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The Star and the Five of Swords

How wonderful for The Star to make an appearance today, reminding us that we are going to move into a new astrological year at the end of this week.

The Star reminds us that anything is possible, and as we move into a new era we are being urged to believe this in every aspect of our lives. The Star is also associated with the star sign Aquarius and it is widely believed that this year we will be moving to the Age of Aquarius, which was a time last seen in the 1960’s – a period of history which is certainly known as being one of great change.

So for the year ahead, we may well see even more change and let us all wish it is for the good. The Age of Aquarius can see improvements in technology and also a larger sense of community spirit, as we move away from the energy of the last astrological year we are all much more aware that the whole world population is one community and our fate is linked, more than we realised. As we have been restricted from visiting face to face, weirdly we have been forced to think more about each other and how our actions affect others no matter where in the world they are.

So, The Star is setting us a theme for the year and a lovely reminder that no matter where you are in the world, we all look up at night and see the stars as a source of inspiration and wonderment. We have all wished upon a star and all been dazzled by their infinite expansion. The Star reminds us we are all connected and all part of the universe.

I feel very strongly that this card is urging us all to make a wish for ourselves and the world. As a tarot card, The Star does remind us that our future is not yet created and anything can happen. That can bring excitement and fear in equal measures.

Say the words to yourself now…’Anything can happen in the next year’. What does that conjure up for you?

Perhaps you are thinking of a brand new business venture? Or, a family wedding that can finally take place after months of uncertainty? Or you can finally go on that trip of a lifetime? But, of course not everyone will say this sentence and feel at ease. The idea that anything can happen can bring thoughts of a life out of your control. Perhaps another nasty argument with a partner could bring something even more unpleasant behaviour into your life? Or you are worrying that you may lose your job or your home? Or maybe have felt anxious and depressed for a length of time and feel that things could get worse? If you feel like life has given you a raw deal recently, The Star could certainly feel like a warning card rather than a wish card.

Which brings me to the next card that has shown itself this week, the Five of Swords. These two are an interesting combination, as fives are always seen as a turning point in the tarot. And the swords are usually referring to matters of the mind or our conscious thought. When the five of swords appears in a reading it is often associated with uncertain feelings and can signify anxiety or a worrying situation. But, it doesn’t always. Sometimes it can mean breaking away from a power struggle or deciding to move away from negative thought patterns or negative people who keep us stuck in a rut.

The connecting point for these two cards is we can choose how to perceive these cards. We can look at The Star and say, ‘Oh no, anything can happen, so it is bound to be bad.’ And we can look at the five of swords and think, ‘Oh no, change and uncertainty, I’d better start worrying.’ But, we don’t have to think that way. In a world of uncertainty and change we can choose not to think that way, and this choice can be very empowering. It does take practice but it can be done, after all, anything is possible!

The truth is, none of us know what is in store for the next astrological year. But, we can set our own intentions, we can make our own wishes and we can make small changes in our thoughts and feelings to allow us to focus on positive outcomes.

So conjure up the most positive images of your future that you can manage and make a wish on the next star you see.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


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