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Two of Cups and Community

We have now entered Scorpio season which is known as being a very transformational time. Scorpios have the capacity to shed their skin and transform and, in a metaphorical way, we are being urged to do the same.

Last week our tarot cards were Envy and Judgement. The message which accompanied them was to look within and see how being envious and judgemental can keep your world and perspective small. I suggested if we were to suspend our use of these two emotions it would create a gap for other more positive emotions to come in. And, as if by magic, we now have two cards which are showing beautiful ways for us to fill that gap we have created!

The Two of Cups is often recognised as a card of love. A man and a woman stand facing each other with their cups together which symbolises a union of some kind. 

It is true that this card does often appear to show love, but, there is a wider theme for this card which I often feel is indicated by the man’s right hand which can be seen reaching out in between the two cups. Take a moment to look at what he is doing and think about what you feel he is about to do.

What were your thoughts? Did you feel he was about  to take the woman’s hand to hold or kiss it? Or take her cup and swap it with his own? Perhaps you felt he was not to be trusted and was about to steal her cup and run off with it? Or is he advising her to stay back? Or is he gesturing to her to calm down and be quiet while he explains something? Whatever story you imagined in your own mind can help stir up your own feelings on love, which brings me on to the card’s other messages of trust and mutual respect. 

We are programmed to love. We love our children and are raised in families where there is an expectation that we should love our parents and siblings too. We fall in love when we become adults, some finding one perfect partner who they stay with their whole lives and others falling in love two, three times or sometimes more. 

But love is not always easy, we can regret who we love, it can cause pain and in some cases be extremely toxic. Relationships which contain not only love but trust on both sides and mutual respect, are much more wholesome than the ones that do not. 

This week we are being asked to examine our approach to love. Do we trust the people that we love? If not, why not? Do we talk to our loved ones with respect? Do we use emotions such as guilt or disappointment to get them to love us more? Do we listen to them and know what they want from their own lives? Do we judge them harshly and criticise them?

Many people bring the ‘baggage’ or bad experiences they have had in previous relationships and continue those patterns in new ones. Examples are having trust issues with a new partner because of a past experience when someone was unfaithful. Parents who have had a difficult childhood can find themselves in the same situations with their own children.  And adult children can still hold grudges against their parents for the decisions that they made decades before. In all these situations where the people should ‘love’ each other, there are so many other things going on behind the scenes which can make them act in such a way that does not look like love at all.

But, it is never too late to change our approach to how we love the people around us, and usually when we do this it is reciprocated and can enhance our relationships for the better.

Seeing the combination of these two cards immediately made me think of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. I imagine, although not everyone has read the Dickens classic, we are all familiar with a film version and my particular favourite Scrooge is Michael Caine with the muppets!

Looking at the two cards combined we can see how our approach to love can have long lasting effects on not only ourselves but so many people around us. When I think of how Scrooge managed to transform his attitude to love and kindness, his world suddenly opened up. He reconnected with his family, colleagues and the wider community and (although I doubt any of us are as bad as this Victorian miser), it did occur to me that we all can fall into a trap of shutting ourselves away from the world or feeling like we are alone, especially if we feel life hasn’t been kind to us.

I feel the Community card that has accompanied the Two of Cups reminds us that there really is no end to how much contentment and happiness we can find if we choose to engage with people, rather than shy away from them. 

Over the last couple of years as our world has turned upside down, people have found themselves in new communities that they had previously not been part of. We were all forced into our homes and our worlds became smaller, but, with that many have connected with their neighbours and have grown new friendships or spent more time talking to their families or the people that they live with whereas before they would only meet fleetingly over breakfast or dinner. People have connected to virtual communities taking part in work zoom quizzes, or impromptu on line choirs or charity organisations that have appeared to reach out to people who are on their own. 

One thing that should never be forgotten as lockdown begins to fade in our memories, is how kindness, love and community were so beneficial for us all in those challenging times. 

We all have the ability to impact the lives of others. These two cards show the positive and life-enhancing ways that it can be done. In this transformational Scorpio season we are being urged to embrace the spirit of these cards and make changes within us that will benefit our own happiness and those around us too. 

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