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Three of Swords and the Page of Cups

Do you ever argue with yourself? I think we all do it a lot more than we admit to. We allow ourselves to daydream about places we would like to go, or things we would like to change in our lives. We muse about the perfect job, the perfect partner or improving the relationships we already have. And whilst we are daydreaming about this most idyllic world that we have created for ourselves our heart is full of happiness and hope. And then the argument starts…because then our mind takes over and begins to logically (and sometimes cruelly) explain why these dreams will only ever be dreams and gives us a million reasons why we are being stupid, illogical, impractical or completely delusional. 

The two cards we have this week feel like an pictorial example of those conversations. The Page of Cups is a dreamer.He is young and naïve, but those qualities shouldn’t be mocked as along with them come hope, positivity and a world full of possibilities. 

In contrast to him, the Three of Swords signifies the mind and the harsh truths we are often subjected to which make us realise that life can sometimes be very challenging and disappointing. This card teaches us that we have lots to learn and overcome if we want to improve our lives, and can often appear when we are at our lowest ebb and not sure what to do next. Hence, sometimes being more of a hindrance than a help.

This unlikely pairing gives us an example of the eternal optimist and the pessimistic realist and much like our own mind and heart they cannot achieve anything of value if they continue to argue between themselves at what can and can’t be done. 

So, how can they help? Because I truly believe that the cards come out for the higher good and are not just here to confirm that we spend an awful lot of time in turmoil as we wrestle with our heart’s desires and the difficulties of human life. 

As I write this article I am looking at the pictures for inspiration and a story is forming in my mind. What if the Page of Cups does have some wonderful, inspirational ideas about how he wants his life to be, but, is aware that his dreamy, idealistic mind set is lacking in the practical details and consequently is asking for help? If this was the case, who better to call upon than someone with completely different characteristics than his own?

It is true that the Three of Swords can turn up when we are hurt or disillusioned, but is there to help us face the grim reality that sometimes our life doesn’t go as planned, yet, we have to keep our minds strong and determined to think of a way out of any given situation. Threes signify growth and when we face adversity or times when we feel we need to make changes, our minds have to be resilient to help us take the first step forward. 

You may notice that each of these cards is offering a gift. The Three of Swords, in this beautiful Crystal Tarot pack by Philip Permutt, has the crystal Pyrite pictured in it. Pyrite is also known as Fool’s Gold – but this card is not focusing on the disappointment that so many have felt by finding it when they were actually mining for real gold. It is highlighting that Pyrite has its own unique qualities; it is good at offering protection from negative energy, can help enhance the memory and our willpower and help change thoughts and behaviour bringing inspiration when needed.

The Page of Cups is carrying a fish in his cup, which is to symbolise his connection to the astrological sign of Pisces. But, also as a spirit animal the fish symbolises a time to dive deep into your sub conscious and awaken your conscious mind to your soul’s path. As fish move through the water keeping safe from strong currents or predators, they often have to rely on their instincts and intuition and this fish emblem is encouraging us to use (our often underused) sixth sense to do the same as we navigate our own hazardous world. 

By combining these two gifts the Three of Swords and Page of Cups are showing us what a mighty and powerful collaboration they can be if they combine their positive qualities. They do not need to be at odds and neither do we within our own hearts and minds. 

This week’s message shows us the power we can bring to our lives if we allow ourselves to follow our instincts and intuition and train our minds to use inspiration and positivity to find a way to make our dreams and perfect scenarios a reality. 

When our mind dismisses our dreams and aspirations, the only person this has a negative impact on is us. So, the next time your mind and heart are gearing up for a quarrel, remember only you have the power to stop it happening and by working together they can make your world the magical place that you would like it to be. 

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