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Your cards for the week commencing 21 March 2022

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First Chakra, Archangel Michael, Man Holding a Heart and The Thinking Man

My gift to you … your cards for the week commencing 21st March 2022

Happy New Year! Yes, I know it’s the middle of March, but this week, as the sun moves into the sign of Aries we welcome in the new astrological year which will take us through the rest of 2022 and into the first part of 2023.

I felt drawn to picking energy cards this week as I felt they would give a theme for us to focus on for the ‘year’ ahead and despite many different pictures and options in this pack, I was greeted by; not one, not two, but three rather handsome men! And they all seem to be offering something different to help us on our spiritual journey.

Consequently, my message for you all this week is to take your pick on whichever one of these gentlemen you are drawn to (or you can choose all three if you would like!).

The first card is Archangel Michael, who many see as a sign of strength of protection. In his hands he is holding a ball of red energy, which is symbolic of our root chakra and encouraging us to nurture and protect this part of our energy as, when it is perfectly balanced, it is the foundation of our very being. The root chakra is situated at the base of the spine and it is responsible for our feelings of safety and survival (so who better to look over this part of our lives that this powerful Archangel).

If you are drawn to this card, then your root chakra energy is what is going to be your driving force as you begin a new astrological year. If this is balanced and in tune with our higher self then we can feel grounded, safe and secure and able to withstand any challenges that we are faced with. However, if it is blocked it can manifest insecurity, anxiety and fear and a sense of being stuck and unable to move on from life-limiting situations. Both physical and mental health can suffer as a result of a blocked root chakra in ways where we can find it difficult to navigate our daily lives with ease and enjoyment. We all owe it to ourselves to ensure that our chakras are aligned and balanced, but, if this first chakra is out of alignment then it will become increasingly difficult for any of the chakras to be working as well as they should. If you imagine a tree in a restricted space with nowhere for its root to grow and find stability, how can we expect it to flourish and produce leaves and flowers? The same reasoning applies to us.

So, let me ask you a question. Are you looking after yourself? Are you making sure that your mind, body and spirit are nourished, and able to find a good, solid foundation to grow? Imagine yourself having a conversation with the Archangel Michael and imagine what he may be trying to tell you.

Our second card is A Man Holding a Heart, I was going to write this man is not an angel – but that seems very judgemental as I hardly know him! He sits amidst a flowering tree holding a heart in his hand. He wears a necklace which has a ring hanging from it, possibly linking him to a loved one and showing us his emotional, sensitive side. The heart looks as if it has been stitched around the edges and underneath the stitching on the right hand side a golden light is poking through. Perhaps this golden light is his true, uncensored feelings that he keeps hidden away from others. We all have an ability to hide away how we truly feel when we are too afraid to show our “real” feelings or frightened of being too emotional.

Now, you may have a different opinion of this man’s expression, but to me he looks sad which makes me wonder why he is alone. Has his need to hide away his true feelings pushed someone away? Or is he upset for not seizing an opportunity to express his true authentic self to someone important in his life and now the moment has passed.

If you are drawn to this card, then perhaps this new astrological year will be an opportunity for you to express yourself in ways you have not done before. When we take the time to explore our feelings and explain them to others it can have a profound impact on our life. I also feel this card is linked to the relationships that we already have; the people we may spend every day with or interact with closely yet we never really allow the time to express themselves or explain how they feel to us. I feel the message is not just about opening your own heart, but allowing others to open us to you, if you resonate with this card.

And, our last man is The Thinking Man, who seems to be suggesting the mind is where your focus should be. Our Thinking Man seems very pre-occupied; he is staring intently at a quartz crystal, (which instantly makes me like him!). He seems to be pondering something which means we do not have his full attention, but, we have all had instances when we are so caught up in our thoughts that we lose ourselves in our mind and seem a little distant.

This feels to me a very positive, constructive type of thinking, there is no room for anxiety or worry here. And, also there seems to be no time limit, looking into this crystal is bringing a clarity and understanding that we do not achieve by making rash decisions.
If you are drawn to this card, then this planned, constructive and thoughtful exercise is one that seems to be your calling for the astrological year ahead. Taking time to think through options or plan the logistics of a new venture is a useful and necessary undertaking that will help create success and the materialisation of goals. Knowing the way forward in one’s mind is a powerful tool to achieve whatever you desire. All that is required is that we allow ourselves the time to do it. So often we go through the motions of our daily lives repeating the same old patterns that we do every day. Have you ever arrived at work and forgotten the whole journey? Or spent an evening zoned out in front of the television and lost a few hours of your life in the process? Switching off our mind is something we all have to do every now and then, but, I feel the message in this card is that it is equally as important to switch it on occasionally too!

As I mentioned above, you may have been drawn to all three of the cards and, if so, then I will refer again to the chakras that I talked about earlier. As I said, if the root chakra is blocked, then the further six chakras will find difficulty functioning as well as they should too. Our second card, relates to the heart chakra. Our Thinking Man is a skilled communicator which would relate to the throat chakra. Neither the heart or throat chakra would work as effectively as they could if we were continually anxious, fearful, insecure or living a life of instability. So, if you are drawn to all three cards, start at the beginning and work with the balancing your first chakra and work your way along to the others when the time is right. But, don’t worry about taking too long; after all, you have a whole astrological year to do it.

Sending love and healing to you all.