April 2021

Crystal of the month

Citrine and Sodalite

Crystals of the Month

April 2021

Citrine and Sodalite

Citrine is a perfect stone to work with to banish all sluggishness and apathy. It imparts vibrancy, positivity and will raise your enthusiasm to a higher level
Citrine, being yellow, aligns with the solar plexus chakra, placing a citrine crystal in this area (just under your rib cage as a guideline) can help stimulate your inner strength giving a much needed lift to your self-esteem and confidence.

For the first part of April we are working with the fiery and motivational energy of the sun being in Aries and what better crystal to accompany this energy than Citrine. For most of April there are no planets in retrograde (Pluto begins its’ retrograde on the 27th of the month), consequently we are being guided to work with the energy of the planets and move ourselves forward.

If you are already feeling this purposeful energy, you may already know where you are heading or are putting plans in motion to move forward with your life. If this is the case, you may wish to use citrine to help attract wealth and abundance in your life. Placing it in the far left corner of your home, which is the wealth corner, is said to attract these qualities. Alternatively, if you are feeling a little held back or blocked why not try sleeping with a citrine crystal under your pillow for the first part of the month? You may find, over time, you begin to gain the clarity you seek and intuitively see how you can overcome any challenges that you previously felt you were faced with?

One of the qualities that I love about citrine is its affiliation with success. Success does not necessarily mean fame and fortune; we can all find success in a variety of different ways within our lives. Sadly, as humans we can be enormously hard on ourselves and often like to focus on our failures. Citrine can remind us to acknowledge and celebrate our successes. April is bringing us energy that is encouraging us to dream and aspire to our goals. But, even if it feels like your goals are a long way in the distance, we shouldn’t forget that we will have many small, yet significant, successes along the way. Why not hold citrine in your non-writing hand whilst you write yourself a commendation for everything you have achieved to get where you are? It may inspire you to keep going.

Taurus season begins on 19th April, and with it the earthly, methodical energy will be a much welcomed slowing down of our fast-paced world which we have experienced in the previous weeks. The second crystal I have chosen to accompany the second part of the month is Sodalite.

Sometimes in life when we have been working so hard within a period of fast-moving energy, we need a little time for our minds and bodies to catch up and deal with how far we have travelled.

Sodalite is a calming stone, it helps deal with emotional balance and assists in helping us come to turn with our present position. It is inevitable when we have a period of moving forward, we eventually reflect on what we have left behind. As we reach the Scorpio Full Moon towards the end of the month (26th or 27th depending on your time zone), this may well be highlighted and could be a highly charged emotional time. As with all full moons, this is always a time for us to accept what no longer serves us and let go. Keeping Sodalite with you during this period will help if this is difficult for you to do.

Sodalite is also an excellent crystal for tapping into your authentic self, finding your truth and standing up for what you believe in. Being a blue stone, it is excellent for work on your throat chakra, which is linked to our communication. Try to find the time towards the end of this month to meditate with this stone and it may enhance your ability to communicate to others or be the catalyst to seeing any learned behaviour or conditioning you have experienced that has previously stopped you from progressing either mentally, physically or spiritually.

As your work with this crystal you may also be drawn to writing about key events that have occurred through the month and detailing any awakenings or ‘lightbulb’ moments you have had. This may be a good exercise as these inspirational moments may be revisited towards the end of the calendar year.
Whatever is happening in your month, I hope working with these crystals will give you much joy, abundance, clarity and calmness.

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