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Ace of Cups and Judgement

It seems as if February has flashed by in the blink of an eye. At the beginning of the year, we were being warned that it would start of slowly due to lots of planetary retrogrades and that the energy would begin to gather pace, and, it certainly has felt that way. So, here we are ready to leap into March, which promises to be one life-changing, cosmic wave of transformational energy. I guess the question the cards are asking us this week is, ‘Are you ready?’.

The Ace of Cups has combined with Judgement to remind us to clear what no longer serves us and to become open to the new energy that is being offered. And, for some of you, you may feel the overflowing of excited emotion as you look at these cards and know, instinctively, that you are ready to welcome change and new beginnings. But, others may not be feeling the enthusiasm and feel a very painful tug at their heartstrings as they acknowledge that people, places or situations are ending around them and they have to now move on to an uncertain future. 

It is fitting that the Ace of Cups is paired with the Judgement card because judgement puts us in a very emotional state of mind. We can judge ourselves and others harshly and invoke all kind of negative feelings. We can accept other people’s judgement of us and let it shape who we are or how we feel, denting our self-esteem or self-worth. It is no wonder that the Judgement card in the tarot is not always looked at favourably. The word itself can have such unfair connotations but I feel it has showed up today not to spark fear into our souls, but, to invite us to experience an awakening and complete rebirth. It feels as if it is giving us the opportunity to escape judgement and allow all the emotions it brings, that have been holding us back, to just float away leaving us ready for a new start.

When the Judgement card appears, it really is time to sit up and take notice. I feel that the Ace of Cups is asking us to draw special attention to our emotions, and examine how each one of them serves us (or doesn’t serve us). What makes you angry? What makes you anxious? This is not to say that we are being offered the chance to never be angry or upset again, but, if we examine where our emotions stem from and how they affect us, we then gain control over them and can decide if we are going to let them dictate our behaviour from this point onwards. 

Whilst I have been writing this, I have been drawn to the backgrounds of both pictures. Both these cards have a type of lily in them which symbolise a re-birth and resurrection. But, I am also noticing the reeds in the background of the Ace of Cups. Reeds symbolise wisdom and, interestingly, scholarships. I feel these cards are reminding us that we have passed some kind of test and are about to pass through to the next stage of our life. There is a feeling that we have accomplished an understanding and awareness of ourselves and are, finally, feeling like a lot of the puzzle pieces have started to fit together to make a meaningful whole. 

These cards give no spoilers as to what is going to come, only that you are totally ready for whatever life brings your way.