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Knight of Wands and Nine of Cups

This week we are moving into Leo season which can be shown in the fiery, fast moving pace of the Knight of Wands. This Knight is always seen charging into action and, although his face seems to convey a little hesitancy, it would seem that nothing or no one is going to stop him going where he needs to go – it is just not in his nature to go slow or to move with caution. 

This week, I feel that we all need to embrace a little of his spirit. When the Knight of Wands appears in a reading, although he can bring with him messages of adventure, travel, movement and raw ambition, we can often feel afraid when we see him hurtling into the unknown and are nervous of his hot headed energy seeing him as a warning, rather than a blessing. But, wouldn’t life be a little boring if we always played it safe? Aren’t there times in our life when we have to push out of our comfort zone and grasp opportunities to move forward?

Where do you need to channel the Knight of Wands and his powerful energy? Take time to examine where you are procrastinating or challenges, circumstances or opportunities that are waving at you in the distance and you are doing your best to ignore. This card resonates strongly with me in my own tarot reading career. I am often thwarted by my lack of technological understanding and have been shying away from starting a YouTube channel for nearly two years now, but, I have been given some very clear signs that I need to get my backside into gear and start working towards this new project so I really do need to practice what I am preaching in this article and get moving!

Our second card this week is the Nine of Cups and this happy fellow makes me smile when I see him. But, today I am being reminded that this wasn’t always the case. I have had this particular pack of tarot cards for over thirty years and when I was younger I really couldn’t relate to this card at all. In fact, there were times when I found him quite irritating and smug – as if he were grinning at me saying “look at the great life I’ve got”, which left me wanting. I think it says something about the dark place that I was in at the time for me to find such negativity in such a bright and optimistic card. Dare I say that I was a little jealous of the man in this card and the contented and happy life that he was symbolising…it’s certainly food for thought if he is bringing up similar uncomfortable feelings for you this week.

It is, unfortunately, a human response to resent others who are seemingly having a better life than us, but, let us not forget that this card is numbered nine which suggests that there have been eight cup cards before it. If you are familiar with the tarot you will know that cups represent our emotions and there are a full range of emotions that are depicted in the cards which precede this one. Yes, there is joy, love and nostalgia in some, but, there is also grief, pain, loss and confusion. If the cards are the journey of this man’s life he has been through many difficult and life changing situations to get where he is, in fact, the Eight of Cups depicts a man who (upon realising that his life is missing some purpose or meaning) decides to walk away from everything in search of the emotional fulfilment that he craves. The Nine of Cups symbolises the accomplishment of that deep, heart wrenching soul searching so, if he is feeling proud of himself for finally finding himself and the inner peace that had previously escaped him then we should not feel jealous…we should feel pleased for him, but, also inspired. 

This card is a reminder that we have to take responsibility to find our own version of happiness, inner peace and contentment. It is not up to others to make us happy, content or complete. 

These two cards have teamed up this week for a reason. The Knight of Wands if reminding us to get moving and this may be on a project or job we have been putting off, but, it could also be moving on to a new mind set which will lead us to a higher version of ourselves. 

I am now imagining these two men in the cards going into business together and setting up their own life coaching academy. With the enthusiasm and determination of the Knight, coupled with the knowledge and positivity of the Nine of Cups, I think it would be a very successful enterprise indeed. I will certainly be calling on them…will you?