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Queen of Swords and King of Pentacles

The tarot this week are putting the emphasis on relationships, which seems very fitting as in a few weeks Venus will be going into retrograde and shining a light on them too. 

When I pulled these two cards and put them together I had to laugh at their body language, the Queen is sitting with her back to the King looking out at the distance and the King seems to focusing his attention on his material possessions and the coin that he holds lovingly in his hand. 

At first glance, it would seem that they are not a great match because they are so different. The Queen of Swords is an incredibly intelligent woman. Her mind is sharp and so is her tongue (so be careful not to get on the wrong side of her). Her throne is exposed to the elements, as her mind can be calm and remain healthy whilst she enjoys her solitude in the beauty of nature. 

The cluttered environment shown in the King of Pentacles’ card shows the material pleasures that the King holds dear. The abundance of grapes around the throne and on his robe, suggest that the King too is very connected to nature, but, for him he has worked with it, harnessed it and made it profitable. Perhaps the grape covered robe are the trademark overalls of his luxurious vineyard that he owns, which stretches for miles around the beautiful turreted castle we can see in the background. To own a castle would take a lot of work – and a lot of people. I picture a man with servants in every room, tending to his every need and a banqueting room full of friends and relations enjoying the excesses a lavish lifestyle could offer.

The Queen in our story must find the constant mental stimulation of crowds, noise and other people’s energies exhausting. Whereas the King may not be able to stand the idea of being alone with his thoughts for too long and find this idea completely alien to him.

Over the last few weeks the tarot cards have highlighted that we all have the opportunities to make a better life for ourselves, and to live in line with our higher selves if we choose to. However, this week’s cards focus on the one thing that can be quite a hindrance when we are trying to do this – people or, to be precise, relationships. 

Whether you are a solitude-loving Queen of Swords type or an extroverted, sociable King of Pentacles (or a mixture of the two), we all have to deal with people who are completely different to us. I’m not talking about the irritating person who cut you up at the traffic lights this morning or the rude barista who got your coffee order wrong. I am talking about the people who are in your life and, for one reason or another, you are unable to walk away from.

There are many examples of this; a difficult, elderly parent who is in a care home and takes every chance they can to make you feel guilty about it; the egotistical boss who takes your imaginative ideas and claims them as his own; an ex-partner who you have long since moved on from but have to still see regularly and negotiate with as you share parenting responsibilities or a child who has completely different plans about their future than you do!

Sometimes we have to find a way through to make these relationships work even if the values, ideas and dreams of your nearest and dearest (or you irritating boss) are poles apart from your own. 

So, how are this King and Queen managing it? Let us take a closer look at what they are holding in their hands. 

The Queen pictured is from the beautiful Crystal Tarot pack by Philip Permutt and, consequently, is holding a crystal. This is Green Tourmaline or also known as Verdelite which is an excellent healing crystal. Being green it is good at activating the heart chakra which is something this Queen could struggle with as she is more focused on her mind, than her heart. Negative aspects of this Queen of Swords are that she can be harsh on others and herself, and a little intolerant and judgemental. However, it seems that the Queen has spent some time contemplating this and may be using the crystal to soften the harsher aspects of her personality. 

The King is holding the pentacle that bears his name. He is aware by his surroundings that he has enough material things to live a good life, but, maybe this coin has significance to him? Sometimes we often keep reminders of when times were harder, maybe this pentacles was the first one he ever owned, or was given to him when he was down on his luck and unable to support his self. The King of Pentacles signifies success, but, that does not mean that he has led a cherished life. Perhaps he takes time to reflect on this each day as part of his gratitude routine to stop himself from getting too materialistic and caught up in a lavish lifestyle.

I feel this week, this King and Queen are showing us that taking the time to remember who we are, to reconnect with our core values and to keep ourselves in check with the more negative and difficult parts of our personalities is a great way to keep living an authentic life regardless of who else is in it. As they are both in separate locations, it would seem that they are allowing each other the space to do this and not suffocating each other or trying to make the other one more like them. 

I like to think that this couple are woefully aware of each other’s faults, but, are mature enough to accept they also have some quite glaring faults of their own. After all, nobody is perfect! As I look at this couple I feel the key word and the secret to their relationship is respect. Love is not always present in relationships, but, respect should always be there. 

If you are now thinking of relationships that you have that are challenging, upsetting or damn right toxic, it could be that the key ingredient of respect is missing.

If you do not have a large helping of self-respect then this could lead to having unhealthy boundaries and difficult relationships. Imagine how our Queen of Swords would feel if she had not used her honest, straight talking qualities to communicate that she needed space. Imagine how our King of Pentacles would feel if he was forced to live in solitude to please his partner.

Obviously, respect works both ways and if there is a lack of respect coming from the other person in the relationship, you cannot spend your time and energy trying to change them, but, you can be very vocal about what you will and won’t tolerate. Looking back at our earlier examples, communicating and setting good, healthy boundaries are ways to enhance all of these relationships. Although it can be very hard to do, especially if the relationship is a long-standing one, but, it is possible –  although it may mean you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to do it. 

Maintaining good relationships is one of the hardest things we do as we navigate our human lives. But if our two royal visitors can do it, then so can we.

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