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Eight of Wands and Temperance

We have a spectacular amount of planetary activity this week; a Full Moon in Virgo, Saturn moving into Pisces and Jupiter is conjunct with Chiron – the wounded healer. I won’t go into too much detail about the astrology aspects here, only to say that our tarot cards have reflected the culmination of these big events in the most beautiful, and relevant, art work. 

Firstly, I feel the Eight of Wands looks very much like eight magicians have pointed their wands in the same direction and have created the most amazing ball of light energy. I feel this is summing up the energy that is running – not just through this week – but through the whole of March. This month will be a catalyst for the next stage of our lives and the Eight of Wands is suggesting that it is going to start with a very large BANG! 

I feel this will come in the form of something that will be impossible to ignore, some visions in my mind are a huge announcement; a celebration of some kind that triggers more joyous events; a change in jobs or new opportunity being offered; an A-HA moment (not the Morton Harkett kind!) which will lift confusion and doubt from your mind and show you the way forward or finally receiving information, paperwork or consent to either begin or finalise a project or aspect of your life. 

Don’t underestimate how BIG this will be and where it will lead you. However, with BIG changes, announcements or awakenings can come a huge feeling of overwhelm and I feel that is why Temperance has come in; to remind us that self-care is an absolute priority at this time. 

Temperance is a Major Arcana card, it is number fourteen and follows (obviously!) number thirteen – the Death Card. I feel this card has come in to say that you are now at the beginning of a next stage of your life. And it is ok to take a breath and give yourself time to get your head around that before you leap into action. 

Temperance is the relaxed, polar opposite of the Eight of Wands card which symbolises movement, action and a fast-paced way of life. The cautionary tale of the Eight of Wands is that you can get caught up in the energy that it is generating and can become exhausted and burnt out. Have you ever been so excited or busy that you have forgotten to eat? Have you found it difficult to sleep because your mind is racing about all the things to do the following day? Temperance is reminding us that we have to take care of ourselves – so please don’t forget yourself at this time. This beautiful angel has both the sun and moon in his hands and the bright white light that is seen above his head seems to keep him balanced and in control of his mind, body and spirit at all times throughout the day and night. This is where we also need to be.

There is a strong element of healing within these cards and I feel that towards the end of this week, we will all be able to feel better in some way. This can often manifest in odd ways, so if you suddenly come down with a cold or get an overwhelming urge to take a nap or change your diet then just listen to your body’s needs and do whatever you need to do to nurture yourself. Because our mind and soul cannot evolve and move on if our body is not up to the task.

Your mind, body and soul seem to be getting a full cleansing this week and that is paving the way for more positive, healing energy which will be nothing short of life changing. I hope that just reading about this is giving you an uplifting feeling – which is just a glimpse of what is to come. 

On a personal note, this week feels especially important for me as the 6th March is my son’s 16th birthday. These cards are reminding me that years go by very fast and you have to embrace and appreciate every one of them. 

However these cards resonate with you, remember this energy is coming in to shake our lives in a huge, but positive, way. And, I look forward to seeing what happens next for all of us. 

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