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Page of Cups, The Star and Ace of Cups

“Storm Warning”

We have a major astrological event on Wednesday with the Super Full Blood Moon Eclipse which promises to bring transformation to all our lives.

Personally, I am welcoming this energy with an open heart and trusting that it will take me to the place where I need to be and whatever it brings will be for the best. The reason I am so trusting is because I remember the last time we had a Super Full Blood Moon and as I look back, with the benefit of hindsight, I know this to be true. 

It was 21 January 2019 at 5.11am (UK time) to be precise. I woke up at exactly that moment, and felt the transformational energy around me. Sadly, it was not a happy day for me. I had had some very upsetting personal circumstances which had led me to one of the lowest points of my life. The following months were challenging and difficult but, also, changed the way I thought, my perception of what was important in my life, my self-belief, my self-esteem and gave me opportunities to prove myself and achieve goals that I had not believed possible for me to achieve. Throughout this time my intuition seemed enhanced and I felt I was being guiding and pushed along to a better place and all the time I trusted that the universe knew best. 

As I welcome in the return of this energy now, I do not recognise the person I was over two years ago. My life has changed and transformed in ways I could not have imagined and I am incredibly grateful for the dark, soul searching months that I endured during that time which led me to where I am today.

A similar story seems to be reflected in the cards that have appeared for us this week (as it is such a big week I have chosen four cards, instead of two).

The Storm Warning is showing us transformational times can cause anxiety. Knowing a storm is on the way, we worry about any damage that may occur, whether our loved ones are safe and how long it will last. But storms always pass and they also clear the air and give some much needed rain to the Earth to help nourish all that grows. 

Underneath the storm we have the Page of Cups. He is holding on to a cup and within it is a fish. Let us imagine for a moment that the fish is the most important thing in the Page of Cups’ world. (The fish in this story symbolises what we hold dear to us – our hopes, dreams and everything we cherish.)

As the storm rages, the Page is unable to see the stars although he knows they are hidden behind the clouds. As he wishes on the stars for a better future, he does not worry and feels in his intuition that they will guide him. The one striking characteristic that the Page of Cups has, more than any other court card, is his ability to trust. It can be seen as a naïve quality to trust, but, in this situation he is right to do so as the universe is guiding him and asking him to let it take control. 

He holds his precious cup in the air and it gets caught up in the storm. He can no longer see his cup or fish and as they are gathered up by the twister and disappear from view his heart breaks as his hopes and dreams seem to disappear with them. 

Soon the storm passes, the clouds clear and the stars shine brightly again. He notices the river and a beautiful maiden kneeling next to the water. As he approaches she beckons to him to look in the river. 

Everything he thought that he had lost is there before him. His fish is no longer sitting awkwardly in the cup, but swims in the river with schools of other fish, their scales glistening in the starlight showing every colour of the rainbow. His fish has moved on to a bigger, better place that suits him and is happily swimming freely, and The Page realises that this makes him happy too. 

His cup is now covered in jewels and overflowing with water to refresh him and cleanse his soul. A dragonfly rests on the cup which is a symbol of maturity but, also, of hope, change and love.

The Page would never have imagined such abundance for himself; in fact he thought he was perfectly fine before any of these changes took place. But, as he stands in this new place with his new situation, he realises he has grown up and gained much more and as he looks back at his old self, he realises that he needed this change and he is grateful for it.I feel the message in this story is to ride the storm out, to allow the universe to put us all where we need to be. This will require trust and a large dollop of intuition, so go with what feels right inside – even if it brings sadness and loss – because, just like the storm, it will pass.

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