Astrocards For sagittarius Season

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AstroTarot: A card reading for the Sagittarius Season

For this month’s astro-tarot reading, I thought I would do a “pick a card” reading. I feel very strongly that this Sagittarius season is going to put us all in a place where we are offered excitement and adventure and, after all the intense energy that we worked through during the Scorpio/Eclipse season, I would go as far to say that we deserve it!

Strictly speaking this is not a tarot card reading, but, an energy card reading. So look at the three cards that are presented to you and pick whichever one seems to be connecting with you or calling to you in some way. Then, scroll down for your message. 

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Sagittarius Season

Card number one – Adjacent possibilities

There is a familiar saying, “As one door closes, another one opens”. But, this card seems to contradict that statement as nearly all the doors here are opening for you. In fact only one door is closed which is a small green door on the right and I feel that this is signifying the place that you have come from (green is often symbolised as the colour of transformation). That door has been firmly closed, shutting out all that no longer serves you and you have bought with you all that is needed for the next part of this journey.

The picture places us in a corridor which seems to me as if it is giving the message of needing to wait for a moment and ponder different options. When new opportunities are presented to us, there is always the risk that we will take the option that repeats an old cycle and it is important to recognise when making choices whether we are doing them to enhance our life and grow or whether our fear or ego are pushing us to make the same old mistakes. 

Throughout the whole of the Sagittarius season we will be experiencing Mars Retrograde. I feel the energy associated with this retrograde is present in this card and the idea of slowing down or being stopped in some way before we make a choice or move on to the next part of our life seems poignant. Perhaps this will mean that during this time you will not be ready to pass through any of these doors and start something new and, if that is the case, then allow yourself the freedom and enjoyment that comes with having a little bit of respite. You may feel that this is the perfect time to start planning your adventures for 2023, or perhaps the doors represent visiting lots of friends and relatives that you haven’t seen for a while because you were too busy beforehand. 

What I am particularly warmed by in this card is the fact that every door (except the shut one) has a bright white light shining out of it. It seems that every opportunity has a gift to offer and none of them seem to be warning of danger. At the beginning of Sagittarius season, Jupiter will be stationing direct in Pisces and with it will bring the feelings of optimism, excitement and a little bit of good luck. Sometimes we have a feeling in our gut that whatever we do, everything will turn out OK and I feel that this message is relevant as I look at this card for you. 

So whichever direction you go in and whenever you decide to go there it seems that it will be a positive step in the right direction and an exciting new adventure awaits!

Card number two – Journey

If you chose card number two, this is Journey and I felt, at first, that its’ message was very similar to card number one as they both fill me with a sense of new starts, adventure and opportunities. The one main difference between them is the contrast of light and dark; the Journey card is taking place at night with only the white light of the stars to guide this lady on her way. There is no moon in this picture, and I feel this ties in with the New Moon that appears within the first day of us moving into Sagittarius season, so I sense that you will not be waiting around long before the messages in this card begin to resonate with you. 

The New Moon in Sagittarius is bringing with it a sense of rejuvenation and has a much lighter feel that the Eclipse energy that we have been wading through for the last few weeks. This may feel like a breath of fresh air as we start to realise how much we have overcome to be at this point of our lives. This often makes us think how we certainly wouldn’t wish to go through ‘all that’ again, and as I look at the lady on the bridge who is looking back to where she has travelled from, I can feel the warmth of the golden light that is surrounding her and the sense that she should have no fear about walking onwards in whichever direction she chooses. 

The signpost gives three options, they read; Curious Town, Cross Roads or Scenic Route. We do not know which one she is choosing and each one gives a very different picture of what she may encounter. But, I don’t feel the message about this card is to worry about the destination – the key message here is to journey on. 

Everything in our life is temporary and we are never meant to stay in one place for ever. We are here to experience human life and all that is has to offer. This card is not saying there is a wrong way or right way to travel and I get the impression that the person in this card is not particularly bothered about where she ends up. She seems very equipped for her adventure as she certainly hasn’t packed lightly, but, this suggests that she is a sensible person who is prepared for anything (and there is nothing wrong with packing a little extra for emergencies!)

I feel the number of this card is relevant, number two always suggests duality and this lady’s momentary pause is a good indication of this. There may be times in the darkness of night when we challenge our new ideas or decisions and begin to doubt ourselves. As we move through Sagittarius season we will certainly be challenged in this way as Mars Retrograde will be making its presence felt – especially around the time of the full moon on the 7th. If this begins to resonate with you throughout the next few weeks, remember to trust your instincts and do not be swayed to go in the direction that someone else is forcing upon you. 

Sometimes that hardest part of a journey is taking the first step and, if you have picked this card, you may certainly resonate with this but keep looking out for the signposts as they will lead you in the right direction.

Card number three – Angel of Love

If you have chosen this card then it seems that love will be at the centre of your Sagittarius season. This angel is staring intently at a heart which looks as it if is made of rose quartz with its tinged pink appearance. 

It is not always easy to put your heart on show, especially if you have experienced times when you have been hurt, rejected or ridiculed for showing love in some way. But everyone deserves to love, and be loved, and I feel that this is the gift that you have been offered as a result of all the intense inner work that you have gone through during the last few months. 

The Eclipse/Scorpio season gave us the opportunity to completely transform our live and, in order to do that, we had to strip back layers of learned behaviour, karmic cycles and unnecessary baggage that have covered our heart and stopped it from working/feeling properly. Dealing with our ‘issues’ is the kindest, most loving thing that you can do for yourself and is the first step in freeing our heart so it can move forward with lightness and purity to enhance our life and connect with others.

I feel that this angel wants to congratulate you on giving your heart the freedom it so richly deserves. And, I feel the angel’s message is to keep nurturing and loving yourself as this will elevate you to a much higher vibration than you have ever experienced before. 

This Sagittarius season is an opportunity to celebrate, and brings with it some joyful and positive energy and with Jupiter stationing direct, at the start of the season, there is an abundant energy in the around too. These can be enjoyed by you in a way that you may have never done so before as you are now in a place where you can enjoy life and find love in everything you do. 

As you move through the Sagittarius season I feel the message is to put focus on love in every aspect of your life; connect with people who make you happy, emerge yourself in pursuits that bring out the best in you; allow yourself time to indulge in self-care activities that make you feel special and (dare I say it), perhaps there might be a bit of holiday season love and passion for you to enjoy too!

Overall, I feel this is an incredibly optimistic card, reminding you that you have finally realised who you really are but, more importantly, have a new respect and admiration for yourself which will radiate from your heart chakra for the world to see. When you are working from this authentic, heart centred space you attract people in your life who hold the same values. So, if you start to notice people coming into your life or being attracted to new people it may be this new loving, vibration energy working its magic. So have fun with it and know you deserve it!