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Two Queens

We have had two Queens visit us today, as we march triumphantly into March! I say ‘triumphantly’ because February has been an intense month, with lots of planetary activity that may have felt we were being pulled in different directions or pushed to our limits. But, we made it through and these beautiful ladies suggest we are wiser and stronger for it.

I like to write a journal at the end of each month to reflect on the major events that have occurred in my life. It gives me an opportunity to look back at the end of the year, it is an excellent way to see how I am progressing in my physical, mental and spiritual life. And, if you have had a tough time or had to deal with difficult situations it is also a great way to record how you coped, what you learned and to recognise when the struggle has passed out of your life.

As I am writing about my own journaling, my mind has taken me to the Netflix programme ‘The Crown’ which features actresses portraying our very own Queen of the UK and Commonwealth, and her journey through life. In the first series a young Elizabeth in her twenties unexpectedly becomes Queen when her fathers dies and we see many examples of how she was manipulated by people around her (both courtiers and family members). They use their superior knowledge of protocol or previous monarchs to pull at her emotions and bend her to their way of thinking and to act in a certain way and she struggles to get to grips with the role she has acquired. Of course, by season four she is an expert and being The Queen, having spent many decades in the role. She no longer lets her emotions get in the way and is aware when people are using her to gain more power themselves. It is a joy to watch how she makes the many Prime Ministers, who come and go through her reign, squirm in her presence as she gives them the benefit of her experience.

I am mentioning this series because it is a wonderful example of a woman finding the power she has within her. And this is the message of these two Queens who sit with us today.

We are being urged to sit within our power, to acknowledge the wonderful gifts that we have within us to offer the world. We are unique, special and amazing – every one of us. And it is time for us to shine.

As we move to a new month, we will be given a new surge of energy to drive us forward, take charge of our lives and to start working on projects, plans or promises that we have made to ourselves.

For us to do that we have to be sure of ourselves and in control of our own destiny, which includes owning our thoughts and feelings.

What I like about the combination of these two cards, is the two women seem to be working together. I feel the Queen of Swords is handing the Queen of Cups her crystal of Green Tourmaline, saying, ‘Hey, try this to calm your nerves, sister – we’ve got this’.

Both Queens have their areas of expertise, Swords denote our mind and thoughts, whereas Cups denote our feelings and emotions. If we can channel our mind and feelings to work in unison what an awesome power we could all become.

Of course, that is perfectly possible but does take practice. It means we have to be aware of the thoughts and feelings we have that lead us to negative places and stop them in their tracks. (And this will be our homework for the week).

Every time we start to hear that voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough or can’t achieve what we want in life, we will harness our Queen of Swords energy and banish the thought from our mind.

Every time we start to feel anxious or worried or held back by fear, we will harness our Queen of Cups energy to conjure up a positive emotion such as gratitude or excitement. Because it is impossible to be anxious and grateful at the same time and excitement is a much more positive emotion when dealing with the unknown.

For this week, we will all imagine ourselves as the actress who is playing Queen Elizabeth, who had a very useful bell by her throne that she would ring once she wished her visitors to be dismissed. So, with your bell at the ready (to dismiss those unhelpful thoughts and feelings), let’s get ready to march!

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