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Eight of Wands and the Nine of Cups

This week we are greeted with a herd of stampeding unicorns, which is something you don’t see every day! I feel their message is to remind us that magic is all around us if we take the time to look. 

As we move into the month of May, it feels as if the first third of 2022 has charged through our lives as quickly as these magical animals. The Eight of Wands denotes a fast paced, hectic, forward motion energy and as we all struggle to remember what we were doing or where we were at the beginning of the year, it certainly does seem as if we have been carried along at an alarming pace. 

This week brings an opening to the Eclipse portal as we have just had a Solar Eclipse and will shortly be witnessing a lunar eclipse on the 15th May. These portals or gateways are a time when the veil between our world and the spirit world is very thin. And, although I can’t guarantee you will see any unicorns during this time, you may well experience coincidences, synchronicities or be open to messages or guidance through signs, symbols or dreams. 

Traditionally, this is a time when we are being pushed, moved or encouraged to move on and this can be embraced or feared but, either way, it is necessary. We all have to evolve and we cannot stay in one place for ever. The wands energy which we see in our first card is dominated by the fiery orange colour of our sacral chakra, which rules over our passions but can also be blocked by fear. Being passionate or fearful can make us charge in a different direction, the message here is to make sure we are moving towards a situation that is for our higher good and not being done out of fear or because you are getting caught up with the pack and not thinking things through for yourself. 

The Nine of Cups is a lovely companion to this card, as it seems like the perfect antidote to the card which precedes it. This is a much more serene picture, with a lady sitting on a branch across a still pond with nine cups placed around her. She is blowing the dandelion seeds into the air, which can be a symbol of making a wish. She is content and not concerned about what is around her or the fact that she is alone. She is content, confident and calm – she is the embodiment of inner peace. 

In this picture, the full moon is high in the sky, which brings me up to the theme of the eclipse portal again, and the fact that for the next two weeks we will be working with some intense energy that is moving us forward. However, the energies will be drawing to a close by the time the full moon reaches us. And, I feel the message here is that by the time we get to this point we will have a much clearer understanding of ourselves, our path and how we can improve our lives so we can also reach this higher state of consciousness. This week the message is that there is calm after the storm, where usually it is before.

When I look at the Nine of Cups I am drawn to the silver stream of seeds which dance in the moonlight as they are being blown into the air. I feel this symbolises our intentions and how important it is to set them when we are in a calm and restful state as shown here. If we can allow ourselves to imagine what we would like to happen in our lives, (without needlessly worrying about how it will happen), then these things have a magical way of falling into place, just like the seeds that are in the picture that will be scattered and seeded and grow into beautiful flowers.

Although these cards are giving the mixed messages of moving on whilst sitting still, it feels as if we will have the chance to do both in the coming days and weeks. So if you are able to factor in some time to sit and chill in amongst the hectic energy that is around us, then you will be doing just what the universe has suggested. 

Sending you all lots of love