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Ace of Cups, Four of Cups and the Six of Cups

I must admit when I was shuffling the cards for this week I was expecting to see the Page of Cups as he is linked to Pisces and we have just entered Pisces Season. So I was half right when I saw the Ace of Cups! And then, when I shuffled the second pack and was given another cups card, I was quite excited to see that my initial thoughts that the watery emotional star sign was making itself known in our week’s card reading. And so, curiosity got the better of me, I picked up a third pack of cards and shuffled sensing another cup card was on its way and it was; the six this time.

So we have a total of nine cups in total this week and it seems that our overall message is to expect a wave of emotions this week. 

The idea of emotions outpouring for all to see can, ironically, make each one of us examine our own feelings closely. Do you ever cry in public? Would the idea of tearing up at work make you recoil in horror or are you well known as someone who blubs at the first sign of a sentimental Christmas advert and couldn’t care less what people thought about it?

Five of the cups in these pictures have water pouring out of them and, whether you like it or not, allowing emotions to pour out of us in the same way can be a time of intense healing for us. 

These three cups’ cards feel like a three act play for our emotions. The Ace is symbolising how this outpouring appears in our lives this week. It could be in the form of being moved to tears for a wonderful reason such as being overjoyed at a new addition to your family (human or animal!), or feeling immense gratitude or joy from an act of kindness or romance. But, of course emotions can overflow with anger, frustration, fear and upset too.

Once emotions are out there we cannot put them back again. And, so we move on to the Four of Cups. Fours indicate stability, but, I do feel that with this card showing water pouring out of every cup this would only be a brief pause whilst we examine the wider implications of our emotional outburst and what other feelings are invoked when this happens. 

If you have experienced joy or a feeling of being loved unconditionally, perhaps the four will be the moment of realisation that these feelings elevate to feeling lighter and more aligned with our soul. Or perhaps the aftermath of an angry outburst may lead to a more level headed examination of what really is at the bottom of the feelings of anger. Is it being directed at the right person, or is there something more deep-rooted that needs to be addressed? Suddenly the initial emotion shown in the Ace of Cups is giving way to more many more emotions as we make sense of our feelings. 

The Six of Cups is the final card and this shows a woman moving away from a small child. They hold a cup between them which is shining with a bright light. Have a look at that cup for a moment. What do you think is happening in this picture? Is the little girl holding out the cup for the woman or is the woman leaving the cup behind with the little girl? However you see it, there is no right or wrong answer, but, I feel your interpretation will give a hint as to what needs to happen next.

For this little girl feels like she represents our inner child, and the woman is our grown up self who we are today. If you feel like the little girl is offering the cup to the woman, this may well represent that those wonderful feelings of joy, happiness, love and delight that we often experience in the innocence of our childhood have been poured into this cup and being offered into your life in some way. However, if you feel like the cup is being given back to the child, this could signify the need to let go of certain emotions that we would often see a child exhibit such as anger, frustration and (dare I say) temper tantrums as they are not helpful for living a fulfilling life. 

Regardless of the personal message you take from these cards or how your emotions appear this week, one thing we all can take from this reading is the reminder that we all have the choice of which emotions we choose to dominate our life and which ones we choose not to so that we can lead the life that we really want.