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The High Priestess and the Six of Swords

I don’t mind sharing with you, that I was more than happy to say ‘Goodbye’, to the month of March as it was one of the most hectic, intense, emotionally draining months I’ve had in recent years (and given the recent years we have had, that really is saying something!). It certainly had some enjoyable moments but, was largely full of chaos, stress and upheavals too.

But, I have noticed in recent articles written by other tarot readers and astrologers that I was not alone and, reminded that we were promised March would bring forward moving energy as all planets were direct and encouraging us to put behind us what is no longer in our best interests and embrace the chance to rise to a higher consciousness.

So, if you are also feeling a little exhausted by recent events then take comfort in the fact that you are not alone, and that we were in fact being guided to the month of April with the promise of new energies and opportunities being made available.
Whenever this is the case, I see it resonate in our weekly tarot reading with the appearance of a Major Arcana card and this week is no exception. The High Priestess has emerged from the underworld (as she does every spring) to give us comfort. I feel her message is one of gentleness and compassion and she is here to remind us that it is OK to take time to process all that has happened. There also seems to be a message of self-care here too and a suggestion we make sure we are OK with all that has been revealed or realised over a very powerful few weeks and make time to redress any imbalances in our mind, body and spirit.
Taking time to process events, revelations and emotions can help us gain an understanding of ourselves and the lessons we have learned before moving on to the next chapter of our lives. The High Priestess moves in harmony with the cycles of the moon and instinctively knows when it is time to manifest ideas or to let emotions go. She does this by listening to her intuition and having a deep knowing of what needs to be done to enhance her energy and work in partnership with her soul.

We humans, however, are not always as adept at doing this, as you can see in the second tarot card the Six of Swords. This card shows a woman and child huddled together on a boat being moved to a new destination which promises to have calmer waters than the turbulent ripples that we can see in the bottom right of this picture. A boatman is silently moving them onwards which gives a feeling that they are being looked after and kept safe however, also in the boat are six swords which are stabbed into the hull. If these swords are taken out of the boat it will sink so, for now, the swords have to accompany them so they can reach land safely.

These swords represent the baggage that we often carry with us in our minds. The thoughts and memories which we refuse to let go off – even though they cause us much pain and anguish. These characters have a choice when they reach the safety of land. Once they are on firm terrain the swords have lost their menacing significance and are no longer a threat to their wellbeing. The characters can simply walk away, but, there is always a chance that they will decide to take the swords out of the boat and keep them. Does that sound like a sensible option to you? If you were aware that these swords represented mental cruelty, manipulation, anxiety, overthinking, depression and low moods and all the negativity that can be created in our minds, what would you suggest this lady does?

How you react to this question may well resonate with your own situation and how you wish to start this new month. It also ties in nicely with why The High Priestess has turned up today too. She is here to remind us all that we carry scars, trauma or memories that can stop us from being who we really are or want to be. But, once we are given a safe space to unload them, we can allow ourselves to be free and carry on our life journey unburdened.