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Ace of Pentacles, The Fool and the Page of Pentacles

I don’t usually pick three cards for these weekly tarot articles, but, today I felt an overwhelming urge to put an extra card to this story and I immediately saw why.

The Fool card is nestled between two pentacle cards, which both have a similar message of great potential in the offering. But, seeing the Ace of pentacles planted safely in the ground and ready to start sprouting roots, seemed a big contrast to the pentacle being held in the hands of the thoughtful young page. 

The differences reminded me that I had bought some sunflower seeds back in January and it was now time to plant them, but in the upheaval of my house renovations I had forgotten all about them. My idea, which I had a few months ago, was to plant them in a propagator, transfer them outside once the last of the spring frost has gone and by August have beautiful, giant sunflowers  climbing up a previously neglected and unloved brick wall. These two cards remind me of the two outcomes that we all have when we have an initial idea or thought for how we would like our future to be. If I invest some time and go looking for those seeds and get them planted (as planned), then in a few months they should provide the stunning display that I’d hoped for. But, if I keep the idea in my head, get side-tracked again, or don’t set aside the time to do the necessary work, then in the midst of summer I will be just like this Page, holding nothing but a packet of seeds in my hand, dreaming of what could have been.

This week, and the next few weeks to follow, is a time when we are being urged to move forward and start investing time in our plans  – it’s time to work on our ideas and start making them something tangible, even if we won’t see the benefit for months to come. 

The universe is giving us new starts, adventures, opportunities and the right conditions (as all planets are moving forwards and not in retrograde urging us to do the same). We are all being allowed to tap into the energy of The Fool, but what we do with that energy is up to us. The Fool is standing on the edge of a cliff to who knows where, it takes an enormous leap of faith to take the next step. Being put in this position certainly brings up many dilemmas of what may or may not happen if we act or do not act. But, I feel the message for us is to think ahead to the future and imagine how you want it to be. Simply put, do you want the stunning display of sunflowers or the packet of seeds? 

At this stage we cannot possible know what our situation will be in six months’ time, but, we can imagine, plan, invest our energy and time, and work hard to build our futures in the way that we want. The universe has taken us as far as it can – hence why we are now standing at the precipice. But the rest is very much up to us. 

Now…where did I leave those seeds?

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