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All Tied Up and Happy Family

As we move into April and welcome the new Moon in Aries this week, we can also welcome in new intentions and manifestations to how we want to live our life.

This week, I have chosen Energy cards, rather than tarot, as sometimes these give very obvious clues as to what we need to be focusing on as we work with the energies of a New Moon.

The first, All Tied Up, shows a lady hiding behind some foliage and restricted by ivy that is wrapped around her. Interestingly, ivy has the symbolic meaning of fidelity, marriage, friendships and loyalty. But, my feeling when I see this card is that, although these can be wonderful parts of our lives, for some relationships and loyalty can lead to a restrictive life and one where (like this lady) we can end up hiding in the background and not allowing people to see who we really are.

However, our second card, Happy Family shows the exact opposite, a family of four under a rainbow, their arms wide and outstretched in play as they join hands and walk along the beach. We cannot see their faces, but, we can sense a feeling of unity and togetherness as they walk towards the sun, allowing the breeze to refresh them as they feel the sand and sea between their toes.

This week’s message is not a choice of which one would you prefer (because I am kind of taking it as a given that we would all prefer the feeling given off in card number two?). However, I do feel it is a reminder that we can sometimes, without knowing it, tie ourselves up in knots in relationships where perhaps we don’t need to or hold ourselves back out of a misguided sense of loyalty to those that we love. We can even experience both the feelings from these two cards with the same person, i.e. times when we feel restricted and sometimes when we feel at ease, depending on the situation, the mood we are in or the mood of the other person or maybe as a long-term relationship has continued we may have found it getting easier or harder depending on circumstances.

One thing is for sure, it is not healthy to be restricted in any way; it doesn’t benefit our mental or physical health and it is certainly not good for the soul. If we find ourselves in any kind of relationship, be it at work, in a family situation, a friend or a partner, we must always strive to feel that sense of freedom and openness we can see in the Happy Family card.

And, if this is something that you are hoping to manifest under the New Moon in Aries, then you may feel a little lost as to how that is going to happen or feel that it may be an overwhelming feat to achieve. The important thing to do when you wish to manifest something in your life is not to overthink how it is going to happen, just trust that it will. I remember a time, many years ago, when I wished with all my heart to manifest a ‘happy family’, and I can honestly say that I have achieved that now, but, it did take a lot of soul searching, hard work, tears and stress (and a divorce) to make that happen! And, of course, I am not saying that is the same path for everyone, but, sometimes to go from a feeling of being restricted to a sense of being free and living a lighter life, does take huge monumental changes and some much needed inner work.

Consequently, if you are looking at the people in this second Happy Family card and feel that you would love with all your heart for this same pleasant feeling for yourself and your loved ones, then hold that feeling in your heart as you manifest your dreams under this week’s New Moon. But, do allow the universe to make the necessary changes to make that happen and do not resist change, communication and a little honest reflection. I can honestly say it is definitely worth it.

Have a good week.