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Appreciation and Community

This will be the last weekly tarot article I write before I give myself a little summer break. Consequently, I thought I would pick two Energy cards to give us a message, not just for the week ahead, but to cover the whole of August whilst I am off.

The two cards we have are Appreciation and Community, strangely these two cards tie in quite nicely to a message that I have just posted on my Facebook page. That message was about focusing on what is good in your life and keeping a positive mind set – and I do appreciate that this is often easier said than done, especially with such a tsunami of bad news that washes over us via our social media, news channels or various people trying to drag us down into fear and despair. 

I have been reading a lot recently about ways to raise one’s own energy vibrations and am practising a daily meditation to do just that. To be honest, I am naturally a positive person and do my best to spread positive energy and love to my friends, family and the wider community – such as your good selves! But, I am also an empath which means that I can absorb other people’s energies like a sponge and although this can be enlightening, fulfilling and rewarding, it can also be draining, demoralising and lead me to feeling anxious and a little down. Damn those energy vampires!

However, these two cards are a welcome reminder that I am in charge of my own energy and with healthy boundaries, daily self-care rituals and by surrounding ourselves with like-minded, positive people we can all ensure our energy is on the higher vibrational channels of joy, abundance, love and happiness at all times.

This first card is a message for us to appreciate our own self-worth. This lady stands tall in a garden, holding a rose. If you look closely, the garden is not as tidy as one would expect from this well-dressed lady, and it seems that there are a number of brambles surrounding her. But, in the background there is a pink rose bush which has risen against the brambles and that is where our lady has picked her chosen bloom from. Most of us can resonate with this in some way, as we often have an underlying level of chaos in our lives and are doing our best to rise above it. Even the most stressful, chaotic, life has times when we can stop for a moment and be appreciative. Everything in our life is temporary, so don’t let an opportunity to be grateful for pass you by.

It can be very uplifting to spend time thinking about what you appreciate in your life. But, more importantly what do you appreciate in you? Are you proud of your resilience in troubled times? Do you love that your life is lived with integrity and honesty and in accordance with your true self? Are you beginning to see the white or grey streaks in your hair as a sign of maturity, wisdom and elegance rather than a hindrance? Are you grateful for your body and that you are making healthy choices to ensure that it continues to work well for you? We all have something in ourselves which makes us as proud as the regal looking lady in this card. Perhaps over the summer break, spend some time working out what that is?

And this leads me on to our next card Community, because when we start appreciating our own self-worth and the life we have, we naturally begin to put in boundaries to make sure that it is protected. I mentioned above that as an empath I have sometimes, without realising, become drained by other people’s energy. These people have never really had my best interests at heart and usually, once they have drained me to the point that I can no longer be of service, they move on to another and another. I have certainly learned my lessons the hard way, and understand that my good nature has led me to be used, hurt and exploited in the past. But, I have taken responsibility for the part I played in making that happen. 

Allowing people to take your energy for their own use happens when we are desperate to please, help or be noticed in some way. Letting your ego be in charge of your decision making to prove to others you are capable, worthy or good enough to fit in are all ways in which we can allow ourselves to be depleted and used. 

If you resonate with this, it would be easy to say that the answer is to be on your own and not seek out the company of others. I also believed that at various points in my life. But, is it the answer? Really? 

Of course, there are times when peaceful, alone time is a necessity – meditation, a walk in nature or time cuddling much loved pets are often great antidotes to being around people. But I do feel this card of Community is a reminder that we all belong somewhere and just because you may have not found the place that you “fit” or that serves your higher purpose, it does not mean that you are destined to be a hermit or always be around the “wrong” sort of people. 

Pairing these two cards this week is a great message that once we appreciate all the unique gifts in our own being, we raise our vibrations and move away from the energy vampires that were so keen to keep us of service. Once this happens, a void that is created- but not for long- as suddenly new people come into our life who are of the same vibrational level that we have moved up to. 

If you look at this card, it seems that the ladies are joined together in a concert of some kind; perhaps their love of music or performing has joined them together? Which begs the question, what do you love to do? And, are you doing it? There are so many communities out there and one of the positives to come out of the pandemic is the realisation that even when we are housebound we can get on line and join a choir, knitting circle or quiz team or any community that inspires us.

Sometimes the community we are in doesn’t “feel” right to us, if that is true for you then perhaps your soul is trying to push you in a new direction and move you to a better place (be that mentally, physically or spiritually!) It is important to note that if we truly don’t fit it does bring us to feel a little down or out of place and we could well become that energy vampire we all try and avoid, so best to take responsibility and move on! 

The summer is the perfect time to reassess our lives, as we take time to have a holiday, time off of work or respite. We can use this natural break to move away from what no longer serves us and make way for new exciting opportunities that will appear in the autumn.

And…talking of new, exciting opportunities I will be using my summer break to update my website and when I return in the autumn I should have a new YouTube channel where I will be giving daily tarot readings for you all and some live readings too. I shall also be writing new astro-tarot articles with a tarot card for each start sign as the sun moves into each new astrological sign. 

So, have a wonderful summer and I really look forward to connecting with you all in September. These cards are a perfect opportunity to tell you how much I “appreciate” you all in the spiritually tuned in tarot “community”. 

Sending you all lots of love.