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Queen of Pentacles and Queen of Wands

This is my second attempt to write this article. My first attempt was on Friday night after an incredibly intense, stressful and busy week in all aspects of my life. As I stared blankly at my computer screen I looked at the two Queens smiling sweetly at me and I felt their first message, “Give yourself a break.” So I did! And now, refreshed from a good night’s sleep and ready for the healing energy of the full moon tonight I feel it is the perfect time to tap into these two Queens’ awesome energies.

Last week, we also had a visit from a Queen – the Queen of Swords, and she was accompanied by The Emperor. Their energy was HUGE, perhaps you felt it within yourself as you pushed yourself to do more than you normally would? Or, alternatively, you sensed it in your external world getting caught up in busy projects or plans at work or within your home life that seemed immense and even a little overwhelming? However you felt last week, the need to take action, move, push forwards or plan the next phase of your life was a necessary first step and has put us all on the road to a brave and exciting new part of our lives.

I feel these two Queens have appeared to give us all encouragement and tell us, “Keep going, you’ve got this!”

The Queens remind us that ordinary people can be elevated to a higher position in life, be it a higher level of authority, or a higher status within their family structure or even within society. Last week our independent Queen of Swords taught us what we could achieve by owning our own thoughts and not letting others sway our mind set. This week the Queen of Pentacles is reminding us that we have an end goal in sight and it is completely achieveable, and the Queen of Wands is reminding us that we have all the required energy, enthusiasm, confidence and abilities to get there. Collectively, they are all serving as a symbol that we can all be better, higher versions of ourselves and are being urged to do so.

“Keep going – you’ve got this!”

It’s a mantra for us all and a good time for us to remind ourselves what our end goals are as we step cautiously into the first few weeks of the astrological year.

A brilliant way to bring this vision into our everyday lives is to look at yourself in the mirror at the start of your day and say your plans out loud. It only takes a couple of moments for you to inform your reflection of where you are going, “My plan is to be …” fill in the gap for yourself. You may fill the gap with a new, improved job title, or the wish that you will be in a different part of the world, or gained a qualification or moved yourself away from a negative situation. You can wish and dream for anything you like, but, it is important not to worry too much about a deadline and trust that it will happen at the right time for you. Keep focused on the goal, and the timing will take care of itself.

You will notice our Queens are not alone in their pictures. The Queen of Pentacles has eight spirit beings camouflaged within the mature tree behind her. I feel it is extremely comforting for our Queen to have these with her. Even when she has to lead and be in charge she can call upon them to help and guide her whenever she needs to. We also have the same benefit. We are never really alone, and if your goals seem a huge task to achieve on your own, then ask for help. It is often amazing to see how help comes when it is asked for (which is sending my mind to a scene in Harry Potter, when the young hero asks for help and Fawkes the Phoenix flies in carrying the Sorting Hat which contained the mighty sword of Gryffindor!)

The Queen of Wands companion is her black cat and I am drawn to this sassy looking animal, who looks as if she is in mid- meow). A cat is the perfect companion for the Queen of Wands. For anyone who has ever owned a cat, I am sure you have often asked them: “How on earth did you get there?” as they greet you from the back of the airing cupboard, or the tallest branch of the highest tree! Cats never seem to worry about the danger (why would they, they have nine lives!), and although I am not encouraging you to be reckless, I do feel the energy of this cat coming through in our reading and the adventurous, free-spirited nature they have urging us to take a few chances. Because if we embrace this we could be finding ourselves in places we never thought possible (although hopefully not stuck in a tree – unless you are particularly fond of firefighters!)

As we start this week, we will have just experienced the calming and healing energy of the Full Moon in Libra. Hopefully, this energy has had the rejuvenating effect necessary to refresh us all and keep us focused and determined to continue with whatever we have started, because the Queen of Pentacles and Queen of Wands are our symbols to show us what we can become if we do. Wishing you all a brilliant week and remember, keep going – you’ve got this!

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