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Six of Wands and Two of Cups

This is the last full week of the Scorpio season and it feels like a good time to reflect on what we have achieved and learned about ourselves before we say goodbye to this transformational energy for another year.

Scorpio season started on the 23rd October. Can you remember what you were doing then? The energy over the last three weeks has been so intense and deep that it may seem like a lifetime ago!

Our first tarot card is the Six of Wands, and I feel the message here is to focus on the successes that this Scorpio season has given us. Not everyone will initially feel like they have a success to celebrate, but, even if this time has given you harsh lessons or cruel, unwanted endings, it is possible to find gratitude and small victories in the events that have occurred. 

The man in our card is accompanied by a lion – a symbol of strength, courage and power. These are things we can find within ourselves when we have been met with the toughest situations and, indeed, things that we should celebrate and be proud of. 

They are both on top of a mountain and if you resonate with the idea of climbing a mountain, either physically or metaphorically, you will know how much resolve and strength of character this takes; something that does feel very poignant and important to register as we reflect on the recent changes in our own character.

I also want to point out the wands themselves in this card are staked in the ground and on fire, creating a clear boundary between the man and the rest of the world. You may resonate with the idea of implementing strong boundaries which has resulted in changing the dynamics of your relationships. This can often give us an uneasy feeling –especially if we are not used to doing it. But, if you have done this, you may feel a tingling in your chakras which gives a clear indication that you have finally given yourself enough space to be the person that you want to be. 

However, we are in the early stages and won’t see all the benefits of these changes until much later on in our journey, but, if you have made the first steps, congratulate yourself for a job well done. The crystal ball being held in the man’s hand is suggesting we can now look into the future and see whatever we want for ourselves.

If our first card is a reflection of what has occurred during the Scorpio season, then the second card is a marker for what is to come for the remaining week and beyond. 

The Two of Cups is a very gentle card, showing the loving, caring energy between two people. In the foreground of the picture are two dragonflies dancing above the lily pads. Dragonflies are a symbol of adaptability and self-realisation. Scorpio season offered us the chance to do some inner work and release outworn ideas, learned behaviour or toxic patterns that hold us back from loving ourselves or having loving relationships with others. 

I feel the message of this card is that we are being rewarded with the promise of equal and loving relationships. This will be with people on our own frequency, rather than having to deal with people who we just do not seem to be able to communicate with or those who drag us down to a lower vibration and stop us from being who we really are. 

The simple act of the lady in this card accepting the drink from the man is a show of trust. When we trust our own instincts and are being true to ourselves it is amazing how quickly we learn who we can and cannot trust in our own life. Once we get skilled at this, the people we can’t trust don’t seem to “fit” in our lives anymore and space appears for people that are more worthy of our time and energy. 

Transformation was the key objective in the Scorpio season and if you feel that this is definitely something that has happened then you are being placed to be open and receive new people into your life. It is also reiterating the fact that you are worthy and deserving of loving, equal, caring and trusting relationships. And the little angel that dances in the centre of this card is symbolic of the universe placing you perfectly in the place for all of this to happen.

As we move towards Sagittarius Season I feel hopeful and optimistic that our darkest days are behind us and we have lots of good times to look forward to.