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Six of Wands and Five of Swords

It had never occurred to me before, how similar the characters are in the foreground of these two tarot cards. They are both dressed in red and green with the same brown boots. Both holding their respective suit in their hand as they look across at others who are seemingly reacting to whatever it is they have just done. The character in the Six of Wands signifies success by the laurel wreath that is on his wand and the crown of laurels that he wears on his head. The character in the Five of Swords is signifying success as he, not only has his own sword with him, but has managed to collect all five that are shown in the scene. 

The only differences are the reactions of the other people as we see a jubilant cheering crowd in the Six of Wands, compared to two characters who have turned their backs and walked away (one of whom is in distress) in the Five of Swords.

So, how does this relate to our week’s message? I feel it is showing the need for us to stand in our own power. If we follow our intuition and listen to our instincts, we always feel like we are living life in accordance with our soul. It seems so easy doesn’t it? But, as these cards show, our lives interact with others and that is where the complications can come in. 

Take a look at these two characters again. Which one would you like to be and why? The Six of Wands man has a celebrity-like status with all the people raising their own wands to cheer at him as they look up to him in his elevated position. He is celebrating success. Perhaps he has used his position to help others, raising money for charity or awareness of a local issue. Whatever it is people are grateful and happy for him. Hooray for the Six of Wands man! He seems great doesn’t he? 

Whereas the Five of Swords man smugly looks back at the people that he has taken from, clutching on to his swords and those of the others and seemingly not even caring about the pain and upset that he has caused. Boo, hiss to the Five of Swords man! Who would want to be him, right? That’s what we’re seeing isn’t?

Or maybe the stories aren’t quite like that…

What if the Six of Wands man was a power hungry, corrupt individual with extreme views that were based on hatred? Perhaps he has a hypnotic way of speaking which has gained him a following of trouble makers who were intent on using their wands to start a riot which would put other in danger? 

And, perhaps the Five of Swords man wasn’t the bully, but was actually being bullied and decided to confront the two people who had been causing him to feel wretched. Perhaps the swords symbolise his self-esteem and confidence and he is smiling proudly as he now feels whole as he has won them back and is glad the two toxic people who had controlled him are walking away and out of his life. It may give him closure that they are feeling ashamed and upset at their actions. 

These extreme examples are ways in which power and control can be either a force for good or evil, both cards warn of the positives and negatives. And within our lives if we want to maintain control of our power then there are times when that will be celebrated by others and times when it will create a rift and cause pain. 

If you were to take a deep look at every aspect of your life, where would you say that you needed to regain your power? Are you being taken for granted at work or your boss is taking credit for your ideas? Do you have a friend who is causing tension and arguments within your friendship group by being two faced or gossiping? Are your grown up children placing unreasonable demands on your time and money? Maybe you have a burning desire to acquire a new skill or gain a qualification but lack the confidence to enrol in the necessary course?

If you were to tackle any of these issues then it is possible you would witness both of the crowd reactions that you see in these two cards. In a work situation, you may feel the solution is to leave and get a better job where you are respected which would certainly give you an uplifting feeling and your family would be cheering for you, but could leave your boss or current colleagues feeling a little upset of deserted. Calling out someone’s toxic behaviour in a friendship group may leave that person you have spoken to feeling upset or alone, but could well bring respect and praise from others who were being equally hurt by the situation. Deciding to say ‘no’ to grown up children may cause a rift and make them withdraw from you completely, but, it would give you a sense of freedom to see friends or to have more time with your partner. And a new qualification or skill would lead to a huge sense of achievement and boost in self-esteem, but, may leave others feeling you have left them behind as you move onwards and upwards in your life. 

Ultimately, we all have a duty to ourselves to stand in our own power, take control of our lives and do what is right for us. But, when we do this it is good to have an awareness that people will often react to the path we are choosing. But, the important point is that we do not take decisions based on those other people’s reactions. You will always instinctively know what you need to do to have full control of your own life. Some people will support and admire you; some people won’t and you need to be OK with that fact!

As we take a final look at the two people in the cards that have popped up this week, it is true to say we don’t really know their full story, we may agree with their choices, we may not. But, if it is obvious that they are making decisions that are in line with their mind, body and soul, then the most decent thing to do is to accept this and wish them well. 

People who have your best interests at heart will do the same for you when you reach these pivotal moments in your life. Count it as a blessing that there are people who will always cheer and support you, and the ones that don’t, well, try not to dwell too much when they choose to walk away.