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Your cards for the week commencing 27 June 2022

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Envy and Sixth Chakra, Archangel Metatron

My gift to you…your tarot cards for the week commencing 27 June 2022

This week we have the New Moon in Cancer and the emotional Cancerians among us (of which I am one) will tell you that it almost feels like a homecoming as we welcome the celestial being that guides us into our sign for another year. 

This week I have chosen Energy cards to guide us and I have the very different pictures of Envy and Archangel Metatron who have appeared for our message. The first thing I was drawn to was their numbers; Envy is number twenty and Metatron is number forty. It made me think of birthdays gone by as I recall my twenty year old self and my forty year old self and how much I have changed over the years. 

When I was twenty, I did not have an abundance of self-esteem or an understanding of my own self-worth and I resonate with the idea of being envious of so many people who seemed to have life better than me. Looking back I can see a young woman who was angry at the world, alone, lost, vulnerable and peeking out from her small life seeing beauty and riches that belonged to the lucky, cherished people of whom I felt I was not one. 

Ironically, when I was forty I walked away from everything that I had accumulated in my life because I was intuitively aware that I deserved the peace and clarity of mind that is shown in Metatron’s card and even if I had no material possessions, no friends and no relationship I would be in a better position than I was and felt blessed at the insight. 

Metatron is presiding over the third eye chakra and is offering us an understanding of all the mysteries that we meet in our life.  When we are in tune with our sixth chakra we can live a life that is in accordance with your true self, which enriches our life and moves us away from negativity. 

As the moon is now reminding me that another year has almost passed, I feel we are all being asked to look back at the people we were twenty or forty years ago and see what changes are apparent. We all mellow as we get older, but, hopefully we develop and grow as people too. As we spend an unknown number of years on this earth as humans, the aim is to follow our own path and live the life that we should live. The envy card is reminding me that we don’t always do that and we can spend an excessive number of hours wishing that we lived someone else’s life rather than our own. It is difficult to not get sucked into this mind-set as spending five minutes on social media can often leave us feeling lack in some way as we are being force fed the ideas that we do not have the perfect life being portrayed by the people we have friended and, of course, our never ending exposure to marketing and advertising is reminding us that we could have a much better life if we could just buy the right face cream, clothes, furniture or particular brand of oven chips!

As I look at these cards together I am comforted by the bright white light that is being sent in all directions by the archangel – his light is the antidote to the darkness shown in the envy card. As the lady in Envy looks up at Metatron he is not concerned by her disdain, for he is not bothered about what others are thinking and no negative energy can dull his sparkle. 

Metatron appears in our life when we need spiritual guidance, clarity and assistance to move our thoughts to a higher consciousness (away from low vibrational energies such as envy and hatred). He is there to call upon whenever you need him, so why not find some time this week to meditate and call upon his energy. 

As I have become a little older (and hopefully wiser) I look at a card such as Envy and am reminded of all the time and energy I wasted in my youth on the wrong emotions. But, sometimes we have to work through the less helpful emotions to appreciate the better ones. 

A peaceful, clear, calm mind is the ultimate present for all of us and the wonderful news is that we don’t have to wait until our birthday for someone to buy it for us – we can gift it to ourselves whenever we choose.