Astrocards For aquarius Season

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AstroTarot: A card reading for the Aquarius Season

Below are three cards which have shown themselves for our Aquarius Season tarot reading. Take a few moments to gaze at them and choose the one that you are most drawn to.

If you scroll down, you will find the message from each card but, before you do, I wanted to share with you all the sense of hope and optimism that seem to be arriving as this new season begins. 

At the very beginning of this astrological period, we are greeted with a New Moon and with it comes a gentle and refreshing energy that seems to be encouraging us to trust and be a part of the universe again. The start of 2023 seemed uncharacteristically slow and this may have felt quite difficult to deal with. At a time when we are normally clearing out the old and ringing in the new, the need to pause may have felt unhelpful. But, as always, there was a reason and (I hope) that now all planets are beginning to move direct and the pace of life begins to move a little faster, you have had the opportunity to reflect, contemplate and gain clarity in all aspects of your life. I feel the question we all need to ask ourselves as we begin this new start is: what will we do with our new found wisdom and knowledge?

Astrological Reading Aquarius

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Astrological Reading Aquarius

Card Number One – The Lovers

The fiery red background of this card denotes the passionate energy that is being portrayed here. A woman who bears the tattoo of Cupid’s Arrow is holding her soulmate close. Their bodies and hair are entwined and it seems that these two have found each other and nothing will break them apart. 

Often, the overriding message about The Lovers card is that we have choices that need to be made. These choices often conflict between our head and our heart. But, I feel that those of you who have chosen this card have already made your choice and are preparing to move forward in the direction that you truly wish to travel in. 

If you are following your heart’s desire and you truly feel that the path you have chosen will lead you to be your true authentic self, then it would be madness to let anyone stand in your way. 

But, as I type those sentiments, I am getting a familiar tingling in my senses telling me there may just be a little more to that story. The truth is, sometimes in the heat of the moment, or when we believe passionately about something – be it a cause, relationship or lifestyle choice – our ego can take over and possibly not work for our highest good. 

So, how can we tell the difference between when our ego is in charge or our soul? Well, the ego is part of our human experience and our soul is our deep, inner knowing and the part of us that has all the answers. In short, the soul always takes the right path, the human sometimes doesn’t!

I feel that this card is coming in to ask you to just double check once more that the path you are planning to take is absolutely right. Your intuition will guide you – as it is never wrong. It is the quiet voice that whispers to you when you have choices to make. Whereas your ego is the loud shouty voice that stems from pride, fear or a sub-conscious desire to keep to the same old patterns of behaviour that we are used to. Which one is guiding you right now?

Think back to the times when you have ignored that quiet, intuitive voice and found yourself lost (either physically or metaphorically) or the times when you have scolded yourself for going against your gut instinct. (“I KNEW I should/shouldn’t have done that!”). Sound familiar?

The reason this is important as we start the Aquarius Season, is because we are being urged to stop making the same mistakes over and over again and move forward on to bigger and better things. Our intuition makes us grow and moves us to where we can flourish and feel complete. Our ego keeps us small and in situations we are used to – whether we like those situations or not. 

When I take a final look at these two Lovers, I feel like they have found each other after years of searching. There are not many of us who find our soulmate first time round, and we have often let our ego keep us in relationships or situations that, with the benefit of hindsight, were no good for us. Perhaps these two are looking so content with each other because they can feel that this time it is different and have the wisdom and understanding to know that is a good place to be.

If that is truly how you are feeling right now then you know you are on the right path, but, if you are sensing your intuition is steering you elsewhere, it possibly wouldn’t hurt to look at other options that you may have discounted previously.

Card Two – The King of Wands

This is the only card, out of the three that have appeared, which is not a Major Arcana card. However, I do not want you to feel that you are missing out because the King of Wands is one of the most powerful cards in the pack. 

Wands denote action in the tarot, yet, our King in this tarot pack is standing perfectly still. Even so, he looks like he is in charge and I get a sense that if you came across the lion which stands in the background, and this man was accompanying you, you would feel safe and comforted that he was there.

