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Seven of Wands and the Two of Cups

Please accept my apologies if you were looking for last week’s article and didn’t find it. The truth is, I didn’t get around to writing an article– I just ran out of time over the weekend. In fact, over the last few weeks (whilst Mercury has been in retrograde), I have caught myself feeling overwhelmed more than once with my never-ending ‘To Do’ list and the sheer scale of the projects that faced me at my weekends. Did you also feel like this during Mercury Retrograde? Or, perhaps, in some other way felt like you weren’t quite in control of your time?

When I look at these two cards that have come out for us, I am reminded of the best way to get through feelings of overwhelm. The Seven of Wands sees a lady sitting on a cushion, meditating. As she does so a light radiates from her solar plexus – the chakra which is aligned with our planning processes and our thinking and problem-solving skills. When we are aligned with our intuition and feel our way through situations working with our own insight, then this chakra is balanced, happy and all goes smoothly. However, when we start using our mind (or specifically our ego) to start thinking through problems and building strategies for our life, that is when this chakra can get blocked and we can run into problems.

How many times have you heard yourself say these phrases in your head as you try and go about your daily business?

I’ll never get all this work done.
You never finish anything – you’re useless.
Nothing ever changes. All I ever do are these boring chores.
No one ever helps me, I have to do everything on my own.
I bet everyone else copes better with these jobs than I do.
I never have time to do things for myself.

Sound familiar? When we have a lot to do, our mind can be the most unhelpful of characters as it mumbles and grumbles through the day making us feel bad.

The Seven of Wands is reminding us that if we believe we can do something, then the solar plexus chakra within us can sparkle just like in the picture. We can achieve amazing things if we believe in ourselves. The trouble is our ego likes being in its safe, comfort zone where it knows what to do – it doesn’t like change. The moment we start pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and trying new things we get that surge of excitement in our solar plexus that comes with the inner knowing that we are moving towards a higher version of ourselves. But, then, this is closely followed by ego, giving us all the reasons why we are too busy, insignificant, worthless or bogged down to do it.

This is exactly what happened to me last week. I made some little and big changes to my life recently. I now set aside time to meditate every day and have begun a beginners’ yoga class one evening a week. I have also decided to finally put my Crystal Healing Practitioners qualification to good use and set up my own Crystal Healing business. These changes gave me that ‘butterfly’ feeling in my solar plexus which made me instinctively know I was making good progress in aligning with my higher self. But, my ego didn’t like it. It reminded me how messy the house had become whilst I was wasting my time on flights of fancy. It criticised me for running out of milk, not cutting the grass as quickly as I should have done and for missing one evening helping my son prepare for his French-speaking exam. On and on it went, desperately trying to interrupt me when I increased my meditation time by another minute. (‘Really?’ my ego said, ‘Have we really got time to do this?)

But, like this beautiful lady in the Seven of Wands, I carried on. Reminding myself to trust that the universe would help me find the time to get everything done that I needed to. And, it must have worked, because, well, here I am again!

For our reading this week, I do feel like sharing my story will resonate with many as we all have to navigate our lives, whilst trying to nurture our mind, body and spirit. And whilst the Seven of Wands shows what we can do to help ourselves (i.e. stop stressing and worrying we are not good enough), the Two of Cups is giving us a fantastic reason why this is such an important thing to do.

The Two of Cups shows two people holding hands and, as they do, the rainbow colours of their chakras fill two bowls. But, if you look at the colours in the bowls, the left one is more blue and green in colour, whereas the right one has more reds and oranges. For me, this sums up the beauty of friendships, marriages, or any kind of loving relationship – the idea that two people can share a connection which helps enhance or nurture their own individual experiences.

When we care for and love other people there is an exchange of energy and, if this is equal, it can be a positive boost in so many ways. Think about the relationships that you have with your friends, family or partner. When you are with them, do you feel supported to follow your dreams? Do they inspire you in some way with their own enthusiasm for life which rubs off on you? Or do you enjoy helping push them out of their comfort zone by suggesting outings or experiences to do together that you have never done before?

Connections with other people can be life-enhancing and I feel the message of this card is that we are all worthy of these connections.

Going back to our previous card for a moment, the Seven of Wands is encouraging us to raise our vibration and feel better about ourselves. Once we do that, we vibrate at a higher frequency and attract people of the same frequency. This is the ideal time to meet new friends or potential partners because they will help us stay at these lighter, higher energy and not drag us back down to a lower vibration. We need to have in our lives those people who are cheering us on and want the best for us and, in turn, we need to be that person for our people too.

If we all helped, supported and encouraged each other, it helps to make the world a better place. But, I feel the big message for us this week is that will only happen if we are in the right mind space and believe that we are worthy of these connections and also have the time to nurture this new and exciting energy.

As we start this week, we can say goodbye to the Mercury retrograde as our planet of communication goes direct on Monday 15th. Once that happens, we will start to feel like our lives are moving forward again. The question we need to ask ourselves is, in what direction? Shall we keep going on our soul’s journey pushing ourselves towards new challenges and adventures with the potential to connect with new people? Or will we keep running around in circles, convincing ourselves that we haven’t got the time and are just here on earth to check off items on a to-do list?

The choice is yours.