading as a card for guidance from the universe. Let us imagine that this Page has come into our lives to offer protection and support and that could play out in many ways. 

He could represent a friend or family member who you know you can count on to talk to if you need to offload or rant about situations. He could also be a younger person that offers a very different perspective on life from your own and (as many young people do) may just blurt out the truth in a very matter of fact way which suddenly seems to make life a little less stressful and a bit clearer. 

He could also be the small voice in your own head reminding you of your rights to live your life on your own terms and is becoming quite militant in his need to be heard over all the chaos that is swirling around your head at this time. 

The Page of Swords is brave, outspoken and impulsive but he is also a source of truth and stands up and fights for the right reasons – not just to add more drama to the mix but for the higher good.

I feel his message is that the weightiness of the Nine of Wands is not something that can be sustained and you have to be very true to yourself to realise what you can and can’t do moving forward. This would not take much work, just a few moments of quiet where you can ask yourself how to move forward and then listen to that Page whisper the answer.

Cards for the body – Seven of Cups and The Emperor

In the tarot, cups symbolise emotions and as we can see these seven cups are overflowing with water. I feel this is showing up in our reading to remind us that we are half way through the astrological year and as we do reflect on the six months past we will see that a huge range of emotions have been running through us during this time. Emotions affect our physical body in a very surreal way. When we fall over and graze a knee we can see the healing process in action as we watch the injury scab over and fade away. But, emotions can have such an unimaginable range of symptoms that present to us and it can be hard to even make the connection that they are the cause. 

Grief can drain our energy and bring us to a standstill, making the simple tasks of just getting out of bed and getting dressed the most difficult thing to do. Similarly when we are on the crest of a wave and feeling intensely excited about a happy event or occasion, our bodies can endure days of late nights and perhaps not so healthy eating (and drinking). Sometimes over the course of a few months if you have had to experience a range of different emotions or situations it can leave our bodies feeling all over the place. 

When we do have an incredibly emotional time, which is signified by this Seven of Cups card, the idea of being balance may seem a little ludicrous. But, our card of guidance is The Emperor and I feel he is coming in to remind us of the importance of stability during emotionally intense times. 

The Emperor is a warrior and sits proudly on his throne adorned in his armour reminding us that he is in that position because he has won many battles. He has done that by having a clear strategy, precise planning and forward thinking. He has also had an army of men to look after and realised the importance of making sure they are healthy, rested and well fed; many a battle in history has been lost because the troops were not well looked after. 

The fact that The Emperor has appeared in the guidance card for ‘the body’ feels like he is coming in to give orders to the troops – and we are the troops! Get some rest, eat your meal, organise your stations (or room, house, handbag or whatever else has fallen into a disorganised chaos at this time). 

The Emperor does not show emotions and is unlikely to be the person whose shoulder you would cry on, but, sometimes we do need that orderly, sensible person to take charge of us when we are a little bit fragile. The Emperor is the family member who visits when you are ill and suggests you get out of bed and have a shower, and then prepares you a meal and goes to get medication to help you feel better. He is also the boss who engineers a quiet chat with you to find out what is troubling you and then re-distributes some work to ease your burden until you feel back on track.

Of course, The Emperor can also be that wake-up call you have within you, realising that you are not coping or looking after yourself and that sabotaging your physical body with unhealthy practices is not a long-term strategy to success. 

The Seven of Cups is reminding us that our lives are not always straightforward and we are often dealing with multiple issues. The Emperor is agreeing this is the case but suggesting that we focus on what we can control to help our physical bodies cope. Taking more responsibility for when we eat, what we eat, when we sleep, when we relax, meditate, spend time alone or socialise are all things we can control and getting a healthy balance in all those aspects won’t stop our emotions, but, it makes us physically stronger to deal with them when they appear. 

Cards for our Spiritual Side – Five of Wands and Seven of Swords

These two cards are very similar to our top two, which suggests that whatever is going on in our minds is related to our soul’s purpose and intuitively seems like it was inevitable. 

The Five of Wands has a bigger fire than the Nine of Wands shown above. In numerology fives denote changes and uncertainty, I feel that at this time we intuitively know that things in our lives are changing and will never be the same again. Perhaps this is why there is so much on our minds whilst we are dealing with the turmoil that times of change can bring us. 

I am feeling some comfort seeing the Five of Wands in this reading situated in the cards for our spiritual side, as it is almost confirmation that, even if you are finding life difficult during this Libra season, the changes are necessary and for the highest good. 

But, changes don’t always feel good, do they? And, sometimes, when we are in the midst of changes we cannot see forward enough to work out why they might be good for us. It can feel heavy and challenging, which sums up the preceding two cards beautifully. 

I feel the Five of Wands is your intuition speaking to you, saying, “I know things are hard right now, but, you can get through it – changes are temporary and things will calm down”. Deep down I think we all know this; when we are feeling ill we know that it will pass, and when times are busy or distressing, eventually they quieten down or laughter returns to our life. The message from the Five of Wands is a reminder that you have been through difficult times before and come out the other side, and you can do this again. 

As our theme for this Libra season is balance, it is interesting to see that our card from the universe is another seven. Sevens in numerology symbolise challenging times, but also wisdom and magic – and a little wisdom and magic from the universe may find you as you pass through this season. The seven swords are also pointing up at The Emperor, almost reinforcing his message to look after yourself, but, also pointing to the Page too, whose message was to be true to yourself. 

The Seven of Swords can come into a reading when you have trust issues or are not sure of what the bigger picture is in a scenario or what other people’s intentions are. We can drive ourselves mad thinking and over-thinking about what might happen or what others are thinking or doing, but, that just wastes an awful lot of energy and does not serve us well. 

However, if we are working in line with our intuition we tend not to worry about what we cannot control or cannot possibly know. As these cards are so similar to the top two that relate to what is happening in our minds, I think this is a very important reminder to look closely at all of our thoughts and decipher whether they are there because they are our own and in line with our intuition or put there by others or by fear, uncertainty or anxiousness. 

I feel the overall message for this Libran season is that it will be a time when we are tested and challenges come to us, but, if we keep a good check on our mind and body then we will easily be able to guide ourselves thought it. 

Whatever is happening in your world, I hope that this reading helps you and offers you comfort.