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The Hanged Man and Judgement

There is a transformational energy all around us at the moment. Huge changes and shifts are going on and it feels like the old ways are crumbling and making way for new. This is playing out in the chaos and uncertainty which is affecting every aspect of our lives: governments in chaos; financial uncertainty; food shortages; an energy crisis and all the time the “ordinary” people are becoming more vocal with protests and strikes as they cry out for change. 

When I look at these two Major Arcana cards it reminds me that the universe predicted this and that we were warned back in early 2020 that complete change was coming. Back then, we embraced it with excitement, not knowing quite how it was going to play out in our everyday lives. And now we certainly do know, don’t we? We are living in the eye of the storm, and as I focus on the first card that came out for us, The Hanged Man, I am drawn to two features of this card. The first is the fact that the man is covering his eyes. And the second is the fungi growing on the tree trunk, which suggests that rot is setting in and soon this tree will be breaking down too. This environment that the man is hanging on to is unsustainable and, whether he chooses to face it or not, eventually he will have to accept this and move on or he will crumble to the ground along with the tree.

However much we cling on to the past and wish our lives weren’t changing, it is a fact that they are. I mentioned above the larger picture for the collective, but, this is very much on a personal level too. You may be at a stage where you are having a major rethink of your finances and coming to terms with the fact the luxuries that you have taking for granted for so many years have got to go. Or, you may feel that the particular industry you work in is no longer thriving and you will need to find a new job, re-train or close or alter how you run your own business. You may be fighting the urge to move house or toying with the idea of emigrating. 

Whatever major changes you are being faced with, these cards are giving a very loud message that this is not the time to hang around and wait. If you are ignoring your intuition or closing your eyes to the reality of what you need to do then, I feel, the universe will take matters into its own hands and give you the push that you need to make the changes. In tarot, The Hanged Man is card number twelve; the next card in the sequence is Death – the card of inevitable transformations. The Hanged Man can either open his eyes, use his arms to free himself and walk calmly towards the inevitable or he can stay where he is until the tree eventually rots and can no longer hold him and stumble towards change reluctantly with confusion and a large bump on his head!

While I am writing this, it is reminding me of Harry Potter in the last film of the series, when he calmly walks towards his fate (which is a fight to the death with his nemesis, Voldermort). Well, things turned out OK in the end for Harry, because he hadn’t seen the bigger picture and the fact that he was protected by magic, which leads me nicely on to my second card, Judgement. 

Judgement is card number twenty in the tarot which indicates (once again!) the completion of a cycle and a new beginning. I am reminded that this week Saturn is slowing down its retrograde period and will be going direct towards the end of the week, just as we move into Scorpio season. I talked about The Hanged Man (and Harry Potter) walking towards the inevitable, but which way is the right way and how do we know? It’s easy – just follow the sound of the trumpet. In your real life you may not be accompanied by a trumpet, but, you will feel the calling within you or see or feel messages to guide you in the right direction. As Saturn goes direct it is spending the next few months in Aquarius before it moves into Pisces. When it moves it often finishes a karmic cycle and leaves a little gift along the way rewarding us for all our hard work. The word judgement seems harsh, and, when this card pops up in the tarot it usually signifies some pretty harsh situations that we find ourselves in, but, the promise of this card is to wipe the slate clean and start again as a wiser, stronger, happier, more peaceful version of ourselves. 

I feel the message is for us to have the opportunity to re-invent ourselves or, perhaps I should say, to finally be the version of ourselves that we always should have been. To be able to do this we do have to use our own judgement and ask ourselves awkward questions; such as, ‘Where do I allow my ego to rule my decisions?’, ‘Am I living the life I want to or allowing others to control me?’, ‘What am I NOT doing because I am worried about the judgement of others?’

When you answer these questions truthfully it may be the wake-up call you need, but, it is also important not to judge yourself too harshly when you finally see what does need to change. Accepting the need to change and allowing yourself the kindness to do it without feeling guilty or ashamed go hand in hand when dealing with this process. 

This is a BIG message this week and requires some BIG actions from us all. I have recently started up a YOUTUBE channel (the link to it is on my website) and I talked about it was time for us all to put on our ‘Big girl pants’ which resonated with some of you. However that manifests in your world I am sending you lots of love and healing to help you along the way. 

One last thought on these cards, is to ask you to notice the little wispy angels dancing around on the judgement card. Change can be scary, uncertain and make us feel vulnerable and alone. These little angels remind us that we are never alone. Our guides and loved ones are always with us, sending love and walking with us as we move through the scary parts of our lives.