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Eight of Wands, Four of pentacles and The Garden and the Gate

My mind was catapulted back to my school days when I was staring at these cards waiting for the messages and inspiration to come for this week’s reading. 

The Eight of Wands reminded me of one very fun lunchtime at my secondary school when a group of ‘cool’ boys decided to start a stampede in our school grounds. They shouted “Quick everyone” and ran in a large group around the school buildings. Excitedly, children joined them – not knowing where they were going or what they were running to, but it generated such a furore of activity and sense of adventure that within ten minutes the whole school were following them (until the head teacher rang the bell and made everyone finish their lunch break early!)

The sense of togetherness and movement in this card reminded me of that day over thirty years ago.  The words “time to move” came into my head as I looked at the magical unicorns galloping down the mountainside and into the unknown. I feel a sense of ease when I see this stampede though; at the back a mother and baby unicorn are following, which makes me feel this is a safe journey. Their white, muscular bodies symbolise a purity of spirit and unconscious knowing it is the right way to go. 

Which is why it surprised me when I then picked the Four of Pentacles, which seemed to stop the adventure in it’s’ tracks. The four of pentacles can often be seen as a negative card because the man seems to be holding on too tightly to what he has. But, in this reading I felt the feeling of safety and was drawn to the two pentacles that he has secured under his feet. 

Again, an image of my childhood came to my mind and I was reminded of playing rounders (which for those of you who don’t know is similar to baseball. Girls used to be taught to play it at school in the summer, whilst boys learned cricket – oh, how times have changed!)

The two pentacles reminded me of the bases that would be the places of safety that you would cling to whilst trying to get ‘home’ to fourth base and return to your team mates securing a point along the way. 

Whether you had managed to hit the ball or not, you had to run. It was not a choice, you just had to go for it – a bit like our stampeding unicorns each player had to follow the same path and keep moving. Of course, there were some that would hit the ball far and wide and manage a gentle jog around the pitch in one complete run, but inevitably, the girls who hung at the back of the queue that did not enjoy physical education, would find themselves desperately darting to the base one at a time and slowly and self-consciously scrabbling back to the safety of ‘home’.

These two cards combined are a reminder that our lives can be like a rounders game. Sometimes we have to move on and keep going, we have to just go with the energy that is forcing us to continue on our path and trust that we are being led to a place of safety. Sometimes we are lucky to get an easy home run and other times the journey is a little disjointed and perilous. But there are always places of safety along the way if we need them. 

As we have moved into July, I have felt a shift in energy and you may find opportunities become available to you to begin a new adventure, to change direction or to move on either physically or on a mental or spiritual level. You may feel a sense of urgency within to be brave and take the next step with something that has been causing you a little worry or fear. 

I feel our message is that we will always find safe bases to pause in life. We may not always manage to get everything done in one go, it may be a slower process. But, we can only get a step closer to where we want to be if we take that step in the first place.

I wanted to make absolutely sure that I had received this message from my guides correctly and I picked up my energy cards and shuffled them (they have lay dormant for a little while too, so obviously also felt like they needed to move!)

The card that came out was The Garden and The Gate, which compliments this message beautifully.  

The little girl is looking nervously at the open fields that are beyond her own safe space. The gate she needs to walk through is locked, but, the key is around her neck. Have a look at this girl and take a moment to think what your advice to her would be.

Would you encourage her to open the gate and go exploring? Or do you feel she is right to be cautious about going into the unknown? How you answer may well reflect on your own situation or feelings and may surprise you or enlighten you.But, I feel the overall message here is to not fear moving on. After all, a herd of magical unicorns can’t be wrong, can they?

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