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The Thinking Woman, Five of Swords and the Two of Wands

Thinking is something we all do every day. Our thoughts can spiral our minds into the most random future scenarios or catapult us back to the past to relive events with fondness or regret. Our thoughts can inspire us to take action or frighten us into a retreat. Thinking can be an incredibly powerful activity, yet thoughts pass through our head from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep and, ironically, we do not give much thought to how they are affecting us.

When I picked the energy card The Thinking Woman I was struck by her expression. She is staring ahead but not particularly focused on anything, it seems her mind is taking her attention away from the present. Maybe the fiction book she holds in her hand has transported her to a fantasy world that she is enjoying being part of? Or, perhaps, she is reading a self-help book and the significance of the chapter she is following has resonated with her and helping her to understand herself a little more?

Whatever is going on in her mind she is taking the time to process it. Her surroundings seem the perfect place to do this as she blends in perfectly with the tranquil green-grey background. The location seems undisturbed and an ideal place to spend time with one’s thoughts. A little butterfly is trying to get her attention, a reminder that transformation is possible at every opportunity.

It is interesting that the second card I picked was the Five of Swords. Swords are linked to the mind and our thoughts too. The number five signifies changes but in this version of the tarot the swords are all pointing in an orderly fashion upwards. The sky is a bright and an encouraging shade of blue and the few wispy clouds that float by suggests a cool breeze to keep the atmosphere fresh and clear.

The connection of these two cards feels to me a reminder that we all have an amazing mind and now is the time to connect with it. How much of your day is spent calmly processing your own thoughts? Do you give yourself time to meditate or let your mind switch off by reading a book or going for a walk? Would you say you are using your mind well? Or are you spending large amounts of time feeling bored or unfulfilled? What stimulates your brain and do you find time the time to make sure you incorporate that in your life?

We carry our thoughts around with us everywhere we go – they are our constant companion. But we can choose what type of companion they can be. We can allow them to be a friendly, helpful, encouraging companion that inspires us to be the best version of ourselves or they can easily become a negative, energy-sapping, disagreeable companion who spends their time finding fault and making us miserable.

In short, the message from these first two cards is asking us to put our thoughts in order and begin to question ourselves if our thoughts are not helping us seek fulfilment, achieve our personal goals or find happiness or peace. Which leads us to the question of why now?

The Two of Wands is the last card of this story, and I feel it is separate from the other two cards as it represents our current situation whereas the first two represent our inner self. This person in this card who is looking out over the horizon does have a companion. A friendly dragon who seems keen to let the person jump on his back and take him to anywhere he wants to go. The dragon holds the world in his tail, reminding us that there are no limits to what we can achieve. But the person has not quite taken up the offer of a dragon ride just yet. It seems that he has got to a point where he needs to think before he moves forward. 

There certainly seems like obstacles in his way; the vast lake and treacherous mountains are his first concern. If you were in his position, what would you do? Does his situation fill you with fear or excitement? Are you yearning for him to go somewhere new or wishing he would go back to the safety of his home? Are you seeing the dragon as a friend or an enemy not to be trusted?

As you become your own version of The Thinking Woman and allow your mind to explore the possibilities, take notice of where your thoughts send you and challenge them if they are not the helpful companion that you deserve.

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