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Claire Chilvers Astro Reading Virgo

‘Donkey’, Five of Fossils and ‘Dog’, Ten of Fossils

I have used my Spirit Animal Tarot cards this week, and I was so pleased to see who came out as these are two of my favourite animals. 

When I look at Donkey and the dark background of the Five of Fossils that he has been assigned, I can’t help but think of Eeyore, the sorrowful friend of Winnie the Pooh. Eeyore would see the negatives or bleakness in any situation and would often be so lost in depressive thought that he would wander away from his friends as they happily skipped off on their adventures and expeditions.

The Five of Fossils reminds us that there is sadness and sorrow in our lives. This card appears when we are experiencing loss, despair, financial difficulties, or hardship. When it shows up for us it can remind us that we are not perhaps where we would like to be and we are experiencing the feelings of burden that are so traditionally associated with Donkey.

But, donkeys are also associated with wisdom and this donkey certainly seems wise as he stares at us with his knowing eyes. He is walking through the night, carrying the fossils safely on his back. He is moving onwards, refusing to rest as he knows that he must continue on his path to reach his ultimate destination. The message here is that slowly and surely we will move away from this unsettling time. 

A little star is lighting his way, which I feel is a reminder that whenever we feel that we are carrying a lot of weight or responsibility, or alone in the dark not sure if we can carry on, there is always someone offering us a light – be that a friend in our human world or a loved one in the spirit world. We are never truly alone.

We have just experienced the New Moon in Libra when the sky is at its darkest and this can be unsettling, but, there is a saying that the darkest night is before the dawn, and if that is the case then look who the new day has brought us…Dog.

Now, there are some people who don’t like dogs, which, to be honest I find a little weird (sorry if that offends you!). When I look at this card, I am filled with the feeling of unconditional love that only a dog can bring. When I see the little boy hugging the larger dog, I am reminded that often our most special relationships are with our canine friends, and at times when I am finding the world a difficult place to be I, like so many other people, turn to my beloved dog, Poppy, to cuddle, stroke or talk to.

In this reading Dog has been assigned the Ten of Fossils which is a card that symbolises feelings of contentment, belonging and fulfilment.

It may seem strange that these two cards have been placed together, but, for me they feel like two sides of the same coin. When you feel as if you have lost something, we can choose to focus on Donkey’s dark side and let this loss consume us, or, we can flip the coin and see what we still have in our life. 

The message we have this week isn’t that we have to choose whether we want to be more like Dog or Donkey. It is to accept that everything depicted in both of these cards lives within us at the same time and that is normal and ok. Being a proud British subject, I cannot help but refer to the Royal Family as an excellent example of this. Each of them dealing with their immense grief, but, at the same time being so grateful and cheered by the overwhelming love and support they were shown. 

These wonderful blends of light and dark that live within us are what makes us human. And, as we are working through Libra season, I am reminded of the scales and that they are not always balanced. After all, we can, from time to time, have more darkness in our lives than we would like. But, I guess that’s why the world has dogs, because they have the most incredible way to tip the scales in our favour.