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Your cards for the week commencing 20 February 2023

Welcome to this page which is packed full of complimentary tarot readings for everyone to enjoy. I hope you find these resonate with you and are helpful in some way.

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Free Weekly Tarot Reading

The King of Swords and the Magician

Your free tarot message for the week commencing 20th February 2023

As I look at these two stern faced gentlemen who have jumped out at the tarot to give us a message this week, I feel like I am being told off! It feels as if they have joined forces to give me (and the collective) a kick up the bum!

The two of them remind me of teachers, who have painstakingly given us all the knowledge and tools to complete a task successfully and are now expectantly waiting for us to use the information and skills to our advantage only to be slightly disappointed that we are not doing so. 

Get on with it! Make a start! You have all the tools for success – use them! Practice what you have learned! Come on! Just get going!

These are the frustrated phrases that I can hear, and I can sense that the slow start to the year and the backwards, stalling energy of the retrograde period which over shadowed the last few months is now officially over.

We have now moved into Pisces season and have also enjoyed a New Moon on 19th February. This, indeed, does feel like a fresh new start and a new energy. And, I feel, we have all emerged from the last few soul-searching months of contemplation and retreat wiser, stronger, more in tune with our intuition and ready to show the world what we are made of.

The King of Swords and the Magician are reminding us they have taught us everything we need to know. The King is reassuring you that you can (when necessary) draw on his qualities of strong mindedness and determination. And, also are now very aware of those around you who you can trust and those who do not serve you well. The Magician has all four elements laid out on his table to remind you that you are in charge of all aspects of your life – your thoughts, emotions, how you act and what you can manifest. His white wand is held aloft to show you that whatever you can conjure up in your mind, you are able to manifest. ‘As above; so below’ is his mantra – and you get that now!

So, what are we waiting for?

I guess what these teachers are not taking into account is timing and, although you may well be mentally, physically and spiritually ready for a new start, there are still a few loose ends to tie up first. 

The Pisces season is all about endings and getting ready for new beginnings and, I feel, there is an element of needing to go back before we can go forward. 

This can happen in a number of ways: it could be that final conversation with an ex-partner or ex-boss in order for you to gain closure over things unsaid; it could be a need to declutter or decorate a home that you no longer want to live in, so that it is ready to put on the market; it could be finally plucking up the courage to clear out a loved one’s possessions who has passed over and is no longer in need of them or it could purchases need to be made so you are prepared for the project or job that you wish to begin.

I am now imagining each of us having a conversation with these two men and explaining why we are waiting just a few more weeks before we can begin our new lives. What is it that you need to get in order? Are you being honest with yourself and getting ready to move on, or do you think the King and Magician will see though your excuses and see it is procrastinating?

Perhaps this week, we all need to have a very honest conversation with ourselves? Although, if you do, bear in mind that these cards are showing us that we are more than capable of moving on to the next level and achieving great things. 

The King of Sword and the Magician are sending out an energy of frustration because they have so much faith in you; do not frustrate yourself by allowing negative thoughts to block your way. This is not a time to doubt ourselves, or think that someone else could do a better job than us. They can’t – the path you wish to follow is yours alone, and the world will be a better place if you follow it, because, every person that is living their true soul’s purpose, shines a light in the world that inspires others. So, by all means, do whatever it is you need to do to find closure or to make sure that everything is in order, but, don’t wait too long because these two knowledgeable gentlemen are here to tell you that you are ready for action!