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Five of pentacles and The Wheel of Fortune

Some tarot cards get a bad reputation and the Five of Pentacles and The Wheel of Fortune are two very good examples. Often the Five of Pentacles can be associated with financial loss or hardship and The Wheel of Fortune is often seen as fate coming in to disrupt our ordered lives. One thing these two cards have in common is the feeling that things are outside of our control and that we are just reacting to the situation which is being dealt to us. This, in turn, can make us feel like a victim of circumstances or a pawn being played by the universe, but, that doesn’t have to be the case, if we choose to look at these cards a little differently.

This fantastic set of Crystal tarot cards by Phillip Permutt shows the five pentacles balancing precariously on top of each other. If we only look at what is on ground level we could assume that a strong breeze would move the plants that are supporting either side of the coins and these could topple over at any moment. But, underneath the surface are some beautiful crystals which in their unique incredible way are shifting the energy flow to a more balanced feel. Plus the plants are healthy with strong roots and will be able to provide the necessary stability to keep the coins in place. As we move through life there are often unseen factors that we do not notice going on in the background, and whenever a change or uncertain time comes into our life, we can often be so pre-occupied with worrying about the changes that it can feel like an impossible task to feel optimistic that things will eventually work themselves out.

The Wheel of Fortune is sending a similar message about their being unseen factors. We can focus on the daunting red figure of Anubis as he is waiting to guide us through the underworld or we can worry about where on this wheel is going to eventually place us. But all around the wheel are four astrological symbols all calmly and quietly reading books up on their allotted clouds. They seem completely unperturbed by the circumstances, suggesting that maybe we don’t have to worry quite as much as we normally do.

Humans almost always want to know what is going to happen next (it is part of our curious nature), but, it can be very unproductive and a waste of good energy. Sometimes we do have challenging and unsettling times, but, when these happen we just get out head down and work through it. Compare that to all the times we have worried about things that might happen and how we convince ourselves the outcome will be awful. Life is not about always having the best time or being in the best possible situation. It is about living and experiencing a plethora of emotions and circumstances. Even the most difficult times have given us the opportunity to learn more about our own powers, strengths and personalities.

So no matter how the Five of Pentacles or The Wheel of Fortune play out in your life, know that they are not there to cause havoc nor are they there to make you suffer. Draw on their positive qualities and know that they both have the gift of seeing the bigger picture that we do not see. The Five of Pentacles will keep us grounded, and The Wheel of Fortune will help us connect to the spirits calmly watching over us and collectively they will be excellent partners to guide us through this next week as we head towards the Equinox and Mercury Retrograde which are both now upon us.

Wishing you all a wonderful week and will be back next week with another reading for you all.

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