I feel this King of Wands has come in now to provide some much needed protection and support. I feel the lion represents a fear of someone or something and the King is standing staring intently at you, giving you the motivational talk that you need to face whatever it is you need to face.

Sometimes, the court cards appear to encourage us to take on the characteristics that they portray. The King of Wands is not a show off;  he stands in casual clothes and only the crown blazing on top of the wands hints at his stateliness. He commands an audience with us and is someone who understands how to get things done. He is not rushing about needlessly and, perhaps out of sight, there are a number of people who he is delegating to who will help him fulfil his goals. He is not scared. He is authoritative. He is brave. He communicates well, and is not afraid of a confrontation, as he handles his adversaries with firmness and inner strength.

Does this sound like you? Or if not, does it sound like the person you need to be right now? Either way, I feel the lion is reminding you that it is time to face your fear and the King is reminding you that you are perfectly capable of doing so. 

One thing this King does not like is to stand still for too long. As I mentioned above in the collective message, the last few months of retrograde energy may have seen us be slower than usual. If you have chosen this card, perhaps you are feeling as if you are completely at a standstill or experiencing obstacles that are preventing you from moving on. If this is the case, the change in energy is here now to help you push past this current impasse. 

I feel the burning desire of the wand energy as I write this, which feels like a need to be in control of your own life. For this to happen, it may need an almighty shift in your circumstances. But, it will be worth it. 

The King is reminding me that he had to work hard to get where he is, but, if he can do it, then so can you!

At the very start of this Aquarius season we are greeted by the first New Moon of 2023. This is an excellent time for you to send out intentions of what you want to achieve or manifest in your life. Of course, everything we desire takes hard work and determination and you will meet the odd “lion” on your path – but, they are not there to stop you getting where you want to be. They are there to remind you how strong and capable you are at facing difficult challenges. 

To have a King as your card does suggest that you have already done so well to get to where you are, and if you have been reflecting over the last year, you may have already realised that. But, now is the time to take everything you have learned, embrace the person you have become and move forward with you head held high in the majestic fashion of a leader, just like your regal companion. 

Go for it!

Card number Three – The Fool

I said above, in the collective message, that I felt the energy has shifted as we have moved into Aquarius season and with that shift, has come a feeling of new beginnings. Well, nothing symbolises new beginnings quite like The Fool card. In fact, I get a funny feeling that, for those of you who chose this card, you will laugh when you see this is your card and completely understand why you have been given this message.

In fact, I am smiling as I write this for you, because I can feel the exciting energy of anticipation that comes with it. I get the sense that you are more than ready for a new chapter of your life, a new opportunity or the world to see the new version of you. 

This lady who is shown as The Fool holds her wand in her hand, which signifies her ability to manifest whatever she desires. But, unlike other packs, this tarot card sees The Fool holding and amethyst crystal in her other hand. I feel that this is relevant for you as it shows how much time you have invested in healing yourself and ridding yourself of the baggage that you have been carrying around for far too long. I also feel it signifies a deeper understanding of your own soul, or perhaps a new curiosity about the spiritual, magical world that is around you. The Fool embodies that childlike curiosity we all have to wonder, explore and imagine. 

I am particularly drawn to the crystal as it seems The Fool is holding it and leaning back towards the water, blissfully unaware that below her is a crystal grid that seems as if it was created just for her. There is a sense of Divine Timing here, as if the universe is watching out for you and making sure that whatever you leap into, they will make sure you land in exactly the right spot. 

Sensing synchronicities, coincidences and messages from spirit or loved ones seems especially relevant for you right now. These are giving you the confirmation that you are right to embrace this free-spirited approach to life. And, if others think you are foolish or wouldn’t take the same path, that’s ok! We are all here to carry out our own, unique soul’s journey – take no notice of the doubters, haters or mood-hoovers. Live your life, the way you want to. 

But, I have a feeling that you don’t need to be told that anymore, because the joy and excitement that is being heralded here, is drowning out anyone who doesn’t like it. 

The Fool symbolises freedom and I love seeing this woman breathing in the air and knowing that she is the creator of her own destiny. 

This has been a long time coming, but, your time is now. Enjoy it.