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Seven of Swords and Queen of Wands

The character in the Seven of Swords crouches down in this harsh, unforgiving landscape. He looks into the distance with an expression on his face that is hard to read. In his left hand a sword is held outright and ready to attack, whilst in his right hand he clutches another – as if he has managed to successfully wrestle it from someone else’s hand. Above crows circle him and their ca-cawing is breaking his concentration, he wonders if they are trying to tell him something – perhaps a warning or are they mocking him, he isn’t sure. His ability to communicate seems stifled.

Meanwhile far away in a different part of the world a woman stands tall and proud, she instinctively knows that her place in the world is important and valued. An eagle soars above her head and acts as her lookout, seeing far into the distance –with this excellent partnership, the Queen knows what is ahead of her and is equipped to deal with anything that comes her way. The Queen, like the lioness who sits beside her, successfully manages to take care of her family and does it with ease. She is the symbol of multi-tasking, capability and confidence and, as the sun sets behind the mountains, she is aware that she has achieved so much and can now take time to indulge in her passions.  

These are the stories I have given to these two cards, but, the message that accompanied them was “aspects of the same person”. This message drew me to imagine the Seven of Swords as the shadow side of the Queen, which is hidden from other people. In fact, it is the shadow side of all of us, as we do our best to project the image of confidence and competence seen in the Queen of Wands, whilst we wrestle with our inner demons of self-doubt and insecurity and get caught up in the negative pursuit of other people’s good opinions or catastrophizing about the future.

I can certainly resonate with this. A few days ago, I began to feel as if dark clouds were accumulating in my mind, just like those shown in the Seven of Swords. Thanks to my hormones kicking in and a large helping of PMT, I began to feel angry, anxious and annoyed at everything and everyone. Usually, I would recognise myself as the Queen of Wands, I have the ability to cram a ridiculous amount of work, chores, hobbies and organising into the average day and often go to bed feeling a little burnt out, but, proud of my achievements. However, my body’s cycle often gets the better of me and, as I mentally did the maths of when I would experience the next bout of PMT, I quickly came to the conclusion (and proclaimed to my partner) that we might as well cancel Christmas as I was likely to feel awful on that day too and I was going to ruin it for everyone! This is the Seven of Swords working at its best, and I can almost feel the Queen of Wands rolling her eyes and, suddenly organising a contingency plan to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The point of me sharing my own experience is that we all have moments, hours, days or weeks where we feel the darkness closing in around us. There are themes in the Seven of Swords of misguided loyalty, trust issues and deep suspicion. And, although this can often mean against other people, it can also be the theme of not trusting ourselves. We can think the very worst of ourselves and believe it whole-heartedly and this spirals into the negative thinking that brings us to believe the worst case scenarios are the only likely outcome I our lives. 

I am pleased to say once I had slept on the idea that I was going to kill Christmas with my hormones; I awoke to find the Queen of Wands very much in charge. I went for a run (which is my go-to activity to clear my low moods), had a shower and gave myself a good talking too. 

I realised that I was being ever-so-slightly over dramatic and allowing my mood to dictate future events. Have you ever done that? If you have, then know that it is perfectly normal and we all do it. However, also know that we have within us the incredible ability to overcome low moods and, once we manage it, we can achieve – perhaps even excel – at life and everything that it throws at us. 

Sometimes being human isn’t easy, when my hormones get me down, I can often be found wandering about the house, eating chocolate, muttering to myself that ‘life is too hard.’ And, I don’t think I am wrong, because sometimes it is. But, there are also times when it isn’t too hard, and it is exciting, fun, fulfilling and packed full of laughter and adventure. 

As we move towards Christmas, people can experience mixed emotions and these two cards seem to sum that up perfectly. We may feel deeply wary of attending a particular gathering but, on the other hand, you may be planning a spectacular event with a different set of people that is bringing you joy. It may surprise you how your moods, thoughts and actions vary and could be a wake-up call to change parts of your life where you feel the dark clouds descend upon you, or to try something differently which will stop those situations occurring so frequently. Or, like me, you may just need to accept that the dark clouds float in and float out occasionally but they are temporary and soon you will return to your warm, sociable and confident self.

However these cards resonate with you, I am sending you love, light and virtual hugs and reminding you that even the most awesome Queen of Wands deserves a day off now and then!