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The Wheel and Ace of Voices

Happy New Year! Oh sorry, do you still work on the old fashioned calendars that hang on your walls? No, I wasn’t referring to those outdated old things, but, the start of the astrological year which begins this week. 

It’s funny, this year, more than any other, I have seen how so many more people are tuning into the energies of the universe and the effect the amazing planetary activities have on us. I have had conversations at my “muggle” job where people mentioned that they had felt an unusual slowness to the start of the (normal!) year, and couldn’t figure out why. Of course, this opened up the floodgates for me to talk about the retrograde energy that carried through from 2022 and how we ‘really won’t start to feel forward motion until about the middle of March.’ (Imagine co-workers staring wide eyed and speechless, shuffling out of my office door wondering whether my peri-menopausal symptoms were getting worse).

The point is, whether people ‘believe’ in astrology, tarot, are spiritual or not, everyone is going to feel a shift this (astrological) year and it will start this week. 

We have the powerhouse combination of beginning the Aries season along with the Equinox. I feel this week’s tarot card The Wheel is symbolising this perfectly. We are all about to experience a turn of the wheel in some way. However, as I am writing this for the collective that could mean so many different things to different people, in fact, whilst I ponder the various meanings there are scenarios flashing in my imagination of a Captain at the helm of a ship changing course, someone buying a new car and I am reminiscing about the trip on the London Eye I had with my family last Christmas Eve Eve (that’s not a typo it was the 23rd December, for those of you who are not familiar with the term Christmas Eve Eve).

Looking at this Wheel card, I am drawn to the moon cycles that surround the wheel itself. Which of these moons are you drawn to? Whichever one it is, may speak personally about the journey that you will be on this year. Picking the new moon may be sub-consciously telling you of all the new adventures that you will be having as we travel through the twelve zodiac signs. Or, perhaps, if the full moon has your focus, it may be time to shed an old version of yourself and let go of all the things that no longer serve you. Maybe you have chosen the waxing or waning version of the moon which may bring awareness that you are in the process of some inner work or a project still has a way to go. 

Whichever one you choose I feel it is a timely reminder to us that every day we see a slightly different version of the moon and perhaps as the weeks and months go by we will see a slightly different version of ourselves emerging, or maybe the whole world will slowly be changing in what seems to be a very poignant and significant astrological year. 

The Ace of Voices is our second tarot card and I immediately sensed magic when I saw this card as the owl reminded me very much of Hedwig in the Harry Potter books. Once again we have different versions of the same thing – this time flags hanging on a washing line. Again, I invite you to see which of these flags grabs your attention. For this exercise, I would suggest that whichever chakra your colour is assigned to may hold the key for what needs your attention or, perhaps our old friend ‘google’ will give you some insight into the symbolism that your chosen coloured flag represents. 

Choosing this pack of cards with the suit of voices seems significant also. And I feel that this is a huge collective message that we are all going to be finding our voices on a personal level and also in our communities, countries or perhaps even shaking the very foundations of what we have found ‘normal’ for so long and not spoken up against.

In the UK recently, all BBC sports presenters and commentators refused to work over the weekend as they stood in solidarity with their colleague, Gary Linnekar, who had been suspended for speaking his mind. Whether you agree with what he said or whether he should have said it is irrelevant here, but, the point is he was reinstated and his bosses apologised. I feel like this is the start of things to come – our voices are incredibly powerful. We can use our words to wound or heal, spread love or hate but, also, to change the world for the better.  

I’m excited for this new astrological year and I hope that these cards have inspired you to find your voice and get ready to jump on the wheel and let it take you to where you need to be. 

Good luck!