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Your cards for the week commencing 31 May 2021

The Emperor and the Four of Swords (with The Star making a guest appearance)

The Star joins us again this week, to remind us that we have some pretty big energy in the universe at the moment. It was not my intention to pick a third card – in fact I didn’t. I shuffled one pack and picked The Emperor then shuffled my Rider Waite cards and picked the Four of swords to accompany him.

I looked at these two cards together and felt that they couldn’t be more opposite. The Emperor, a warrior energy that will push forward and motivate the troops and take action alongside a card showing a soldier lying on a tombstone within a church. Whether he is resting himself or being laid to rest depends on your own interpretation, but, he is still, motionless – with his hands joined together in prayer. These cards represent two very different energies within us and as I looked at them and asked for the guidance, the message “choose your battles, choose where you use your energy” came into my head.

That was when I looked down and saw that a tarot card had escaped from my pack and was lying face down on the table. This, of course, was The Star.

The Star came into our readings last week and asked us to trust that we were being put in a place that will be for the higher good. There were also warnings that we may not like where we end up and a certainty that we will learn valuable lessons along the way. So, I feel this message is still with us this week and The Emperor and Four of Wands are bringing us a choice of how we deal with every situation we now find ourselves in. Do we fight or do we retreat? Do we use our energy to stand up for ourselves or do we use it to find inner peace regardless of what others think? Or do we find the balance and wisdom within ourselves to do both?

This week we have just begun a retrograde period for Saturn, which often brings up karmic issues from the past for us to deal with. We also begin a period of retrograde for Mercury too, which can bring to our attention how we communicate with others. Communication can be the difference between us acting like The Emperor (standing up for ourselves, starting an argument, or taking action of some kind) or acting like the Four of Swords (retreating, soul searching, moving away from drama and resting our minds). 

Unfortunately, the cards do not tell us when we should be one or the other; that is very much up to us to figure out as we cope with any given situation at any moment. 

But, as The Star looks over all of us it is a reminder that there is always a bigger picture. Everyone has other ‘stuff’ going on which can lead to communication failures or unnecessary arguments which is why it is always good to remind ourselves not to take things personally. A good example of this is something that happened to me just yesterday. 

I reacted to two situations I was “dealt with” in the afternoon. The first was an issue at my son’s school which I dealt with rationally and calmly, however, it played on my mind and was troubling me as I imagined all the worst case scenarios that could play out for my teenage son, who had unwittingly got himself involved in a mini-drama. I was driving whilst deliberating this and on a road I had not driven down before, so was a little slower while I figured out where I needed to go. A man behind me leant on his horn and beeped for me to hurry up, giving me all sorts of hand gestures as he did so. As we joined the motorway he screeched across three lanes to get in the fast lane and zoomed off beeping at me as he went. I shouted, swore and stuck two fingers up at him, which is totally out of character for me, as I would normally not react to that kind of childish behaviour. Later it occurred to me that he may also have been acting out of character and needed to get somewhere urgently due to his own family stuff that was going on, just like I did. We will never know. 

What’s the moral of this story? Ummm…not sure! Take a breath? Give yourself a moment? Be kind to yourself and others? Allow yourself to process stressful situations and not pass the stress on? Or maybe the message is to program your Sat Nav before you leave home? 

However, these cards are presented to you this week, I hope you take a moment to choose which of them is relevant and act appropriately.


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