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The High Priestess and the Seven of Wands

We start this week with the New Moon in Aquarius and the beautiful maiden The High Priestess has shown up this week to remind us of its awesome power. 

Many people dismiss the energies that are given out in the universe. It always makes me chuckle when people show disdain for astrology and regard the energy of full moon cycles as ‘rubbish’. Yet, it can be hard to ignore some of the synchronicities that can only be explained by these very things. In fact, ask any police officer or paramedic who are on call when there is a full moon, and they will tell you that they are the busiest nights of the month, due to people acting a little crazy! 

I feel The High Priestess is asking us all to ignore the doubters and embrace the energy cycles that are quietly affecting us and gently tap into our subconscious. Take time to explore how you are feeling as this New Moon enters your life. Are you beginning to feel it is time to start something new? Has a project or event you wanted to organise this year been delayed but, now it seems that you are finally able to get underway? Have you been bogged down with challenges, but, are starting to see ways to overcome them? Are you starting to be more in tune with your subconscious and beginning to intuitively plan in accordance with your life’s path?

As well as the New Moon, we are also beginning to feel the forward motion energy of Venus going direct last week and Mercury doing the same at the end of this week, so expect a build–up or crescendo of emotions as you suddenly feel released to welcome new and refreshing energy into your life. 

So, if that is the case, what is the deal with this guy in the Seven of Wands? He certainly signifies an abundance of energy as we see the fire in his wand and those surrounding him. He sits on a fire breathing dragon against the backdrop of a blood red sky. However, it doesn’t seem like he has quite heard the message that has been whispered above by The High Priestess. If we are being sent a huge helping of energy, it would serve us to use it wisely and help us in moving to the next level. What is this man’s next level? It would seem that he has already scaled to quite impressive heights as he is perched on a mountain top and the others below cannot even reach him with their outstretched wands. But, is this where he needs to stay, looking down on the people below and fighting against the fire that they are poking at him? 

I feel I want to politely tap this guy on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me Sir, you do realise you are sitting on a dragon? And, well, he can fly you away from this place pretty quickly if you wanted to!” A little like Hermione does when she suggests her ‘bonkers’ plan to Ron and Harry, of escaping the dangers of Gringotts Bank by hijacking their guard-dragon and bursting through the glass ceiling. But, the point is, the sky is the limit for this person and, whilst I am sure that learning to ride a dragon has its challenges, it will take him to places that he has never seen before, whereas staying on that tiny mountain top so that he alone occupies the space and no one else can have it, seems a little life limiting. Perhaps this is the underlying message to us all?

Life will always bring us challenges and as we begin to start new adventures, journeys, projects or plans we can be sure that we will have to face adversity along the way. But, choose your battles and use your energy wisely and in ways that serve you better. Some challenges we don’t need to bother with, especially if we can hitch a ride on the nearest dragon and fly far away!