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Five of Pentacles, Caring Connections and the Ten of Swords

The idea of caring is the theme for our cards this week. I originally picked just two cards which were the Five of Pentacles and the energy card, Caring Connections. It immediately struck me that this could be the same two people reacting to very different situations in their lives and a story began to form in my mind. The Five of Pentacles was drawn first, which shows the two characters in their worst situation; struggling with injuries, poverty and the extreme and unforgiving weather, both walking bare foot through the snow battling against all that is being thrown at them. How we worry and care about them when we empathise with their situation. 

But as the seasons change so, it would seem, does their fortune. The next scene is a warm summer day and the couple are healthy and at peace. The man is now without his crutches and is using his arms to snuggle up to his companion and offer her flowers, perhaps as a thank you for sticking with him during the challenges of the past. 

When I imagined this story the idea of caring was prevalent throughout. Caring is something we do so much that we almost forget we are doing it. We care when we watch the news and see the plight of others less fortunate than ourselves. We care when we donate to charities or fundraise for a good cause. We care about our children getting a good education, we care about our parents becoming older as we worry about their health. We care about our own lives and whether things will turn out well for us. We care about our extended families, our friends and our pets. We care about the homeless, the vulnerable, the environment, the whole world. Where do we stop? 

As my mind started to spiral into torment at all the things that I have cared about recently, it made me realise that being ‘caring’ can actually be quite detrimental to our health. And as I began to lose my initial message of these two lovely people who had overcome adversity and looked after each other, I decided to pick another tarot card to help me answer my own question above. 

The Ten of Swords lurched out at me, and it made me feel so sad. Was that really the message about being caring? That is would eventually end in darkness and destruction. Would the lady in these previous cards, who had stuck by her partner through thick and , really end up alone, stabbed in the back, face down in the slow, clutching the last remaining flower of her summer bouquet? Thanks tarot cards! That certainly is a cautionary tale about caring.

But, then I realised that they were answering my question that was in my mind when I picked up this final pack. When do we stop? I feel the answer is when we care so much that the outcome leaves us feeling like the lady in the Ten of Swords. If caring becomes hazardous to our own well-being we sense it long before we arrive at this situation. There are warning signs our intuition gives off that we should find balance between caring about others and caring for ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we should only care if it makes us feel good, but we should never get to the point where we feel like that. 

As we see in the Five of Pentacles, life can sometimes be hard work and when we are in this situation, or see our loved ones or people we care about in this situation, it is the natural thing to want to help. I feel in this card, the more able bodied character in the picture is spurring on the man on crutches, urging him to take just a few more steps into the church where a welcoming committee are waiting with blankets and hot soup. Caring enough to keep encouraging someone to get help, shelter, advice or medical attention can be draining, but, once they get to where they need to be and are able to start taking care of themselves again it can make the carer feel fulfilled and happy that they did their bit when it was needed. 

However, what if our disabled traveller refused the help? What if he is repulsed by the idea of seeking refuge in a religious building and demands that his companion keep walking with him through the night until he can find a nice hotel to sleep in? Imagine the next town is ten miles away and the weather is worsening and she can already see that she has lost a couple of toes to frostbite as they trudge through the snow. What should she do? What would you do? This is the fine line between the outcome being the happy, comforting scene in Caring Connections or the bleak, depressing scene of the Ten of Swords. 

However, one thing that I have omitted to mention is that caring works both ways. We care about others, but others care about us too. As I sit here in the silence of my home today, I am snuggled up next to my beautiful dog, Poppy, who is always on hand to lick people’s tears away when she sees her loved ones shed them. We all have people (or animals) that care about us deeply too. Sometimes we are the carer and sometimes we are the cared for and if have a regular balance of both caring and being cared about then that is also a very positive way to ensure that we never find ourselves face down in the snow.

The lady has ten swords in her back. For her to be attacked ten times and not have anyone around to care for her, to stop this happening or to call for medical help might suggest that maybe she was somewhere where no one cared about her at all or perhaps she cared so little about herself that she felt it didn’t matter if this was afflicted upon her. The positive aspect of this card is that the number ten is the end of a cycle and hopefully a wake-up call to never be in this position again. 

I am writing this at a very poignant time where caring is a key element of my life which I am managing on many different levels. With a new variant of COVID being announced this week, I am caring about the wider community and how this will affect all our lives in the next few months. I am caring about my partner who is currently stuck in South Africa trying to get home, I am caring about my son’s impending GCSE’s that may be affected if the world suddenly goes into lockdown again. I am caring about my sister who has been admitted to hospital for the third time in a month and caring about the NHS workers who are trying to help her with limited resources and a never ending influx of sick patients. And I am caring about my Mum who has been the main carer for my sister throughout her recent bout of ill health and is now feeling poorly herself. And, as I write this, I am caring about all the people who will read this article and resonate with it as they deal with all the caring that they do in their own lives and sending them healing with my words.

But, here’s the thing. I have to listen to my own message. I cannot preach about the messages of the tarot and ignore what they are urging me to see for myself. There is very little I can actually do about any of the above. All I can do at this moment, is write this article as a cautionary tale about the fine line between caring too much about everyone else and not finding the time to care about yourself and hope that we all take a little bit from this message and make sure that we practice self-care in our daily life.

And now that I have done that, I will wrap up warm and enjoy a cold, sunny, winter walk with Poppy, taking some much needed time to enjoy the wonderful colours of the late autumn trees and give my mind a little rest.

I hope whatever you do this week you take time to care for yourself and find time to be grateful for all those people (and pets) who care about you.

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