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Page of Cups and The Tower

We move into Taurus season this week which gives the promise of us feeling a little more grounded than we have been of late whilst we have been working through the fiery, fast moving energy of the Aries season. 

As I look at the first card which has appeared for us, the Page of Cups, I can’t help but notice the full moon that is shining in the sky. We have just had a very potent full moon which has bought with it a surge of emotion and a sense that we have reached a breaking point or that something needs to give in our lives to make way for some healthier, more positive energy. 

If you are resonating with this, then the Page of Cups is here to assure you that it is not just perfectly OK to take time to explore your feelings but it is incredibly important to do so. Allowing yourself to get to the bottom of what your heart is yearning for or to acknowledge what (or who) causes you upset and pain are the “lightbulb” moments that can cause us to make transformational changes in our lives. 

Our Page of Cups is half-submerged in water which is not a natural place where we would normally put ourselves (especially in the middle of the night when this card is set). I feel this symbolises the need for us to move outside of our comfort zone and deal with those pesky emotions that are holding us back from being who we really want to be. The lady who represents the Page in this picture has a cup in her hands which is reflecting a light towards her. When I see this image, it reminds me of Albus Dumbledore’s pensieve. For those of you not familiar with the head teacher of Hogwarts, the pensieve was a bowl in which he could take out his memories and examine them from a different perspective. I feel this is what our Page is doing and perhaps a good idea for us too. As we leave Aries season we may feel that life has moved so fast and we have been swept up in situations or events that have controlled our energy so much, that we have just muddled through and never really got the time to process our emotions or think about how we are feeling. Now is the time for all of us to do this and the reasons for this is shown in card number two…

The Tower seems to have been in a lot of my readings recently, but, let’s face it, over the last few years we have all experienced the dramatic changes and endings that this card depicts. As I look at these two cards which have been paired for us this week, I see the common theme between them is water. Our Page is sitting in a calm pond, surrounded by lily pads and then, suddenly, we have moved to an intense scene in the middle of a raging sea storm. How do we get from one situation to another? How can we be calm one minute and raging the other? This really goes back to our Page of Cups examining her memories in her Dumbledore-style “pensieve”, and the need to find the hidden clues in our past as to why this happens.

If we had to choose between these cards then I am hoping that most of you would want to be in the calmer, serene card of the Page. Sometimes chaos, destruction and abrupt endings are necessary to clear way for better energy, as symbolised by The Tower (and our potent full moon we have just had) but, would you want to have every day of your life like that? 

The Tower is a Major Arcana card which acknowledges that there are times in our lives when we have to be caught up in a storm, it does not suggest that this is a way of life. Life shouldn’t always feel like we are in the eye of the storm with no way out and, if it does then something really does need to change. 

As I mentioned above, the move into Taurus season will make us feel a little more grounded and less “all over the place”, and I feel our message this week is to go with this energy and make a conscious choice to move forward in a calmer, more restful state which may mean some soul searching to understand what causes the storms in our lives and how we can move away from them. 

Ironically, this revelation we are being encouraged to do may actually cause the dramatic scenes shown in the Tower, especially if it means making brave choices, allowing yourself healthy boundaries for your own well-being or needing to move away from people, situations, jobs or locations that no longer suit us. After all, when we decide to make changes in our lives, there are always repercussions and not everyone likes them! But, it is important to remember that the storm will pass and it is not a chosen way of life.