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All Tied Up and Caring Connections

This week we are at about mid-point of the Mercury Retrograde period, so I felt it was a good time to use Energy cards (instead of tarot cards) as they can be helpful to tune into the energies that we are dealing with in this, often, muddled and confusing time. 

The two cards, at first, do not seem to have much in common, but, if you think about it, both women are being restricted in some way. The first has been tied with ivy and left, in the middle of the night, to work out how she will free herself from the situation. We must assume that someone has done this to her as he wrists are also tightly wound together. 

The second lady we find in a more peaceful setting. She is looking at a bouquet of flowers whilst a man links his arms around her and watches her reaction. Of course, by him having his arms around her waist it is restricting her movement, but, it does not seem to be an issue for her as her body language seems relaxed and at ease. It is a very different type of restriction than the one seen in the first card. 

I feel the message here is putting a spotlight on our relationships and highlighting which ones make us feel “All Tied Up” and which ones are more “Caring Connections”.

You may feel that within your life you have different relationships which could resonate with both of these cards because, after all, we often have to be a different version of ourselves depending on who we are with. For instance, spending time with your partner may feel like a caring connection, but you may feel tied to visiting your family who you do not see eye to eye with. Or perhaps in your work you feel restricted and unable to be your true self and the only thing that keeps you sane is going home to a loving home filled with your family, friends or even your pets!

However these cards are resonating with you, it is worth pointing out that feeling restricted or entwined in a relationship that is controlling or uncomfortable is never a healthy place to be, so if you are feeling that the first card features a little bit more than it should in your life, then this may be a good time to examine why and to find a way to break free.

It is interesting to note that both the ladies in this picture are wearing white dresses. I feel this is a reminder that we are all pure souls when we enter this world, but it is our experiences as we grow and the choices we make which very often determine where we find ourselves.

Learned behaviour is a classic example of how we can often repeat the same mistakes as our parents or the people who have had an influence in our lives. Hearing life limiting phrases and a million reasons why you cannot fulfil your potential is something that can keep us feeling restricted for years. But, of course, if you were lucky enough to have experienced a caring, nurturing upbringing it could make the world of difference to your life path and you may always allow yourself to enjoy the positive sunshine shown in the second card, rather than feel the need to hide away in the darkness like the first. 

Mercury retrograde gets a bad reputation – we have all heard the warnings about losing your keys or your computer crashing whilst typing an important report. Mercury retrograde gets blames for conjuring up disagreements and chaos and who wants that, right? But, one of its positive attributes is that within all this discord and confusion, it presents opportunities to upset the status quo. It gives us the chance to examine our life from a different perspective and to question what we see as normal. 

Mercury retrograde gives us disruptions to highlight how much of our lives are run on autopilot. I feel the message here is that you will be given the opportunity to examine the times when you feel restricted and to ponder whether you could do anything to change that. Similarly, if something goes drastically wrong during this ominous retrograde period, perhaps someone will reach out and help you – restoring your faith in others and their ability to care and help in times of adversity. 

Mercury goes direct on the 3 June, so over the next few weeks you may find yourself in a situation which emphasises when you are being held back by others or where you feel a connection which is important to keep in your life and, of course, these incidents could well bring about big changes in your life or lead to arguments and chaos, but, it may well be the catalyst that sets you free and opens up your life to let in something much better and for your higher good. And, if that’s the case then Mercury retrograde doesn’t seem so bad, does it?