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Free Weekly Tarot

Envy and Judgement

There are some big energies in the universe this week. Mercury turns Direct on the 18th and hopefully we shall all have come out of this retrograde period with a valuable lesson learned  – even though it may have been an uncomfortable struggle to get there. We then have a Full Moon in Aries on the 20th. Whenever there is a full moon it is giving us a huge opportunity to let go of what no longer serves us. And it seems that the cards have literally spelled out two of the things that we hold on to as humans that causes us to stagnate and not reach our full potential – Envy and Judgement.

We have seen this Envy card before, and I have previously written about the lady peering out of her silver castle, she holds a bowls of pearls in her arms, yet looks over to the gold castle longingly. Ironically, there is nothing preventing her from leaving her own home and moving towards the golden light of this castle. But, she prefers to sit in her own space and consume herself with envy.

Have you ever done that? As I looked at this card I couldn’t resonate with it immediately, as I am currently in a place where I feel content and enormously grateful for the people and situations that have come into my life. Consequently, I felt before I wrote this article I would need some inspiration, so I went for my morning run and ‘something’ led me to go on a longer than normal route which took me to the other part of town. It led me to my old house, the old paths I used to walk with my previous dog and, in turn, to re-live  many memories of my old life and how I used to feel when I was living it. I remembered how desperately unhappy I was, my financial struggles, my toxic relationship and, interestingly, how I spent a lot of time pretending I was fine whilst being consumed with jealousy and envy of others who all seemed to be living their best lives. Like the lady in that card, I hid myself away from the world assuming that only other people knew happiness, followed their true path and felt contentment. 

Envy is stifling and serves no purpose. Whilst we are using our energy being envious, it keeps us exactly where we don’t want to be, stuck in the same place. It is a very brave thing to admit that you are envious of others. But, it is even braver to examine why, because this question leads us to look at our own situation, relationships, financial circumstances and beliefs. Once we focus on them we begin taking responsibility for some of the things that make us unhappy, rather than being resentful that others have what we would like. Once we take responsibility it opens up our mind to want change.

Which brings us on to the Judgement card; we all cast judgements on others whether we mean to or not. Dare I ask whether you have passed judgement on someone’s behaviour, life choices or opinions? Of course you have! We all have! It’s human nature.  

Again, it is a brave thing to admit that we do this and an extremely enlightening one. Because once we stop and examine our judgements on other people or ourselves, we realise how limiting this thought process can be.  Accepting that we have been judgemental can be life changing, because once we see this behaviour in ourselves we can make the decision of whether we want to continue doing this or not. 

Imagine what your mind would be like if you were never envious or judgemental. What would you do with the space in your head that became available? Perhaps you would be more open minded about your own future and the options that are available to you? Perhaps you would remove some self-imposed boundaries and begin mixing with people that you were previously a little envious of and find out that you have quite a lot in common with them and gain new friends? Maybe you would find the time to meditate and meet your higher self who gives you guidance on how you can move to the next exciting phase in your life? When envy and judgement are not in charge it certainly opens up a lot more avenues for us to explore. 

I was struck when I saw these cards that they share the same number – twenty. In the tarot, the number twenty represents the completion of the second cycle within the Fool’s Journey. At the end of the first cycle, The Fool was only learning about life and was still quite young and naïve. But by the second cycle he is older, more mature, wiser and has lived a little. But, despite his age, he is still being given the opportunity to progress, to keep evolving and moving towards his true authentic self and to a higher level of consciousness. Regardless of the fact that this is not the beginning of his life, he is being offered new experiences and opportunities to grow and learn. 

This is our message from these cards – you are never too old to start again, to try something new, to change your mind set or your life’s path. 

The Judgement card in tarot represents a rebirth but asks that you leave behind all that no longer serves you before you move on. That may mean an overhaul of your mind, body and spirit but it will be worth it. 

I can give this message to you with the wonderful benefit of hindsight. When I walked out of my old life all those years ago, I had no idea what would happen to me. I only had trust in my heart that I was being guided to a better life. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed and I am enormously grateful that I listened to the trumpet call of that angel! I speak from experience when I say that the universe always has our back. But we need to work with it – not against it – and we cannot do this when envy and judgement are taking centre stage in our thoughts. 

Enjoy the full moon this week and remember to let go of everything in your life that no longer serves you. A new way of life is being offered and this is the time to make space for it. 

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